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    Just got back from lunch with old work mates and seeing santa with Em. Em was quite good good with Santa. Didn't really cry though got a bit scared of the lady that was trying to make him smile. He had just woken up so was all wide eyed and open mouthed LOL. I haven't seen the photos yet as Gordon picked them up for me as I was going to lunch. Then at lunch Emerson was a right little so and so. First he did this great big poo that went up his back side and all over his clothes. I didn't realise this till I went to change him in the pram (because there were no changing facilities where we were having lunch ) and then he kept moving around so the pram got covered in poo as well :eek: . I didn't have my emergency clothes as I used them on him yesterday and forgot to replace them. Then he vomited all over me and then all over himself. And to top it all off after throwing his bottle around I decided to take it off him and as I was taking the lid off to put it away he launched out of the pram for the table and hit it everywhere.... Not to mention the entire time he just wanted to escape the pram or high chair... We agreed that next year I will just bring a photo of him and leave Em at home LOL.

    Kim ME – have a life?!?! LOL. I am getting things ticked off my list slowly but surely. I forgot how much longer things take with a baby in tow! *I think* the milk and fibre thing is frowned upon due to allergies etc. Em has weetbix every morning for breakfast made with his formula and he loves it. He was never a huge fan of farex either but loved his fruit so I just gave him that. I have also heard that cows milk is fine in their diet after 6 months as long as its not the main component – which in your case it definitely isn’t. Green tea – that is really surprising! YAY for her being able to drink out of cup – Em struggles with a bloody sippy cup LOL.

    Vic Good luck with the school holidays. Some parents dread it and others look forward to it! I let Em have pizza crust as well as well as chips – he loves them.

    Alison YAY for having a newly fixed laptop . Sounds as though you’ve got a busy weekend! Em didn’t take too well to his needles last time either. I might wait until next week for Em to have his rather then the week before Christmas LOL.

    Sara I hope you’re feeling better sweety. OMG Em eats 2 weetbix each morning… is that a lot?

    Shazz hahaha @ you being hungover

    Sheree Welcome back hun. I’m so glad to hear that things have improved with your little man! What a great Christmas present!

    Em is asleep so I'm going to either wrap presents, write our cards or go and blow up the new pool we got the other day LOL. I also have washing to hang out and ironing to do (despite thinking creases are the new in thing LOL) - oh the joys! I hope I haven’t missed any one!

    Oh and I’m sending out my Christmas cards over the next few days so can I grab everyone’s addresses?? (if you feel comfortable with me knowing where you live - [email protected]) thanks girls!!

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    Nat you can have mine if I can have yours:P !

    Cool I'm coming to you girls next time. I bought some extra yoghurt to try with the porridge....but, I had a look at the kids porridge and it says for 1 and over too! So much for good advice from the health service

    Hey Sheree, that's great to hear he's drinking well. Darcy's not a big eater either. It requires you to sit still too long. How was your time away?

    Shazz, hope you're feeling better.

    OK so I've reread this bit and it's just a rant. Skip please.

    I've had a weird day too Nat. Some good bits and some bloody awful bits.
    Darcy let me snooze til 8, but wouldn't have a morning sleep. I went to have lunch with Cam, but he was as cranky as all get up. I got a great price on a wondersuit because the lady got it wrong (3.87 instead of 7.97), but I'm pretty sure my marriage is unsalvageable. I was ready to call it quits and then I spoke to Cam who said he'd apologised to all the poeple he offended today and got some good advice and was going to get some help. He's taken a couple of days off work and is coming to the sleep school with me, but last night he was so convinced she was crying with him on purpose and nearly threw her. I got to see my sister's wedding dress, but felt so crappy that I couldn't get as ecxited as I should have been for her. I have just had a weird day.
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    Sara, glad you are feeling better today. I had one of those nights with Cooper where he woke constantly, and by about the 6th trip into him, I decided to get into the spare bed with him. He sleeps soundly when I am with him and we slept til 7:45 which was nice. mind you I get woken by a cold hand put on my cheek...cheeky boy.

    Shazz...hope you have recovered from your night out. I only need 1 drink these days and I am ready for bed, sad hey. Hows the head?

    Sheree, so glad things have turned around for you and Lachie. Sounds like they have done wonders with him, and woohoo on getting a full nights sleep. I bet you didnt know yourself today.

    Nat, sounds like an eventful lunch. Yes I would hold off on the needles if you can until after Christmas at least. It took Cooper a week to get back to being his happy self. I was getting ready to cancel my trip to Sydney he was so grizzly. But my mum would have disowned me had I done that.

    Kim, I am so sorry you and Cam are having these problems. I dont really know what to say, but I am thinking of you :hugs:

    Cooper took a bit to settle tonight. Normally he has his bottle, a cuddle with me for 5 mins then I put him in his cot and put on his ocean wonders aquarium...and he goes to sleep. Not tonight though, he fell asleep during his bottle so I put him to bed and had my dinner. Half an hour later he screamed and I resettled him, he went to sleep. 10 minutes later he screamed again. This went on for a few times. Each time I left his room I thought 'Ahhh thats it, he is going to sleep'. But nope...he kept waking and screaming, so i resorted to panadol. Poor mite...he is asleep now and I think will stay that way. Boy its tiring, I'm not use to a struggle at night. He got some Chrissy presents today so enjoyed playing with them. He is spoilt! He will get a ton tomorrow from his nanny and poppy, they spoilt him even before he was born!!!

    Time to do some tidying, the house is a pig sty. Have a good night everyone.

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    he he i'm all good NOW ... won't be doing that again for a very very long time
    i'll be on tomorrow for a catch up i'm so so tired

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    New thread time girls


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