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Thread: Babies Born May 2006 #26

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    Evening ladies,

    Well.....the Dr's went well but you might find this weird but i am quite pi**ed off about the whole thing.

    So i went to the hospital thismorning. My appointment was at 9.30am and i was called from the waiting room at 10.00am. As i told you guys i was SUPPOSED to be getting this swab test thingy done. I was taken into another room where they took my urine sample and was told to sit and wait. Then they tell me the dr will be a while cause he had to attend to a patient in Birth Suite. Fair enough.

    Well 12.00pm comes and the Dr FINALLY comes down. He takes me into another room and proceeds to tell me that he thinks that my pains are ligament pain!!! WTF! So i was'nt getting the swab done and i now don't have an irritable uterus!! This is all good i know, but what a ride to have been sent on to tell me that all the pain i am experiening is ligament pain! Why could'nt someone have diagnosed that from the start? Surely its not that hard to identify!

    Don't get me wrong, i am happy that they don't think i am going to go into premature labour. But i can tell you now, THIS IS NOT LIGAMENT PAIN!!! I have had ligament pain and its totally different.

    So i suppose the results were good. Good in a way that at this stage i am not going to go into labour! Fingers crossed it stays that way. I would love to give birth to another healthy 8lb 3oz baby!

    Sorry about that girls, i just needed to vent!!

    Tania - Sorry i did'nt text honey! I was so busy grocery shopping and all the rest after the hospital i forgot! I supose i should have texted as soon as i left the hospital!

    Kim - WOW! Your hair sounds nice. You'll have to send a pic of yourself around to us all so we can have a squiz! Darcy sounds like a right little monkey!! Cute little thing!

    Christine - I think i would have done the same thing if i was in your situation. I wonder what sort of mum i will be too a teenage daughter! I wonder if i will be strict like my mum was. I think we all think our mums are hard on us when we are that age!

    Shazz - Can you please explain a bit of what you were going through with the Irritable Uterus. Just so that i am compare to what i am experiencing. If you dont mind! Hope you are well honey!

    Hi to everyone else. Hope you are all well.

    Well Brent's parents arrived for the weekend today. They were helping me out straight away so that was good. Brent's mum even fed the animals for me tonight!! Its good to have some help finally! They have gone into Brent's aunty's to watch the footy now.

    Other than the above i am ok. I have a really sore back from walking around shopping today though. I am still in quite a bit of pain but i will just have to grin and bear it. I am going to have a warm shower, a MILO and then hop into bed i think. And wait for Brent to call.

    Talk tomorrow!

    Ni night!

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    Sara- glad you are OK, bummer about the stuff around that must have been irritating and boring! So good you are getting some help too, make sure you let them help as much as possible. Is Brent due back next week?
    Kim- its always weird when you get a lot chopped off cause you keep brushing your neck cause you run out of hair LOL I need a cut and foils but no cash and my hairdresser has left so I don't have anyone I feel really happy with. One of the mums from school is setting up a mobile hairdressing business in July I may try her- at least if she ruins it I can take it out on her kid in the playground LOL!!
    Vic- glad hayley liked gym, Erin says thats her next thing to try! I once taught in an area with a high level of children from a very shall we say, ambitious culture, and I had 5 year olds who went to: Kumon, Pre-Uni, Swot Shop and then some form of music lesson, these kids would be at some form of coaching EVERY afternoon it was insane.
    Shazz- lucky you being able to go to bed, I said to DH a minute ago I was going to bed soon when I got R. to bed and he got all pooey about how it was 7.30 on a friday night etc. I can't win.
    BBL Got to put Erin and Riley in the bath, Erin has run it for me.

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    Sara ~ sure i still think you know your body better then anyone so if your worried You make them listen to you and check you out ... but this is how i went fromabout 13 weeks if i walked to much or did to much i was absolutley crippled in pain and at first even i aggreed it was ligament pain then by 15 -16 weeks i was having super regular contractions ( i was told these were BH contractions but these were PAINFUL ) some lasting as long as 60 sec with a true peak and then would subside ranging from 2 mins to 12 minutes apart this somedays would go on for like 8hours sometimes longer or it would break up into spurt of an hour here and there i was incapable of working which i think added to depression of not enjoying my last pg as much as i wanted to by the time i was 20 weeks it was just a give in as to when it would start not if it would ryan was making regular kicks and squirms and setting off a barrage of hurtful contractions i lost count of how many times i went to hospital or to the Gp only to be told basically it was just part and parcel of being pg i've had 2 kids prior and it was not normal i think the only reason i got to 36 weeks + was because i did literally NOTHING laid in bed for 90 percent of each and every day when i went to hospital at 35 weeks i was already dilate 3 cm lol that is why i'm forever telling you to Rest ... i hope that helped and didn't scare you any more but i fully believe that you will get the beautiful bubba to 8 pound no worries

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    Time for a new thread

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