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Thread: Babies Born May 2006 #45

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    tania - the waterfall noise would be lovely during the day, but at night when you're pregnant, maybe not such a good thing! Yay for the day off, enjoy it

    kim - at least you have done the test now and have some peace of mind either way. maybe you are just geting a bit run down, you have been extremely busy with lots of illness in the past while. Hope the gastro doesn't hang around long

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    afternoon all i'm so excited i got into uni with a scholarship place woooohoooo

    had to tell someone

    Kim ~ :hugs: you need to rest your body is telling you something

    Hi every body else

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    Congratulations Shazz!

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    Shazz- WOO HOO!!!!! WELL DONE!!! Thats so wonderful. What a fabulous example you are setting for your kids too.
    Kim- you poor darling, it sounds like you need a bit of TLC, can your mum come down and help you out for a while?? I wish you were closer to Sydney I would come for a day or two, Erin would take Darcy off your hands completely!
    Sheree- fingers crossed everything is OK and its CNII, you poor thing you have had a rough time lately haven't you? have they fixed the shop roof yet? I'd love to see your bracelet, you lucky thing!
    Hope Sara is Ok with all the floods in her area, she may not have been able to get home from the airport from what I have seen on TV.
    We went up to a friends at Morriset today, north of Sydney. She has an acreage and chickens, horses, goats and alpacas and 3 HUGE Newfoundlands. Riley loved chasing the chickens, he didn't cathc any luckily!! He went in the pool with Jess too which he adored, he kept thinking he could just swim off from her LOL He is exhausted now and asleep which means a late night!

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    Congrats Shazz, you clever duck!!! Well done, you must be so proud.

    Christine - No roof still not fixed and it has been raining here all day, not game to ring Wade and find out the damage. I will post a pic of my bracelet on here when I get a chance. Hope Riley goes down ok 2nite. Sounds like he had fun.

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    New thread time


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