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thread: Babies Born May 2007 #10

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    Babies Born May 2007 #10

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in May 2007

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    Oct 2007
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    I'm first!

    How are all the little babies going? Brendan is still not doing too much, he'll get there eventually!

    Take care.

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    Apr 2006

    Dan - so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she has a very good recovery with minimal nastiness - cancer is just so awful. I'm glad Livvy's sleeping is improving for you. I'm with you on Christmas - can't wait for it this year. I've got a Christmas ball ordered from Myer that will say "Izzy's 1st Christmas 2007". Had huge problems deciding on it - I have a blue and silver tree (as well as blue and silver wrapping, table decorations . . . - yep, I'm an OCD freak!!) so I've had to get my little girl a blue ball.

    Sally - I found Izzy was doing nothing much at all, and then one day she just seemed to turn a corner and go "oh, that's how you do it" and since then she seems to be learning something new every day. Brendan's got so much to make up being born so early the poor little love. I'm sure he'll get there soon enough though and you too will be wondering just where to hide the tv remotes, cds etc!!

    Michelle - that's hilarious about your new pet goat. Watch your washing!!! MCNs I got are: 1 haute, 1 bumgenius, 1 monkey doodelz(sp?) and 1 happy heinez cow print!! Oh, and a swimming one too. I know what you mean about the cost of them but I"m spending a fortune on disposables at the moment and with Ned coming along, its only going to get worse so hopefully in the long run this will save some $$s.

    I'm in trouble over Izzy's Christmas presents. DH said we shouldn't really buy much cos she doesn't know about Christmas yet. Hmmm. Should have told me that BEFORE I went shopping! ha ha. We've got her a paddling pool, a bath thing (sits over the bath and little balls and animals go wooshing down slides and stuff), a spongey play mat (mainly to protect my wood floors!), building blocks, one of those wire toys you run things along the maze of wires, a couple of jigsaw things and a couple of other little things that I can't remember at the moment. And let's not even start on what grandma's bought her already - and I'm sure she has extra things she hasn't told me about!! She is going to be one spoilt kid this Christmas but I don't care - she's worth it!

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    Lulu-I've got all of those except the Monkee, let me know how it goes. Pretty sure you can't use the printed Heiny's over night even with boosting, but let me know. Haute's and BumG's are super, I love them, nice and trim and ever so soft! ETA: you should think about getting some night nappies, google WildChild and Sandman's, they are fantastic but are all handmade so the stock goes very quick. I prefer the Whildchild, they are exxy (in between $30 and $40) but well worth it.

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    Feb 2007

    Lulu, luckily the goat hasn't discovered the washing yet!! I have been making sure I don't leave it on the line overnight! Imagine if it got all my MCN's (oh I would be in so much trouble!!) Nice choice of nappies too. I like the pockets, the bum-g is great. Yeah, will be expensive getting nappies for 2 bubs. That bath thing you got Izzy sounds interesting - where did you get it??

    Sally, don't worry, brendan will get there! They are all so different and as Lulu said he has some catching up to do anyway!! Angus still doesn't sit up unsupported, has no desire too either!!!

    addit: Ash you posted while I was typing! I am waiting for my wildchild night nappy. Have still been using sposies at night. I have day dreamer wildchild nappies and they are awesome, last as long as a sposie. My MUm didn't believe me till she spent a day here and realised they are so absorbant and their skin does stay dry!!

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    May 2006

    Hi all!

    Thought id pop into this thread to say hello and that my DD was also born in May 2007 . She was born on the 16th of May, arriving 5 weeks before she was due. She came into the world via c-section after i had not felt her moving all day. She spent 2 weeks in the SCN while her lungs continued to develop. I look at her now and am amazed at her growth and development as she is into everything and so eager to start crawling.
    I too, have gone a little overboard perhaps? on the chrissy pressies for Nattie...but DH doesnt know the half of it -yet

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    Jan 2007

    Welcome to our group Mez80!! It's amazing how quickly they all grow isn't it! They will be 1 before we know it! OMG!

    Sally - As the other girls mentioned Im sure Brendan will catch up in no time! Izzy just started roling one day - she had done it a few times before then all of a sudden she was doing it all the time! Same with her sitting up now -(although its not really a developmental milestone!) she has gotten alot bette at balancing herself and even rocking herself! Pity her sleeping isn't coming along as well!

    Dan - for your friend - I hope she has a speedy and full recovery hun. Hope you are doing ok too with your sleeping problems. It's just so [email protected] hard at times isn't it. Remember we are all here for you.

    Shell - LOL at the goat - that's hilarious! I could just picture it jumping up on your outdoor setting!

    Lulu -your list of things you have bought Izzy sounds just like my list of what I want to get!! Haha!

    I did another half day of emergency teaching today- its great just being able to do until 1-130- mum brought Izzy up at recess and I gave her a feed in the car so it works out perfectly. This school is only 5 minutes from home too so a bit closer than my school but the down side is I dont know the kids as well! Having said that the grade 4'sI had were pretty good today and the bonus is I can start spending my hard earned cash on lots of pressies for Christmas! I'm planning on doing one half day a week which is quite good money for me right now!

    I just got back from our MCHN appointment too - Izzy is 7.3kgs and 65.5cms long so is tracking along the 50th percentile quite nicely!! Heehee! Its a gain of almost 1kg since her last appointment so that milk at night is obviously is going to good use!!

    A big to all the lovely May mummies!

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    Apr 2006

    Tan - don't you dare start saying they'll be a year old soon. Then I'll have two to deal with I've been thinking a 2 year pregnancy might be nice

    Ash - thanks for the tip on the night nappies. Been wondering what to do about them. Will have a look.

    Michelle - the bath thing is from Target - got it in their sale back in June/July. Only about $30 I think. Izzy loves the bath and now that she's sitting it will be perfect for her by Christmas.

    Welcome Mez. Its hard to have any restraint when it comes to Christmas presents for bubbies isn't it (or restraint with anything else come to that!)

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    Apr 2007

    Hi everyone!!!
    Wow a new thread already, there is so much I have missed out on lately!!
    No personals today, still have to catch up with the last thread and Ethyn is due for a bottle soon.
    He went to his first wedding on the weekend, he was great, I was expecting the worst, but that wasn't to be!!
    Yesterday we started solids. I thought he liked it, that was until he had it again today and didn't take much of it at all. Am going to keep trying with the farex tho and see how we go. Personally I still don't think he is ready, he still is happy to go 4 -5 hours between each bottles. I really have no idea when it comes to solids. Still trying to work out what to introduce next, when to introduce a second meal!!!
    Will try and get back on tomorrow to catch up

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    Oct 2007
    Eastern Wheatbelt WA

    Thanks girls Brendan is doing really well and i am proud of him. He is 9 months old or 6.5 corrected, he's rolling about everywhere, he does 180's!! I can't put him down without coming back and finding him on his belly facing the other way I've finally got him onto 2 solid feeds in a day, YAY! He gets his check-up tomorrow. See how it all goes
    i've got Brendan a wizzy dizzy rattle thingy, lol I figured no use in me spending too much, he's going to get heaps of pressies, still the first Grandchild for both sides

    Well, I'm off. Nice to catch up!!

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    Dec 2006
    Melbourne, VIC

    Hi all

    Quick one from me - Mia rolled from her tummy to her back today!! woohoo! That's twice now - one back to front and one front to back. Seems like she might be SLOWLY getting the hang of things, so fingers crossed by the end of the month, she'll be rolling steadily!

    Had my birthday yesterday (my I'm getting old!!) which was lovely - DH brought Mia in holding a rose to me in bed in the morning to wake me up (so cute) - best birthday EVER!!

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    Oct 2007
    Eastern Wheatbelt WA

    Happy birthday kristen!

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    Jan 2007

    Awww Kristen - that's so cute!! Hope you had a great day hun - was it a big b'day??!! Let me guess - 21

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    Mar 2006

    Happy birthday for yesterday Kristen!!!!!! How sweet of your DH and Mia. What an amazing start to your birthday.

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    Apr 2006

    Happy birthday for yesterday Kristen. That sounds beautiful. Amazing how much joy these little ones can bring their mummies.

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    Jun 2006
    Gold Coast, Australia

    Happy Birthday Kristen!!!!

    Shuddup Tan, it's my 21st next year LOL

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    Jan 2007

    Aaargghh I feel old! I will be 32 next year - eeeeeek!

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    Jun 2006
    Gold Coast, Australia

    I forgot to tell everyone that Mason cut his first tooth yesterday, hoooray clever boy!

    And, just o copy, Blake got his 3rd!!! Yay!

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