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Thread: Babies Born May 2007 #10

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    Tan - OMG!!!!!!!! Are you ok???? You poor things - that looks like one scary incident and I am so pleased that none of you were seriously hurt. Poor car though... and it was so shiny and new!!

    Mel - Long time no see! Great minds think alike I'm actually a website designer as well so I did my own website. I'm happy to do up a quote for you if you'd like me to do one for you as well - PM me if you want!

    Lee - You can buy things called nappy buddies (DDU has them) which you can pop into your nappy bucket and then put through the wash every couple of weeks - they may your bucket smell nice. You can also tape a bit of material with some essential oils under the lid of the bucket for a cheaper solution too. I also just sprinkle bicarb on the bottom of the bin and that sometimes helps too.

    Tara - nice to see you! Leo sounds like he's a clever little thing - that's wonderful news. Mia is teething like crazy at the moment so I know how you feel.

    Shell - how was the 30th?

    Ash - great to hear you had a good time at the BBQ!! How is Blakey going otherwise?

    Lulu - how are the MCNs going??

    Danni - shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!??!?!?!?!??!?! YELL IT OUT GIRL - that's bloody exciting!! What made you decide to start TTCing again so soon?

    Hello to anyone I've missed!!

    Well Mia is not a happy chappy of late. She is definitely teething - we have one little white line appearing on the front right of her mouth and she has been screaming the house down all day. She's been grizzling etc for weeks and weeks now ALL the time, and today she won't even go to sleep. She finally just fell asleep then but I'm quickly typing this before she wakes up as I know it won't be long. Poor cherub - no amount of bonjella or panadol is soothing her. What else can I try??

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    Thanks Kristen might try the bi carb

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    Kristen - I was relatively lucky with Angus's teeth, he was pretty good. But I found when he was cranky he liked cold watermelon and stuff to chew on. He also has one of those water filled teething rings which he loves. The chemist told me to use nurofen cause it is better for teething also. Up to you, but I don't like nurofen I prefer panadol, but it is an individual choice!! Just remember if you do give nurofen to do so with a feed not on an empty stomach. Other than that good luck!!! Oh, what about rusks, they are nice and hard.

    Lee, yeah I drop some bi carb in the bottom of my nappy bucket. Seems to do the trick, and on the cheap side also!

    Well, I am hating my hubby atm, and so peesed off at him. He went without me last night! WTF!!He came home, and got dressed and went cause he said I wouldn't have fun anyway. So like we always do, the kids and I stayed home. Was so mad at him. But anyway, we went to a camping spot today and had a bbq lunch and swim in the creek, kinda made up for it but still cranky!

    Anyway, have to pack away all the stuff out of the esky. Hope everyone has had a nice weekend!!

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    Time for a new thread!!!

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