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thread: Babies Born November 2006 #26

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    Babies Born November 2006 #26

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in November 2006.

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    by the lake .....

    Yay I'm first!

    mmm... nothing much to say except I have a velcro baby......

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    Me too!!! OMG I couldn't go to the toilet without Jovie complaining that I put her down!! What is it with them? Its been an atrocious day for that here. I'm over it. My back is sore, my house is a mess & all I'm allowed to do is walk around with her or if I sit down she whinges....

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    Jul 2006

    Im the opposite....Chelsea wont come to me

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    Dec 2005
    Gold Coast

    lots of standing on our own today...she got so good at it so quickly!! but yes clingy too

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    Feb 2006

    Standing on her OWN? wow! Evie is going to be walking before her first birthday.

    We are pulling up to her knees. No crawling. No movement.

    Kim - Poor Chelsea. Someone explained to me that bringing home a new baby for your toddler was like your husband bringing home a new wife and saying "but i still love you"...Give her lots of one on one time i suppose... i hope she gets over it soon.

    Nelly - we have a sticky baby here too. I feel like a ride. She gets on. She gets off. She gets on....


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    WOW! 2 nights in a row i have put her in her cot for bedtime, she's held my hand and gone to sleep. no fuss, nothing. unbelieveable! If you knew this baby before you wouldnt believe it! it was taking me an hour of rocking and patting and bouncing!
    i;m going to have a glass of wine or 5 to celebrate!

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    Jul 2006

    Hope Evie keeps it up then Tara!

    Chelsea has been standing on her own for about 2 weeks now.. and manages a few steps...but then falls.

    Ann good way of putting Chelsea's reaction into perspective.....she gets lots of one on one time..but i guess it will take time for her to adjust.

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    kimbaz - can you clone Craig for me? wot a hubby! wonderful present of photos (with hair and makeup) PLUS new clothes! what a man!!!

    Joins the velcro baby queue - ho hum.
    LUAA - love it, we're the ride . . . they want up, they want down, repeat a gazillion times!

    tara, our two must be chanelling each other, this is also OUR second night of unusual sleep, for us it's the bizarre "asleep before 8pm and staying asleep until 2am" thing, which is BRAND NEW for us. Big improvement on the one hour sleep before midnight (if lucky) and then sleep from 2 - 5am that went on FOR MONTHS I TELL YOU!!! well it seemed like YEARS at the time!!!
    ENjoy your wine Tara! (I've just had a block of the Green & Black organic chocolate for my indulgence ha ha!! i justify it by buying childslave free chocolate, i can justify ANYTHING if i want it bad enough!!!!)

    I'm very pleased to find out our night nappies are coping beautifully! i thought i might have had false expectations of them, cos bilby never slept terribly long!

    very cute to hear about the just standing and toppling over little bubs

    time IS moving on, i'm ready to let go of my maternity clothes now. Anyone know of breastfeeding tankini's? the ones where the straps open up like maternity bras do? I saw them online last year, but can't remember WHERE now. Dreading trying to breastfeed at the public pool in my normal speedo's, i worry it will be so awkward, i will do a double flash by mistake and totally embarrass moiself! My mum's group is going for a pool visit on the 16th, it will be bilby's and mine first swim since bilby arrived. Hoping her swim nappy arrives in time.

    So how is Ella today LUAA? Any difference at one year and one day? All partied out? Love that photo of her on the water's edge, that's so lovely.

    Hope Vicky is ok. we're thinking of you sweetie, if you're lurking!

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    Feb 2006

    sophie has been standing for quiet a while now, doesnt wobble and even bending down to pick thinks up, sometimes she topples others she's ok, only taken a few steps on the odd occasion, last time being monday!! she can do just not confident in herslf yet!!. still clingy, but worked out morning routine of up, weetbix and boob straighta way, then nappy change cant do nappy first ot she cracks it big time~!!!!

    GIGI if the swim nappy doesnt turn up in time just use an empty pocket nappy or fleece cover, i just use a fleece cover i made, so its tight fitting

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    Dec 2005
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    Evies discovered it's funnier to stand for a second and then pretend to fall over. i dont know if it'll be before her birthday tho...i dont know if i'm ready to lose my baby-baby!
    sleep not too bad last night, straight to sleep 715, woke 1050, 230 and 5 but back to sleep in our bed. cant complain. at least its not every hour!
    its overcast and bleh today. a real ho-hummer

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    Nov 2006

    Im loving Emelia walking i think its so much easier, which i was not expecting..cant believe shes been walking for almost 2 months!!! we are having great nights here sleeping all the way through..wonder how long it will last!

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    Feb 2006

    man 2 months!!!!! boy thats gone fast!!! cant believe she's been up and about for so long!

    we ordered balloons for sophies party on saturday!! of ot fo food shopping tomorrow as well as MCHN as well!!

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    Sep 2006

    velcro babies galore...here too. I discovered that Aston has 6 teeth erupting. no wonder he is cranky, and clingy. I have taken him to the doctor 4 times in the last 2 weeks, because he just hasn't gotten better since the croup...now i am wondering if it is teeth!!! god I wish he could tell me.

    I still are getting used to seeing aston walking around - make that running...lol... i think I'm in denial.

    as for me - breathing in and out, so I guess that is a start.

    hi to all...

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    Feb 2006

    Wow all babies standing! Poor ella sitting on the bumbum.....

    Blanche- We're eating well here too. We're having weetbix or oats in the morning. Recently we started eggs (well done) and all good. She's now able to munch on a whole pear if i hold it for her otherwise she would use it as a missile. LOL She has been settling herself and sleeping through for the last 3-4months even while we were on hols so were happy about that.

    AJP - Thinking about a change of venue for Ella's birthday since its been raining for the last 5days and more is forcasted this weekend....We were going to do a picnic so it would be messy...MIL is making a butterfly cake for her and we'll have to look for balloons & hats tomorrow.

    Got a bit of a cold and dreading it getting worse so i took the day off - funny how you feel guilty about doing that. ah well...

    Gigi - Apart from the extreme clinginess that has subsided a bit...Ella has become very opinionated and is not afraid of shouting at us if we do something she doesnt like. She's becoming very girly smacking her lips when nanna puts on lipstick (she ella gets clear lipbalm too)

    Hope everyone is going well.


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    Feb 2006

    lip smacking thas so cute ann!!!

    sophie ate so much for tea tonight!!!i boiled up some penne pasta and vegie stick, pumpkin, carrot and zuchhini, so she could feed herseld, well i swear she ate two nights worth of food ans wanted more!! we had to stop her!!
    DH and i have just completed lollie bags for saturday with ribbon tied in colours of green, pink and purple! and ANN guess what sophies cake is.... yep a butterfly!!! im making it on friday complete with butterfly candles

    VICKY how are things going love???
    KIM how are you too???


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    Nov 2006

    we might be having a butterfly cake here too lol, going to decorating shop tomorrow see wat they have!

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    Jul 2006

    Mum is apprently organising Chelsea's party up at her place...i might tell her Chels wants a butterfly cake too....cant exactly ask for a Wiggles cake...mum would not agree!

    I have been trying to do party invites since the weekend...so far all ive done is address the envelopes....by the time i do em her party will be here!!

    Chelsea has taken to grabbing Jasmines bottles when she finishes them and drinks the last bits....it appears she likes boobie juice!!

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