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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #12

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    Nov 2007

    Hi everyone,
    I haven't been on for a few days as I have been busy trying to get Ethan back into routine. I rang tresillian as he was waking every 20 mins and was very fussy. They told me that I should try and keep him up for an hour and a half when he gets up for a feed and then settle him. I have to admit it is very hard work keeping him happy and occupied for that amount of time but it does seem to work. Yesterday he would sleep for 40 mins and then re-settle for an hour and a half. He has just slept for 2 hours and is still asleep. Yey!!!!

    Hope you are all looking forward to christmas with your little ones. I am most excited about next christmas as Ethan will be old enough to know what is going on. Will be so much fun.

    Hope you all have a great night with lots of happy, settled and sleeping bubs.

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    LizzysMum Guest


    What a shocker! Amara went to sleep at about 8pm so DH put her in her cradle. I didn't have hte heart to wake her by 11pm so went to bed and sure enough 2am!!! ARGGGHHH! And then would not settle until 3am. Besides this DH was playing his stoopid computer until about 3am - I swear if he lies on the floor this arvo sleeping I am going to drop Eliza on him! Men are so dopey - who with a 2 month old stays up playing games until 3am????? Oh that would be the DH that just expects the wife to take up the slack!

    Whinge over....

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    Lizzy'smum - i know exactly how you feel. DH got up at 12 to do the feed for Caitlyn. He fed her 40 ml and she fell asleep so he just put her in her cot. Of course she woke up 20 mins later - he rolls over and says "your turn"!!! I was pi$$ed! Basically he is under the impression that you can feed her, burp her and settle her in less than 20 mins! Of course I picker her up and she burped straight away and then I managed to feed her the rest of the 200 ml bottle! Took me an hour to get her back into bed. Of course she was up at 4 for a feed - which I did and then her 5 o'clock wake up time came and I settled her and then she woke again at 615. I couldnt believe it DH actually got up and brought her into bed with us! SHE WASNT TIRED ANYMORE!!! Of course I have just managed to get her back into bed!

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    Amelia Guest

    Well I must be the baby of the group!! I am only 20 and will 21 in June 08. Hehe.....

    Well last night we got 9.30 till 7 this morning out of Rhys, I feel worse having slept that long then getting up at 5.

    Sorry its just a short one to say hello and check up on everyone. Hope everyone has a good chrissy and new year!! Off to return my pram now cause the wheels are falling off it!!


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    Nov 2007

    Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with dad's. My hubby too is addicted to the computer but he tends to go to bed about 11 now.
    Liz - I am jeaolous that your bub actually slept for 6 hours straight even if you did have to get up to her at 2. My bub will only sleep for a max of 2 and a half hours straight and that is on a good night. Ethan is a really bad sleeper now. He used to be so good. Now he generally wakes up after 2 hours at night wanting the dummy (we don't feed him until after 5 now as he will re-settle with the dummy) and during the day time if he sleeps for an hour he is doing well. I find it really frustrating.

    E is not feeding today. He has decided that he only wants a max of 60mls (less than half of what he should have). He is really grizzly today. Pulling my hair out.

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    Dec 2006

    Trish - how did your Barri-monkey turn out? bet it was yummy!

    Pish - how exciting that Tiera is rolling already

    Saffi - glad to hear your having a good time with your parents. My parents dote over Tahlia so much that they fight over who will get to hold her first!

    Alz - glad to hear that Ethan is sleeping a little better for you, hopefully his feeding issue gets sorted out quick!

    Tahlia is having a sleep in her bouncer now, along with DH who has a bad hangover (no sympathy for him!). We went to a christmas party last night which she slept pretty much the whole way through, so she slept last night from about 10.30 till 7! Woo hoo - a sleep in for me!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Hey all! Hope everyone is having a great day and getting organised for Christmas. Is anyone going away? We're not, DH has to go back to work on the 3rd so there isn't much time to go anywhere. I'm going away at the end of Feb with a girlfriend and her bub. We are staying in a resort in Rye, she has timeshare and wants some company (our DH's have to work) so I was happy to say I'd come! It will be interesting having all our kids with us, but it should be fun.

    Kellie - The "barri-monkey" was nice, but what an ordeal DH had cooking! He decided to make chips to have with the fish, but got the oil too hot and started a fire on the stovetop! He yelled, "Trish, fire!" and I ran into the kitchen to see flames all around the pot and Joel watching on in shock. Luckily we'd bought a fire extinguisher a couple of months ago, so DH ran off to get it and put the fire out. Very exciting stuff! It took us a while to clean up the mess and air out the kitchen of smoke so a quick dinner took 2 hours to complete! Kieran slept through the whole thing luckily. DH has sworn off cooking now so I told him I'll start my own fire to get out of cooking too!

    Tiff - Great to hear from you, glad you & Tiera are doing so well.

    alz - You poor thing, you are doing it tough. I hope Ethan has been feeding a bit better for you today.

    Hi to everyone else!

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    Jul 2005

    nup we are not going away. Dh finished work yesterday and goes back on the 7th but no plans, he wants to get out on the jetski a bit but will get anoyed if he does it too much in preferance of some family time!
    Trish- sounds like a fun time away and will be good with all the kids but full on at the same time!
    we went to dinner at my sisters last night, there was our 2, my sisters 2 girls and her friends have a 3.5yr old and a 8month old so 6 kids ranging from 3 1/2 to 2.5months was full on! had a great timebut its so different trying to sit down for dinner these days isnt it, i dont think there was a moment where all 6 adults were sitting at the table together.

    Wow Pish clever Tiera rolling already! i noticed yesterday Tyron mving around a litle more like going to one side but think he is a while off rolling.

    sorry i had a giggle in regards to dh behaviour but mine is the same sometimes! he has his moments but he really gies me the irrates when he tells me its my job to do everything for the kids and he is the provider! Maybe he needed to be a dad in the 40's or something lol!

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    Feb 2007

    Maddi had another great sleep last night in bed 11pm woke up at 7:30am.
    All this extra sleep is great, fingers crossed she continues to sleep this well.

    Trish what an exciting night, glad there wasn't any serious damage.
    My 18 year old niece started a fire while cooking dinner, she's not game enough to cook anymore lol.

    Just going to a family lunch for Christmas, So Maddi & Jas can spend their first Christmas together.
    Got them little Santa's outfit's with Santa hats so they should look very cute

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    becky Guest

    Heya ll

    We are not going away either. DH gets Xmas day off but thats it (bloody retail!!!) Its better than the last few years though. He used to work at Sizzler so had to work every Xmas day! Taht sucked. I put my foor down when we had kids though!
    My hubby is the same, but we are both night owls really. He sits up playing his 'wii' to all hours of the morning, but I cant really complain cause he still does so much around the house. Seems he only needs a few hours a night to survive.
    Only 2 more days now. Anyone doing anything special for Xmas Eve? Not us, hubby is working and wont be home til about 7.30. Just enough time for us to put the cookies out for Santa and the carrots out for the reindeers, and then it will be bed time! YAY for Xmas this year!!!!!!!

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    Jul 2005

    xmas eve.
    what id be liking to do is go to my local pub cause its one night of the year EVERYONE goes.
    but we are having DH family over for dinner as we wont see them xmas day we do xmas eve, still should be fun SIL has 2 boys also 3 and 6months so the 4 boys together in a few years time will be full on i imagine.
    Then xmas day morning here opening presens from Santa then abou 11 go to my parents place for more presents, then 1pm short drive from mums to my uncles for family lunch.

    Mo thats a great sleep hope it continues!

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    Mar 2007
    Live from the Gold Coast

    hey all

    ange - 30 is not so bad. i'm 31... and coping... *tapes down crow's feet*

    sleep - the boy sleeps every night for at least 8 hours. it is rare that he will pick up the midnight snack thing (only maybe in growth spurts). he will do an average of 15 hours in any 24 hour period. he is relatively carp at sleeping during the day with only 1 hour catnaps most days. if i'm lucky he'll do a 2.5 and a 3 during the day. those are the days i can actually get something done (or sleep).

    the problem with the 8 hour sleep is that the boobs still wake me up at 3.30am or so to be emptied. meh!

    james' bed time is around 8pm.

    star - if you're around, i'll pm you my addy and phone number so you can come and get the naps. i also have about 30 or so infant nappies that the big fella won't be able to use.

    amelia - you still using the baby bjorn active with success? james has shunned every type of unstructured sling so i'm about to go the active route. i needs to carry this sucka! he's moved over to crawlers permanently now. how is rhys going? i think james finally cracked 7kg but i will need to confirm it after the hols.

    saffi - you sound much happier!

    i'm getting a bike from santa. it's spiffy too! am looking forward to doing some real exercise and flogging off these jelly thighs and tummy. i tried to do a pilates move yesterday and could only get one leg off the floor (when you perch in a v-shape on your tail bone with legs up straight and hold yourself there with your abs - couldn't get second leg off floor!!!! treachery!! abs failing!!!)

    if i don't get back before tuesday - merry christmas all!

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    May 2005

    Hi all

    Survived my night alone with L (DH out partying at Bucks Night). At 2am feed took L back to bed with me. I had forgotten how much noise a baby can make. The Maggie Simpson noises alone (sucking dummy) were so loud. But we did get some sleep. Today tho L has slept lots, not sure what that is about.

    Viv - yes, I am a lot happier. I think I have finally adjusted to being a mum. Also L and I are getting used to each other and he is interacting better with me which makes it more rewarding. He is smiling and goo-ing all the time and I love seeing what he will do next.

    We have a baby-bjorn type carrier. A couple of times now I have worn it and L has fallen asleep in it. I see a lot of women around the shops wearing them. Not that I have tried a sling but to me they just look flimsy, tho never heard of a baby falling out of them.

    More pressies under the tree.... Good thing about Xmas Day with a new born is that no kids will be waking us up at 5am to open presents. Hang on... I take that back, probably will be up at 5am anyway!

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    Amelia Guest

    Viv - I have the Baby Bjorn Air and the Active one....I find the active one hurts my back but the air one doesn't. I suggest going to maybe Babies Galore at Parkwood and trying them all out with James and walking around the store. Rhys has been in the Crawlers for 3 weeks now!! I bought a box yesterday. I don't know how much he weighs at the moment but I am pretty sure he is almost at the 8kg mark. He was 7.4kg 2 thursdays ago.

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    Feb 2007

    Just thought I'd wish everyone a Merry Christmas as we are off to my parents tomorrow and don't know if I'll be on at all..

    Also just to update lil mr is doing well and is back into a routine and sleeping from 8pm through till about 5-6am so hopefully it keeps up!!

    And... the results are in, I'm not preggers!!! Had a bit of a oppsie and had been feeling nauseous and very tired so we were a bit worried as we were wanting at least 12 months between THINKING about more kiddies so yay not preggie and boo not preggie! lol Relieved but also a little sad iykwim!

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    becky Guest

    LOL Celtic..... naughty girl.....
    I cant wait til we have some pregnant tummies back in here agian...... LOL

    We are just spending Xmas at my Mum and Dads. The rest of my family and DH family is in Adelaide so we dont see them very often.

    My lil' girl is still in Newborn nappies. Not for much longer though. And I would say she weighs around 5.5kg. Cannot believe my little baby boy will be 2 in 4 weeks. That thought makes me so sad!!!! Not having a party, but he will still get spoilt rotten....

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    Oct 2007

    Morning Everyone, Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

    Max was weird yesterday, was really clingy and when I put him down at 7:30 after his bath and 7pm feed he was crying like a SOOK! He never usually does that. He also woke at about 5am this morning instead of stretching through to 7am. I gave him 1 boob, so now I'm totally lop sided, but here's hoping he gets back into the swing of things today. I looked out the window last night when he was up and it was a full moon...maybe that was what was bothering him!!!

    Celtic Moon - Scarry! Preggers again already (not) but anyway! I'm definintely going to start for another one in 2009 new year!

    Amelia - I can't believe Rhys is already in crawlers. I thought Max was massive at 6kg!!! Good thing about crawlers is that they actually come in a box...Infant only comes in packets....neh!

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    Amelia Guest

    Yeah in crawlers cause he has such a long torso. He still fits the infants but we have leaks up his back cause they aren't long enough.

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