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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #12

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    Nov 2006

    sorry this is going to be a really selish post

    I am feeling like a total failure, Myles is so unsettled at the moment. He wont sleep at night and is fussing alot when it comes to feeding! I am second guessing my beliefs on all my parenting ways
    We dont believe in letting him cry so we do not CC at all but I am exhausted with getting up to him all night! Do you think he is having a growth spurt? I can also see teeth in his gums do think this could be making him cranky!
    He is gaining weight and is happy most of the time but when he cracks it he really cracks it!
    I just want my relaxed happy boy back! I am feeling like a faliure and am so upset with how everything is going! I have even thought of becoming really strict with the crying and letting him do it even though it makes me sick to the stomach! Dh is back at work now too so I am alone alot which isnt helping! I just want to get better!

    Sorry thanks for listening!
    I hope your all well!

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    Feb 2007

    Aww Amber . First and foremost, you are a FANTASTIC mum! Babies do have unsettled times every so often. How long has it been going on for? If it is only a couple of nights then it could be a growth spurt or teething and is likely to pass very soon. If it has been going on for longer, maybe get him checked out by a GP or paediatrician just to make sure he doesn't have anything that is making him upset (infection, etc.). I'm with you on the controlled crying, I just can't do it, it goes against all my instincts. The most I can let Kieran cry is for a minute or two, I'm sure you aren't doing the wrong thing by going in to comfort him.

    Don't apologise for your post, it's great to have somewhere to come to talk about your problems/frustrations. Hopefully this is something that will be over really quickly and you'll have your gorgeous happy little man back!

    ETA - It has nothing to do with your parenting style when your bub is unsettled. It doesn't matter what methods you use, all babies will have their unsettled days just to keep us guessing!

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    Nov 2006

    Thanks so much trish!
    Its been going on for about a week I think! We have been on hloidays so he has been a bit out of routine, like we would get home past his bedtime etc! I am really hoping this is just a phase, I am thinking I might book into the peadatirican cause he had some blood in his poo a couple of weeks ago and saw the GP and he said it could just be a tear, but maybe its something else(I know it wont be, but better to be safe than sorry)
    He is alseep now and has been for the last half hour so maybe he will just get back into the routine himself!
    I will still have to comfort him when he cries cause like you its so instinctive!

    He is waking up now will check back in soon !

    Thanks soo very much xox

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    Feb 2007

    It could very much be he is out of routine, it is such a crazy time of year. I reckon there are a lot of unsettled babies at the moment! It's probably not a bad idea to book him in to get checked out, even just for peace of mind.

    Hoping he is back to normal very soon!

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    Oct 2007

    Amber - don't feel disheartened...I am feeling a bit the same as you at the moment. Max is a bit all over the place and it's throwing me around. I always just remember that the health nurse said they go through a bit of a 'terrible' stage at around 13 weeks so Myles might just be going through that. Max is going to be 13 weeks on Friday, so I think it's just that....

    Anyway, better go, he's up....again

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    becky Guest

    Amber - hugs! Dont feel like it is your fault at all! Babies do go through these phases. Liam still has moments even now and he is almost 2! Also though, only do what you believe, and if you hate the thought of controlled crying, dont do it! I let Chelsea cry, but only to a certain extent. If she just starts crying for a little bit and I know there is nothing wrong with her (clean, not hungry etc), I let her cry for a little bit, and she almost ALWAYS just calms down and puts herself off to sleep. I think it is only cruel when the baby is so obviously distressed and you just ignore them.
    Maybe its worth a try. Just so Myles doesnt get into a habit of knowing that the minute he cries, you will come running (I went through that with my son and he was a bugger to get out of it!)
    Anyway, good luck. I hope things start to settle down for you!

    I cant believe there are only 9 days until my baby turns 2!!!!

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    becky Guest

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Im getting a tattoo tomorrow.. Eeeeeeppp scary!!!!
    Im getting both the kids names on my back with some little butterflies! Do any of you guys have tattoos? And if so, tell me, how much do they REALLY hurt? Im such a wuss......... Excited though!

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    LizzysMum Guest

    Hi All,

    Have been away for a few days in Sydney. It was a shocker, too many people to visit and the weather was not great. A 3.5 year old in other peples houses that are NOT child friendly is not a great combo.

    We stayed with my sister and her partner and she failed to tell me his house is a PIT!!! Yuk, we could not bath Amara as we were worried she would catch something. I only bathed Eliza after rinsing the bath with disinfectant. Flies (because no door closes properly), dogs, mess eeewwwww! When we asked for a washer to give Amara a clean he didn't even have one!! Neither did he have pegs when I wanted to hang something out - they use the clothes dryer ALL the time! I think their carbon footprint would be as much as us and another family and there is only 2 of them, Holy Moley.

    Good to be home. Downside is that Amara slept like a champion there and is having a shocker since we got back. Catnapped al day yesterday and then the 4pm sleep she went to 11pm!! and then of course it was party time. Next time I think I will wake her after 2-3 hours.

    New Year was good went to watch the 9pm fireworks up here, Eliza loved it, Amara was having booby so she also loved it LOL!

    Hope you are all well,

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Morning everyone!

    Kieran did 8 hours of unbroken sleep last night, ahhh....so nice! I woke up before he did because I was so engorged!

    So what is everyone's bubs favourite thing to do at the moment? Kieran loves to play with his play gym. He smiles at the toys, bashes them, talks to them and moves around heaps underneath it. When he whacks one he looks so impressed with himself! He also loves it when we talk to him, he talks back and is starting to do little giggles, so cute!

    Amber - Hope you had a better night last night

    Becky - Good luck getting the tattoo! I've never had one done so I can't give you any advise, I'm guessing it would kind of hurt though! Let us know how you go.

    ETA - Leah - Ewww...that house sounds disgusting! I bet you are glad to be back to your clean house.

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    Jul 2005

    yeah Tyron has just started moving around the floor a bit more, he loves looking under his play gym but has discovered his hands! ohh sooo much fun and tries to get his fist in his mouth lol

    Leah- YUKK that would have been a pretty tough stay, does your sister not care about his living environment? i hope amara gets back into a sleep pattern soon

    Becky- you'll have to take a pic and show us your new tat! I have 1 on my lower back, i got it 10yrs ago (geez now i feel old) and its a celtic design with a rose in it, the length of my hand.
    i've always said i would get another but havent, but one of dh best mates is a wicked tattoist so when the time comes i will get him to design one for me.
    Pain factor well i was told if you can stand the outlining the colouring in is a breeze. but i didnt feel much difference, it did hurt in more spots than others. i suppose when i was 18 and a skinny thing getting a tat right on my tail bone was not the most comfortable of places! so if its going over bone that would hurt a little more. i just remember it feeling like i was sunburnt afterwards. one of my gf accidently scracted it the day i got it done and that was OUCH. mine never scabbed over though.

    WTG kieran! i fed ty at 11pm last night and practically fell asleep the min his feed was finished, then didnt hear from him until 6.40am.

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    Dec 2006

    Amber - dont worry yourself, we all have those moments! Parenting is the hardest job of all time! When people used to tell me how hard it was before I had Tahlia, I didn't really understand what they meant, but now I know! Just remember, mother knows best, I'm sure Myles will get into a better routine for you soon

    Becky - good luck with the tattoo, I also cant offer any advice, I am a sook so I'd never get one!

    Trish - way to go on Kierans long sleep!

    I think Tahlias favorite toy at the moment is her bouncer, she loves giggling at the toys, she is also really fascinated by the interior light above her seat in the car... she squeals at it while I'm driving.... very cute. When its dark, we have to turn it on for her if she is looking for it cause she will sook!

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    Amber - I know exactly how you feel. I feel like that ALOT! At least you have someone to talk to about it and you know that we will all listen and not judge you at all! I have been told to expect a complete change of character from bubs at around the 12-13 week mark so maybe this is what is going on?? Still a week or so off for me.....hope the devil child turns good!
    Becky You will have to let us know how you went! I want to get a tattoo....DH got Caitlyn's name on his forearm when she was about 4 days old. Its really nice.....but I dont want one there.
    Well Caitlyn has been getting me up again every 3 hours at night so far this week...very draining. Am taking her for her first day of day care today. Guess I had better take some tissues cause I am sure to cry! She is having a nap now....I can't get her past the waking up at 5 am thing!!! Even with a 4am feed...she wakes at 5 or just after. DH is getting frustrated with the no morning nookie me thinks but oh well!
    Oh am thinking about buying one of those ab king pro things I have seen on TV...does anyone have one or know of anyone who has one and if it is any good? Have been doing 150-200 crunches a day and am still not losing the belly!

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    May 2005

    Hi all

    Back from our weekend away in North Queensland. Had a great time and the wedding went off without a hitch.

    L was a champion and I am so proud of him. It was a weekend of firsts - first plane flight, boat trip, hotel stay, wedding, holiday etc. He coped with the flights really well, didn't cry and managed to sleep thru much of it. Made sure I had milk to feed him to help his ears on take off and landing which I think made the difference.

    It was so humid up there tho. Neither L or DH coped all that well. L was pretty grumpy and being carted around the place didn't help either. But when it mattered he came thru. In the lead up to the wedding he wouldn't sleep, was screaming etc. At the wedding tho I strapped him on me and he fell asleep instantly. This was a relief as I was the one videoing the ceremony.

    Anyway back at home now with a huge pile of washing to do.

    Becky - good luck for today.

    Rebecca - hope today goes well and good luck for work tomorrow. Wow - 200 crunches a day!

    L likes his activity centre too. But I think he likes it more when we just spend time together singing, reading or just talking to him.

    Looking forward to Friday....

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    Feb 2007

    Amber don't so hard on yourself, your a great Mum.
    Maddi has days like that all the time, She had her worst ones over the Christmas period cause she was so out of her routine.
    Now she's back to her happy & demanding self

    I have one Tattoo, it's a Dragon on my left shoulder blade.
    The outline hurt more, The colouring in was more of a burning sensation.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Hi all, just got back from getting Kieran's pnuemococcol injection . It really hurt him and he had real tears the poor darling. Oh how I HATE immunisations. I'm giving him a feed now, hopefully that will make him feel better.

    Saffi - Glad the wedding went well, it must have been sooo hot! Lachlan sounds like he did really well.

    Nic - Kieran loves to put his fists in his mouth too, it's so cute!

    Kellie - How cute Talia is fascinated with the interior light! At least you can use it as a distraction on a long drive.

    Rebecca - I haven't heard any reports on the Ab King Pro, but I'm always skeptical of those things on those ads! People tend to buy them and only use them once. Have a look on eBay and see if you can get a better price and maybe try and Google some reviews? I hate my tummy right now too!

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    becky Guest

    Thanks guys. Appointment is 5:30 (if I dont chicken out!). Getting scared.........

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    Oct 2007

    Good luck Becky - I have a tattoo, of a black cat on my shoulder. I got it after my favourite cat Merlin got run over!!! The outline hurt the most and the colouring in felt like hard scratching on the skin. To be honest though, I wish I didn't have it now..... I was 19 and impulsive!!!

    Went to mothers group at the clinic today. Max weighs 6.455kg, is 60cm and HC is 40cm....so amazing!!! He was the life of the party, such a little social butterfly....he just bats his eyelashes at all the girls! Little flirt! He is so tired now....yay...me time!!!

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    Jul 2006

    O K....

    2 kids at home alone...is not fun. Jasmine is still screaming, dr says she is fine. Chelsea is starting react from her 12 month needles now.

    Have enhanced team coming out tmrw.

    Good luck with tat Becky.

    Amber ur a perfect mummy!

    Trish hows the eye today? Poor Kieran..needles suck!

    LOL at Max...thats so sweet and his flirting!

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