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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #16

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    Hugs AnnaT, hope you get everything sorted out soon. Yah on TTC.

    Maz glad that you have some bum relief. How cute is little Vy in your ticker? she looks gorgeous, is she wearing bathers and sunnies?

    Well Eithan is sicky all the time again. Methinks he just likes to drink too much. Well we have so many ants here it's ridiculous. They were all over the carpet and on the washing in the disosables in the nappy wipes on Bella's table, on the folded washing, and I just found some more in the kitchen. And when I say ants I mean hundreds. Ugh and there are no food scraps anywhere. I have managed to get the lounge clear of them for now and have sprayed them in the kitchen, I just hope they dont go anywhere else before I have had a chance to put down the surface spray.
    Eithan is getting milk from me again, I thought that I had dried up the other day. I think it must just have been the heat and not drinking enough. Drinking milk has really helped with my supply though.
    Heard that it was a really hot one in vic yesterday. Hope you all coped well.

    Sorry for no more personals I havent really read all the posts properly and must get back to tidying before Eithan wakes.



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    OMG Nina went to bed at 6.30pm last night as per usual, and is still in bed :eek: She's had 3 feeds in that time, but keeps going back to sleep. The last 2 days she hasn't had ANY sleeps during the day and yesterday she was extrememly cranky, so it must have all crept up on her today.
    On the TTC topic, I was saying we'll start when Nina is 18 months old, well Heath was hoping we'd have another when Nina is 18 months, which is cool with me, so it looks like I'll be back on that journey next year I'm a little scared as I had severe morning sickness right up until I gave birth to her, so I really hope I don't get that again.

    AnnaT - I hope your OBGYN can work out what's going on and nothind drastic is the problem.

    maz - yeah the humidity sucks big time, but I love it here so much I don't think I could leave. I came from Sunshine Coast which is a lot cooler, but Cairns is so tropical it's beautiful!

    I can't believe it's only 2 weeks till Xmas, that's scary as I've still got some pressies to buy. Heath's is the most expensive, new sunnies, and I've only paid $40 off the layby ... trust me to leave it till the last minute.
    Heath finishes up mid next week for 3 weeks so it'll be good having him home for once.
    Sorry for lack of personals, I have to keep checking on Nina as she's in my bed. Everyone have a good day

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    Wow Jodi on Nina's big sleeping! Could she be going through a growth spurt? River's sleeping a lot these days and being a little crankpot too which is not like him since he's really a placid little guy. So I figure growth spurt for him.

    My friend who's pregnant has got a little bump and man that made me want another! :P I think it helps that River is so good too. Still, lots of people I've talked to seem to say that good and bad babies can alternate, so perhaps I should give myself some time to enjoy my good baby in case the next is a bit more difficult!

    Although once again, I believe babies are caused by sex and....sigh. I find it difficult to believe him when he says I'm sexy and then doesn't seem interested at all. I tried to chat with him about it last night, but I think we must have fallen asleep mid conversation :P We're more like a granny and grandpa than a lively young couple!!

    Helen is it really 2 weeks til Christmas?!? No wonder mum is hassling me to come shopping with her tomorrow! I haven't bought a THING! :eek: Better start writing a list and checking it twice hey.
    And major bummer about your ants! I hate ants. And flies.
    Oh and I've been drinking milk too, it's great hey - apparently milo is good for boosting supply, so maybe have some cold milos!

    Sorry that I can't remember this, but who had problems expressing? Are things getting better? Cos my mum told me that she had problems expressing when she breastfed, and she used to do it in the shower - apparently the heat and relaxation helped her letdown?

    Hugs AnnaT, hope you can get things all sorted with that bleeding. Oh and great that Jett slept 8 hours!

    Riv had another looong sleep last night, I don't mind these growth spurts really, apart from the grumpiness! I have discovered that when I run my finger from his forehead to his nose, his eyes close - pretty handy trick!

    Anyway, big hello to everyone else, I'm sure I'll be back soon, since it's Lazy Monday! xo

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    nelle, yeah she was going through a growth spurt last week, think it's over now, thank god! That was me having trouble expressing. I've tried the shower, first thing in the morning, thinking of Nina, looking at Nina, nothing is working!!!
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    New thread time


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