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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #17

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    OMG... I just posted in the general area... Kiara was just playing with teething rings... I out them in her hand and she played for ages... shaking them and putting them in her mouth!!!

    How clever!

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    omg melissa thats fantastic. YAY Kiara you go you clever little girl

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    My Turn

    Jan - Went to OB on the 3rd to start fertility / looking into TTC problems as we had been trying one year. Had blood test same day to confirm ovulation and i had so DR called next day to so "do it " we did and on the 16th got A BFP!
    Feb- my bday and told all friends
    Mar - waited for NT results . wonderful result ! All great full stream ahead told work and other friends. DD 2nd Bday
    Apr - Easter and BB!
    May - found out we were having a boy.. devestated at first but i would not swap him for the world he is a dream come true
    June - getting bigger
    July - enjoying lots of chocie milkshakes and milo
    Aug- getting ready ! and getting bigger !
    Sep - Finished work on the 1st , got VERy big and swelling due to fliud, asked to be induced early if favourable so OB said yes, however went naturally 10 days early.. AND the safe, happy arrival of Alexander Ryan..
    Oct - adjusting to life as a mum of two
    Nov - Flew to Adelaide for cousins wedding, spent 2 weeks on Gold COast for Hubbies new work and deciced that we would move
    Dec - leased house and found a new house to move to on the gold coast.. Packing boxes for our big move!

    Also ,,,,,,Clucky, whenever i see a pregnant woman.. ! With our move to Queensland it means that i would probbaly resign from my job and Hubby and i are thinking of having no 3 .. but not for 18 months at least !

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    Hi Girls

    Rylee Roo slept until 4 am this morning then woke again at 7 am - she went to sleep at 9 pm - usually she is in bed by 7 pm - didn't really like keeping her up that late as I didnt' have anytime to myself in the evening and she was pretty grumpy - so will try putting her to bed at 7 pm again but feeding her just before I go to bed and see if that helps. At the mo she is out on the balcony sleeping - loves it out there in the fresh air with all the noise.

    Okay my year in review:
    Jan - moved to Namibia, started new job and found out I was pregnant on my birthday
    Feb - can't remember, sorry!
    Mar - celebrated our 1 yr wedding anniversary and then was in hospital for three days with bleeding
    Apr - did an awesome ten day trip around Namibia
    May - not much
    June - not much again!!
    July - back in hospital again with bleeding
    Aug - last day of work and baby shower
    Sept - had to be induced due to high blood pressure and our beautiful little Rylee Roo arrived on the 5th!
    Oct - Big adjustment to life
    Nov - my parents were here visiting
    Dec - looking forward to our first Christmas with our little girl

    That's it girls.

    Happy weekend!

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    THANK GOD. Little P - I get so clucky when I see pg woman aswell. I miss my tummy so much. Ive got no excuss to use now with the blubber thats there. Jed swaps and changes all the time, one min yes the next no. I'd like to start trying this time next year for another. IM getting the itch really bad. I think having the m/c did it to me.
    I'll get my way in the end I always do!
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    hey girls,

    last night was hell we had to take riley to the hospital at 8pm and simon never left till 3am this morning as me and riley had to stay in for him to have obs done and tests to find out what was wrong.

    they have worked it out to be a virual infection so he ha to fight it off as best as he can. we finally was aloud out at 4pm this avro thank goodness for that i was tried of seeing the four walls.

    we are off to the drs on monday fro a checkup to see how is his going. but at the moment he hasnt had panadol since 5.30pm and its not nearly 10pm so he has managed to keep his temp down to 36.5 for a while now so thats an improvement.

    his highest temp he got while he was in hospital was 42 so they gave him a double dose of panadole to kick it in the butt. he is drinks like mad so thats a good thing as well. i got a smile out of him when we got home cause he did a pee all over me and thought it was funny the bugga.

    enough about me how is everyone going ?? hope everyone and there bubbas are well.

    well im off to give simon a hand with him as he has taken over from me lol.

    night all ill talk to you all sometime in the week.


    ps. thanks for the card caddie it made our day today thanks again.

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    Maz - i sometimes think i am turning into my MIL.. I cant help myslef i have to know how far people are in their pregnancy;s and how peoples babies are.. I ask anyone.. the post office Q etc.. Luckly most woman are happy to talk about pregnancy;s and babies otherwise i would be screwed!

    I am sure that having the m/c would have stirred some thoughts for you.. I am sure that your precious angel will be watching over you all this Christmas! xoxo

    I think this time next year would be a great time to start trying for baby No5. Unless an accident happens! What did Brittney sing.. Opps i did it again! LOL

    xoxoxo sleep well my friends.. do you know once i move to the Gold Coast you will be the only friends i speak to on a regula basis.. sad!

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    Adele - we posted at the same time.. Glad to hear that Riley is doing better how scary with such high temps!
    thinking of you, hope everyone sleeps well tonight xoxo

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    new thread time


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