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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 # 34

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    Default Babies Born September 2006 # 34

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2006.

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    1st !!

    hi all

    finally had Alexanders 4 month injections today.very late! . all went well.. and i joined the gym so will be pumping iron and working hard to loose weight!! will pop in every now and then to say hi and check out whats happening but am trying to focus energies on getting fit!!!


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    HI ladies, first wow, unless someone else is posting at this exact same time and gets it in before mine. Anyway Shell glad to hear that MIL had something positive to say.

    Well Eithan had his 6mth chk today and he is quite short-64.23cm but whoa is he a chubby baby now, he weighs 7610gm and his head is a whopping 44cm. According to the mchn it is all good, it means that he has just had a brain growth development spurt and that they usually put on the weight and then grow in length. So my little boy is doing things in stages.
    Oh and he love the taste of licorice. I let him have a lick of my soft eating licorice the other day and he grabbed it and had a good suck on it and then got massively cranky when I took it back. I got so worried that he was going to eat it. I cant even eat it in front of him or walk past him with a piece as he chucks a little tanntie.

    I have got some BBH on order, I am so excited, cant wait to finally get them here and ditch the disposables.

    Hope you are all having a great day.

    (LOL see I knew someone would get in before me, hope that ALexander copes well after having those needles done Anna(littlep)and you know better late than never)

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    Aww Shell, that's awesome that your MIL gave you some encouragement, it's nice to hear hey.

    And lol Helen on your little licorice fiend! Watch out when he gets mobile, he might go hunting...
    And YAY on ordering your BBH's!! What exactly are you ordering? Where from?
    There are some really great nappies around, River hasn't been in a sposie all year!

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    Shell thats great that your MIL was positive for once!
    I honestly cant imagine a bad MIL, I love mine more than I love my own mother.........

    Nelle, when baby#2 is on its way Im going to enlist your help in starting a stash of clothies. I really wanted to do it with Jett but what with the moving and everything it just didnt seem convenient. I am not going to sposie with #2, even Ry has said its cloth or nothing at all lol Do you think its too late to cloth Jett now???

    Hi LP!

    Helen, hahaha thats cute with the licorice. Cant blame him its yummo. Jett is the same but with any food you have, he just has to get a lick. I cant wait until he can eat normal food like us, he's going to be a big fan of spag bol just like me, I'll make sure of it lol

    Well Ive done zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing today and you know what - I dont care! I think I might do some washing and dishes this arvo, maybe even vacuum but thats it. Im a bad wife arent I?

    Oh Ive updated Jetts website with pics of him attempting to crawl if you wanna have a lookie!
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    Go littlep!!! Its great you are doing something for yourself.Im sure you will have fun doing it too.
    Helen,sorry i missed you.Millana finally better so took her to swimming lessons.
    Seems to be quiet in here of late.
    Maz i do hope your not leaving us for the august group.Not that they smell or anything but i will miss the conversations.
    Hi rikki and anna! i was just about to write are u ready for wednesday but its next week!!! How silly.
    Public holiday today.Mum and dad left so im now on my lonesome,except i do have hubby but thats quite not the same sometimes!! I am alowed to go over anytime so im going for a swim this arvo as its 39 today.Yucko.
    Kellx,i think maz did a wonderful suggestion for your fil.What do you think mate.

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    not with crazy people


    Caddie - im not going anywere honey! I just thought I'd stick my buttin there and get to know some of the girls there, we might all b eput together down the never know.
    Helen - YAY for the BB's...Ive got 20 Baby beehind nappies now (im not addicted) and 3 berry plushes...Nelle is a VERY bad influence on me PMSL and thanks for your kind words
    AnnaT - go th wont look back
    HI ya everyone else. HOpe your all well and not sickly like me heheheheheh.
    Ive only had one positive test out of 5. All the rest have been neg but mates, im sick!!!!!
    Ok you girls are making me laugh with all your guessing on a name. I do like Storm..shes a nice chickie too (she posts on BB aswell). We wont be naming bub Willow cause its to much like Wilhelm. Its a totally different name and its like OMG when you hear it. You either like it or you'll hate it. wont tell ya's but, dont want to jinx myself (probably already have)
    better go and pick up B1 from school - oh Vy has bitten a hole in 2 pf her dummys grrrrr

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    Annat, of course it's not too late to start Jett! He's only 5 months, and it's totally worth it since you're planning a 2nd - and even if you weren't, the resale value on cloth nappies is not too shabby. Maybe have a chat to Ryan about it (because cloth is more pricey upfront, and pays for itself later), and pop on the cloth nappy thread - you'll find some great help there.

    Hi Caddie! Glad to hear Millana's better.

    Maz, AS IF I am a bad influence on you, you need no help mate. I am just your...cheer squad I never thought about Willow sounding like Wilhelm, but of course you're right. If I had a girl RIGHT NOW I'd call her Elliott Hope, but of course by the time I have a little girl if I ever do, I'll have probably moved onto something else.

    Anyway, Rans got me a slurpee on his way home from work, so off to sluuuurp.

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    Nelle- I am getting them from the babybeehinds website as they offered the best deals and price, plus I could go 1/2-1/2 with them. I have been dying to go back to cloth, but really wanted modern cloth. Bella was totally a cloth girl and I was really looking forward to using disposables with Eithan, but you know what apart from not having to wash them, I really dont like them. I am extremely happy to be getting some nappies. Modern cloth is new to me though as I used the terry fold your own ones with Bella. OMG I cant contain myself, the only sucky thing is that there is a 3-4 week wait on the nappies at the moment.
    I am hoping to try heaps of different brands as research as such. EEeek I wonder if Leith will growl if I buy a berryplush. Oh you know what I am off to buy one now.LOL

    Maz-Methinks you have the same name in mind, if you do I LOVE IT. Who cares what other people think, I had heaps of midwives on my back in hospital about the spelling of Eithan. They said things like, oh you know he has to spell it. DUH! there are much harder names to spell, plus just cos it's different doesnt mean he wont know how to do it. Plus anyway when I read the spelling Ethan it comes out like Eth-an, I like my spelling and it sounds more like it Eith-an. Who knows if you all get my point, but I dont think his spelling is that unusual.

    Caddie-Glad to hear that Millana is ok.

    Talk to you all later

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    Hey girls (& bubbies)

    Had a pretty good weekend. Nina has FINALLY gotten better, no cold, no ear infection, no throwing up and no diarreah!!!! About time she gave me a break. We moved her into another room yesterday, down to the back of the house, and it doesn't seem to have bothered her at all. It's a much bigger room to put all her junk in.
    Nina did the biggest poo in her carseat on the weekend so we had to take it out of the car to clean it, and Heath hasn't put it back in yet, so I'm without a car today. Just when I had plans for today too.

    maz - I haven't said it yet, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm not even going to guess a name cause I'm no good at name picking.

    annat - is that Jett rocking backwards and forwards?! Way to go Jett!!!

    caddie - good to hear Millana is finally better. Do you know what it was in the end? Just a bug?

    nelle - I could do with a slurpee too ... mmm...

    helen - Eithan sounds like he's doing just fine. He'll catch up in the height department eventually.

    lp - have fun at the gym, and good luck!!!

    um, who have I missed ... kel, nessa, anna, belle ... hi guys. Sorry if I've missed you, Nina cracking it


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    Hey girls... thought I might stick my head in here, couldn't resist posting when I saw all the cloth nappy talk! Shoulda know that was how I'd get back in here.

    AnnaT - It is not too late to start Jett with cloth, you saw my BBH when you were still in hospy and I think your DH really like them from memory? WTG Jett for trying to crawl, Xander just prefers to roll wherever he needs to go.

    Jodi - I've got really bad mental images of the car seat disaster. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. How is Nina sleeping now she feels better?

    Maz - I lurve the name Willow... but be so interested in knowing what name you are thinking of.

    Belle - Sorry to hear that a few friends forgot your birthday, that's a bit sad. Hope the pressie I sent you arrives soon for you.

    Caddie - Don't worry, it wasn't just you who somehow thought it was this week! Rikki reminded me yesterday that it is next week when she said she was off getting pampered at a day spa this Wednesday (lucky thing!) I'm looking forward to meeting up with you both - it's been ages since I've seen you, Ruby was still a bump on your belly when we met.

    LP - Good luck at the gym getting fit! I really need to get fit again too, just so much easier to sit on my butt everytime I get two seconds to myself.

    Nelle - WTG that Riv hasn't been in a sposie this year! I'm a bit embarrased to say that Xander has been in about 10-15 so far this year... a few rough days and the washing just didn't get done. Oh well, I guess that's what sposies are good for when you are a clothie user.

    HelenP - Xander is a boofer head too, his head is a whopping 46cm! Kinda cute tho too. Little Eithan has sure come a long way since recently in regards to weight etc - he sounds like a buddha bubba these days. I take it the reflux has settled a little?

    All this talk about Maz being preggers has got me wanting to be preggers RIGHT NOW. ahhh, but that means I have to have sex, and frankly I just can't be stuffed. I'll leave it up to the hornbags in this thread.

    Hi to Kel, Nessa, Rikki, and whomever else may be lurking around.

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    Yeah Anna** he's a chubba lubba these days. Must be all the boobie juice, I'm back to one bottle of formula and who knows maybe he'll go back to just boobies. So cute my nephew asked the other day if I had boobs as I was feeding Eithan his night bottle. He was a little confused as his mum exclusively bf. Also cute Bella bf her baby dolls, and even though it is all normal we have told her she can only do it at home or nanny's. Glad to see you back in here. My house is about to go cloth crazy, dh is going mad on nappy talk.

    Jodi-ewwwwww on the car seat. Eithan had a nappy free pooh x2 today but luckily he didnt move about in it.


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    i have sooo much to say (nothing exciting, just chatting), but Rans is hassling me to go to mums, so we can eat leftover food from Leo's 21st

    Back later you sexy mummas you!! xo

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    Helen.p- How cute Bella BF'ing her dolls! I'd love to see it. Thats just gorgeous.

    Nessa- Good luck with the game tonight.

    Anna**- Great to see you back, how is everything going? Hows the sleeping overnight, has Xander started sleeping longer periods? You getting rest?

    Jodi- Glad to hear Nina is finally over everything! I think she has just about had every illness a bub can have.

    AnnaT- i am going to have to go see the pics on your site after I cook dinner.

    I am making yummy roast tonight. Bit tired, Ash has had a grizzly clingy day.

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    Jodi - yep, Jetts crawling regime goes: up on hands and knee's, rocking forward, crawl backwards, collapse. Up on knee's again, push ups, rocking in push up position then collapse lol Im thinking he wants to film his own work out video for babies

    Anna - yeah Ry was pretty interested in the clothies. I will talk to him about it tonight and see if we cant purchase two a fortnight or something until we have a decent collection. How many do you guys think are enough to get your through? I wash atleast every second day. Jett pee's alot though........these sposies are costing us a fortune, I buy $80 worth a fortnight and generally are struggling to keep them going til the next fortnights shopping. Theyll be used for bub #2 as well so they def will pay off cost wise. I'll have to buy newborn ones when Im UTD next though.

    I have mad babyfever now too cause of Maz lol see what youve done missy I secretly have an idea that I might be up the duff but that rational (read: cynical) part of me thinks its all wishful thinking. Oh well guess we'll find out in a week.

    Better go start something for dinner. BBL.

    ETA - I need to know where the cloth ladies buy their stash from, and what size would Jett approx be? I guesstimate him to be atleast 9kgs if not more. Ta.
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    Helen.. lol at the licorice!!!

    Shell.. Oh thats so nice.. bet it made you feel really good. Havent ever had anyone say im doing a good job.. but Jesse's forever smiling so i must be doing something right
    His tooth is definately set in place now.. will have to try and get some more pics.. but still worrying him a bit.. bet as soon as this ones fully up the next will start!

    Nelle.. oh non stinky poos would be great.. though i think im starting to become amune to Jesse's stinky a$$.. Grahame can smell it a mile away.. i never can. lol

    Caddie.. yeh im definately going to do something like that. Like i told maz, mum suggested the same thing.. i think its a brilliant idea. Need to go take some photos now.

    Maz.. can you give us a hint? Like where abouts in nature would we find it? or what it starts with?

    Jodi.. thats great Nina's well on the mend!!

    AnnaT.. oh go Jett go!!! Jess started getting up on his feet like that on Saturday too, has done a few rocks back and forward on his knees too. Must get some photos.

    Talking about chubby bubas.. had a lovely day today meeting an old school friend and her 9 month old son.. well JESSE WAS BIGGER THAN HIM!!! Ok the 9 month little girl was ok cos girls are always so dainty.. but hope he starts crawling soon to shed the bubba weight!! He's 9.5kgs now!! Height is 74cm! (oh where o where has my little boy gone!?!)

    DH is cooking baked potatos and pumpkin to have with our dinner ohhh they smell so gooooood!!

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    kel - Jesse is the same weight as my friends' 10 month old boy!! But Jesse is just so cute.
    Wish someone would cook me dinner. Heath's gone to touch footy tonight so I'm home alone. I can't even get takeaway cause Nina's in bed. I might ring him and get him to birng home KFC. God I'm naughty, your fault though cause you've made me hungry!

    annat - when Jett has finished filming the video send it up this way so he can teach Nina what to do. She's still going backwards.

    anna** - great to see you back in here!
    Nina's sleeping is ok. Won't say it's great, but won't say it's terrible either. She's already in bed and it's just gone 6pm. We had her in the pool for 1.5hours this afternoon and she didn't want to get out. I reckon she'll be the next Miss Butterfly one day.
    How's Xander been? Sleeping ok at night? Nina's having huge feeds lately, and is starting to refuse the breast, she'd rather have EBM from her sippy cup during the day. I'm not too worried about it cause at least I'm still b/f.

    shell - she'd better not get sick again for at least another 12 months!! How's the sleep settling going? Hang in there and it'll eventually work. And how's she going with taking EBM from a bottle or sippy cup? Any luck yet?

    Helen - that is so cute. I love seeing little kids feeding their dolls.
    Nina's poo's were so big that everyone she did would leak and it would take 2 of us to clean it up. As you can imagine I had a lot of washing to do.

    nessa - I'm the same with the slurpees. I think of nelle everytime. And I'm hooked on them now too. It's all her fault!

    I think nelle & kel are gonna make me fat, all this talk of food and slurpees!! Just when I'd lost 2kg too!

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    Jodi- Haven't been able to practice sippy cup with EBM cause I'm having the prob you used to have and cannot express! I try just to get a little bit out for her rice cereal and manage to get 1 teaspoon only. I think my supply is dropping cause my boobs don't feel as full as they used to.

    Kell- Wow Jesse is a nice big boy. Ashleigh seems quite small to other bubs in here, shes 6.5kg at our 5 month check.

    AnnaT- I hope that feeling you're having is right. God I remember how hard the 2ww was when TTC. I won't be going thru that again for awhile yet.

    I am dying for something sweet but don't want to get dressed just to go up shops and Df won't go! I just might have to get dressed cause I am getting desperate.

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