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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #35

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    I'd love to go see a psychic but don't know how to find a good one. I don't want to end up paying for someone making up ****.

    Rikki- Wow twins, did it mention when?

    AnnaT- Try not too think bout it too much (easier said than done i know) but enjoy long weekend and then Tues will be here.

    Nessa- Sounds great i will e-mail some time this week.

    Jodi- poor Nina, you think having the tropical weather up there can make babies more susceptible to illness?
    A close friend of mine also has her b'day tomor. I'm so slack, i just went down to 7-11 and got her box choc and card. She hates her b'days so we're having a surprise get together tomor, just a few friends.

    maz- And hows the whole m/s going? You spewing alot yet? Sounds like we should chuck Vy and Ash in a room together and they can scream with each other or cuddle each other to sleep.

    Belle- Ash been pretty good today, just hope she sleeps well tonight. Hope you enjoyed time with the IL's. I don't think i could spend 2 days with mine without being driven bit bonkers!

    Nelle- naughty naughty missing church! we're all sus bout you and your tiredness and the whole forgetfulness business.

    I was so tired all day but had a nap as soon as I got back from mum and dads.

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    i need you girls to look at my pictures of my daughter nicole, i am thinking of putting her into modelling.........i need you to answer these questions, and be honost!!

    do you think she has the look?
    what picture would you send in, if any, i have numbered them 1-7
    would you just do some more pics as these arent that good.

    thanks heaps girls

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    Wow Chrissy, Nicole has AMAZING hair! What does she think about modeling?
    She's got a beautiful smile, so perhaps #4, or #7 shows the most of her.
    PMSL Chrissy, are you going to turn into one of those model mums?? Like in the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Violet's mum: 'Eyes on the Prize Violet'!

    Haha Shelle, I couldn't believe how stupid I was! Even when Jodi posted after I posted and said 'Nelle are you on msn' I just thought to myself, Oh well I can be, I guess she just wants to chat It wasn't til I saw you all there that I went - oh it's Saturday night!!
    I know I'm OTL but I'm a bit scared of being pregnant, I've been eating like crap so my folate/iron levels must be so low, not good for baby development at all.

    Hugs Annat, I hope you can keep yourself busy til either AF comes or you decide to retest.

    Church was fun tonight, I had the best hot chocolate there! Mmmm.

    Think we're having some sort of xbox tournament here tomorrow, the boys are gonna play worms. Not sure what I'll do...will see if my best friend is free, since her husband's gonna be here.

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    pmsl nelle - you must be pregnant!!!

    chrissy - i agree with nelle, she has just gorgeous hair! i reckon pic 4 & 7, and one where she isn't smile, just a straight face.

    maz - how are you feeling today? still sick?

    belle - how are you? any symptoms yet?

    nessa - I'll give you an email soon'ish

    I'm off to bed, not that nina is asleep or anything. She's still awake and playing. At least she's happy. She hasn't even had any pain relief and she's in a great mood. She's getting better too, thank god!!
    Hope everyone has a better night wth bubs than last night.

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    i agree... 4 or 7... and as for the hair, when i saw it in the last photos chrissy i thought she was wearing a wig! gorgeous locks!

    i have a grumpy girl with a snotty nose, hence why i am still awake. hope she drops off soon and sleeps thru the night....

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA! I hope you have a wonderful day today with Xander

    Shell - Ive gone bonkers Im knackered, they are going home this arvo so I will get some rest. They have been lovely though have bought Julia a stroller, clothes and toys and clothes for me and shoes for Jeffrey.. but im knackered now from looking after them.

    MAZ - how you feeling this morning?

    Rikki - hows Ainsleigh this morning?

    Jodi - feeling sick, stuffy nose and so tired...zzzzzzzzzzz hows Nina this morning?

    Darnit I just miss out on the b'day thing cause mine just happened

    Im so running to the bathroom all the time, im caving in buying a test today will test tomorrow morning

    BBL for more personals gotta play with my girl.

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    going to the gym today to see personal trainer.. so scared! i am sucha fatty,,,
    Maz - hope that you feel better soon.. love the pictures
    Belle - testing testing.. i hope its BFP fr you !
    AnnaT- praying AF does not show

    damn Mr A is awake.. better go BBL

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    Hope you get very spoilt!

    Belle... oh so hope its a

    Chrissy.. omg she has gorgeous hair!! Yeh i say 4 or 6 too. They ususally ask for natural shots so theyd be good.

    My dad went to a phsycic few years back.. he's very into spirtual guides etc. And everything shes said has happened. She decribed his dad (who had passed) down to a tea and he was just really spun out. Id love to go to one myself.. though i dont want to hear anything bad lol

    Jodi.. hope Nina had a better night.. hope she gets better soon.

    Maz.. youre so clever with those nappy covers! She has the spunkiest bum in the world!!

    AnnaT.. hope that crumminess is worth while and you get a soon!

    Nessa.. yep ill be in on it.. you have my address but ill email you all Jesse's details too.

    Had the inlaws over for lunch yesterday which was nice.. got a few pics of Jess and FIL together so am going to put something together for him for his birthday thats coming up.
    Going to visit my friend and her new bubs in hospital today.. oh im gonna get so clucky!!! Will bring back memories as shes in the same hospital i had Jess.
    omg gotta go.. Jesse just opened the cabinet under the tv! little monkey.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Ciao ciao


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    Had a great night last night, she woke twice again, feed & poo, which seems to be the norm at the moment. Didn't wake till 7.30 and is laying in her cot playing. Not much planned for today, if she's ok we'll go visit a girlfriend but that's about it.

    rikki - hope she doesn't get too sick for you

    kel - i visited a friend with a 2 week old the other day and OMG couldn't believe how small they are! I forgot!

    my mum went to a phsycic once, and everything he told her has come true as well. She's always going. I'm a bit sceptical about them so I haven't gone to one.

    annie - good luck at the gym, you'll be right. Just be confident.

    belle - have you tested yet? I wanna know ...

    Heath applied for a Tafe Teaching job teaching his trade about a month ago, and he's since had a phone interview. They said they received 1200 applicants throughout Qld so he was good to make it that far. He's since got a letter on Friday ... and he's been shorlisted They wanna meet the shortlisted applicants and decide from there. It'll be in the next 3 weeks. If he gets it though, he'll be away for trainng for 7 WHOLE WEEKS!!! I'll be like a single mother ( & he'll miss my birthday) We're crossing all our fingers he gets it.

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    hi girls,
    belle - good luck on testing. it is always hard work having the inlaws to stay. the bday thing is for the kiddo's, so you have not missed out. i am sure julia would love to participate
    anna** - Happy birthday... eat lots of cake
    jodi - good luch re Heath's job. What is his trade?
    Kel - not too much cluckiness!!!
    annie - good luck at the gym.... and good on you for being so motivated. i have to get my bum into gear too. am going to look at the creche at our rec centre as it is so hard with sam working away (but no more excuses!!!)
    nelle - i was IRONING (foreign concept in our house but sam is attending a conference today) when you msned me.... so she was still awake, but I was IRONING (just had to add it in one more time!!!! )

    thanks for your concerns girls, ainsleigh was asleep at midnigth (finally) and is still asleep now 7am so fingers crossed she's ok. we gave her a hot shower to clear out her nose last night and that helped heaps. just waiting to see how she is before I decide whether or not we're going swimming or not. was a long weekend here last weekend, so we did not have swimming, so she has not been for ages so hope she's ok

    have a good day girls!

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    Happy Birthday Anna and Jodi's man Heath.

    Hope you are all well, just giving my little ,an Eithan a cuddle (and not coz he's cranky, soooo nice), so I will be back later for personals.

    Ok back just quickly.

    Chrissy-yep photo's 4 and 6. Plus maybe try some photos where she is sitting down and have her look back at you. I dunno, goodluck.

    Belle-Goodluck with a bfp sweety, but rmember it took a while to get Julia's so dont be disheartenedif it comes up bfn it can still chng.

    Annie-Hope you go well at the gym. I hope that you enjoyed the beach yesterday.

    Nelle-Just incase of pregnancy, if you are worried about your diet you should take the pregnancy and breastfeeding suppliment. you are breastfeeding anyway so it cant hurt, and you wont send Rans into a spin if you let him know its for bf.

    Jodi-Yah for Heath, goodluck there. Single mum for 7 weeks,eeek, but we are all here for you.

    Rikki-i hope that Ainsleigh gets better soon.

    Eeeek Bella is calling.

    Umm Nessa-I will get my details to you soon. I'm thinking $20. I dont know what do you all think or maybe 20-30. I'm lost, I know we dont all have a lot of money so please knock me down if this is too much. Oh it includes postage .

    bye for now.

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    I reckon $20 incl postage is fair.
    Heath's a boilermaker, for 12 years now. It's the sort of job to set you up for retirement.

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    Morning all.
    Big day for birthdays!

    Happy Birthday Anna!
    And Happy Birthday to Heath and my good friend.

    HelenP- I think $20 sounds good if others agree.

    rikki- lol bout the ironing. Matt buys those iron free shirts. I think I've only ever ironed bout 3 times in my life, I buy clothes that don't crease! I loved it when I lived at home cause I'd wait til mum had the iron out for her things and quickly ask her to do a few for me.

    Jodi- Wow thats pretty good he made the shortlist out of so many applicants. Good luck to him but it'll suck him being away for 7 weeks. I'll have to come up for a holiday and keep you company!

    Kell- that'll be nice how your putting something together for Fil. I should try be a bit more creative and do something like that.
    I get clucky seeing newborns and disbelief that Ashleigh was ever that small. But then i remind myself how tired I am and don't want another for few years yet! Lol.

    Annie- have fun at gym, hope you don't get a psycho trainer like the ***** chrissy got at hers!

    Belle- Thats nice they bought all that stuff. try put your feet up today. Do they live a fair way from you and have to travel to see you?
    Oh and as Rikki said the B'day thing is for all our bubs birthdays even though still few months away, cause they'll all have birthdays together.

    Nelle- your eating habits sound as good (or bad) as mine! I eat so much crap, I just crave sugar constantly. You might have to invent a slurpee that has all your daily requirements of vitamins!

    chrissy- Your daughter is gorgeous, does she seem eager bout the modelling? She just has to rememver its not all fun and glamourous that there could be tiring or hot shoots. but i'd say go for it. They'll prolly want to meet her in person and get some professional shots done.

    Well Ash better not have big sleep again this morn cause have to be at friends place by 11:30 cause we're having small surprise get together for our birthday friend.
    Hope everyone else enjoys there labour day well those who have it today.
    I heard on radio yesterday they saying there dedicating labour day to all the woman who've been thru labour! Lol.

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    Hi girls,

    Well I am disappointed right now darn it. Will try in a few days time if I dont get my period. Im sick and grumpy and so is Jeffrey hes got a cold.

    Did anyone see Pinky McKay on today show this morning? I missed it.

    Helen - you read my mind, I will hope for BFP in a few days. Hows Eithan today? Whats Bella up to? Has your migrane gone?

    Kell - hello, Jesse is so clever to open the cabinet by himself!!!

    Jodi - Happy birthday to Heath! what are you doing anything special for dinner? god 7 weeks is a long time to be away. Do you have friends/family to help you if he goes away?

    Nelle - are you going to test?????????????????????????

    Rikki - Is Ainsleigh ok? LOL re ironing, we dont iron in our house, havent used it for years! we buy non wrinkly stuff! hehehe. Jeffrey hates ironing.

    Chrissy - how you feeling today mate? whens your u/s?

    Annie - Does the gym have a babysitter like ours does in Sydney? I am going to go with my mothers group next week, Ive never left Julia before sooo not sure how I will go!

    MAZ - thanks for the chat this morning

    ETA - Shell didnt see your post. How is Ash today'? did you get some sleep? the inlaws live in Melbourne so they are driving home today. Not going anywhere today phew so I will put my feet up for sure!

    If Jeffrey goes away to America he will be only gone around 10 days or so 2 weeks max thank god.

    BBL for more personals gotta snooze on the sofa before Julia wakes up for food.


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    belle - yeah I've got family around but shell said she's coming up to keep me company
    Try not to be too disappointed about the BFN. It'll happen when the times right.

    nessa - man that's a mega sleep!!! How did you manage that with 2 kids???

    ok, question for everyone: what do I get heath?? I know, leaving it a bit late, but I'm stuck for ideas. He loves bourbon, but mums bought him some, and loves dirtbikes, but don't wanna buy him a new one! I was thinking something from Nina. For Fathers Day last year I got him a pic of him & Nina with a poem, so don't wanna get anything like that. Hit me with some ideas!

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    Thanks for the birthday wishes girls! I can't believe how many other people share this day... it's crazy. Though I have found that March is one of the busiest birthday months of the year - what is 9 months before March? Hmmm... ahhh, Winter! That explains it. Lots of people trying to keep warm.

    Belle - Sorry to hear about the - I didn't know you guys were actively ttc again!

    Nelle & HelenP - You are ttc too??? OMG, what did I miss out on at the chat on Sat night.

    Nessa - Enjoy the 1st birthday party today. Are you doing the cake? Buttercream is soooo much easier to work with than RTR fondant (and much cheaper too) so you can do heaps more cakes!

    Chrissy - How are you hon? Hope you are ok. Nicole has got gorgeous hair - Is that her natural colour? Totally amazing.

    Shell - Labour Day? It must be different to WA, we had labour day last Monday. That explains why there were half decent shows on pleb tv this weekend.

    With this baby birthday thing... how is it supposed to work? I'd go broke if it were $20 per bubba here! Wouldn't it be easier say if we all put in $5 or something and then send one present with the combined amounts? That's still equal a fairly decent pressie.

    Rikki - Ironing???? You're nuts woman. No ironing happening in this house (well, not by me) I bust my arse with everything else, that is one thing I pretend I cannot do - Scott has to iron his own clothes.

    Jodi - Thanks for the birthday e-mail! How's everything going with Nina and the sippy cup saga? You'll do a great job as a single mum for 7 weeks...

    Maz - Has the :ms: settled down yet? How's the sewing going?

    Kellxx - I'm like you, too scared to go to a phsycic in case they tell me something horrible is going to happen. I don't think I'd want to know. I just prefer to try and enjoy everyday as best I can.

    Annie - How was the personal trainer?

    Did I get everyone? I hope so!

    Mum is taking me out to lunch today, can't wait. I have a heap of vouchers to use, so am going to buy new casual mummy clothes (I need them badly) as the business suits just don't cut it whilst doing housework.

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    lol at housework in suits anna! would make a nice photo! the bday thingo is supposed to be kris kringleish... therefore everyone buys for one bubba.... geez $20 each and we'd all be broke, there's so many of us now. enjoy your lunch.

    jodi - i'll send you all my tips for coping as a part time single mum if heath gets the job. tbh, sometimes i find it easier when sam is away... no need to cook dinner, no pressure to be running around all day etc.

    well going to be a quiet day here... ainsleigh is back in bed, which makes me think she must be sick! quick question for those who use brauers teething relief, do you just give in continually... i have kind of done it on and off, and i said to sam last night our little girl is a druggy (no panadol or bonjela faces here) she opens her mouth up like a little bird waiting for a worm! just wondered how often i should give it.... TIA girls.

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    Yes Anna it's $20 per baby, you send it to me, and I buy each baby a bib. Nothing sus.....

    And NO I'm not's possible I'm pregnant, since we're getting busy very occasionally but if I am, well, then I know God wants me to be, cos I haven't got my period back yet. So a super slim chance. But seeing I might tend towards Maz's end of how easily I fall pregnant... I'll keep my eyes peeled for belly growth.

    And hugs Belle, I know what you mean about being disappointed, I reckon even if you weren't planning one, it's a disappointment when you're not. You'll just have to keep practicing

    Happy Birthday Anna by the way!!! (and Heath, no ideas for you Jodi...actually...a cd or dvd? with clothes? a Gold class movie ticket? Computer/console game, if he has one? Book on sport or something? Magazine subscription? GPS for the car?)

    Better go, I didn't get to sleep til 3, so haven't been up too long, Rans has headed to the shops and I'm about to shower then vacuum for this Worms Tournament today.
    Better dash! xo

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