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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #38

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    Oh Rach I know! Like theres no way Jesse's chubba arms would fit in those sleeves. Was a cute shirt though.. but i was so rude to him.. poor guy.. but these private calls are starting to get annoying.
    What is with these people who hang up? Do they not have anything better to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellxx View Post
    Ok.. still getting these calls.. have called Optus with the times and theyre sending it through to the police department who will be in contact with the person calling. I just went through my phone and theres 10 call times in the past 4 days from this nutter.. and its was happening the last 2 weeks too. So hopefully they stop now as its pretty scarey stuff when you have a baby.

    yay!! i hope they can sort it out for you. it is a crime so what they are doing is wrong thats why it becomes a police matter.

    hellooooooooooooo ladies and babies~~

    we had our last mothers group today. it was nice though, we brought food and photos and had a real chatty session. we are organising a play group at the local centre so that will be fun to continue on with the same group.

    my cousins son is two weeks older than savanna and his wife is already one month pregnant. i havent told steve as yet or he will be ****ty cause hes been wanting to get pregnant for agessss but i keep saying not till savanna is 9 months... only 2 and a half months to go... arghhh im scaredddd hehehe what have i gotten myself into!!!
    and im only just gettin my body back into shape too grrrrrr

    ok well i hope you all have a lovely night!!!

    love ambz


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    Ambz-Hhehehe, your hubby's time to get you pregnant will happen. Usually it is the women who are like that. Bless him.

    Kell-I hope you get it all sorted out, how scary.

    Anna-Glad that the dr is sure nothing is wrong, it is great news. Also good that a pead will make you fell better.

    Nelle-I am still doing research for you.

    Eithan is not happy. DH wont be home until after 10 or 11pm and he left at 7am this morning. At least we went and met him for lunch, and his hols start tomorrow. A few family things going on at the moment, but will try to get on as much as possible. Probably everyday but wont be posting long personals.

    Belle and Caddie-Thinking of you both.


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    Hi girlies! Nope personals here either too too busy.Ruby had a total of one hrs sleep today.Grrr. So she has passed out on aaron at 530pm tonight.Just put her to bed and low and behold hubby is clicking his fingers and millanas passed out.These girls are so damned tired and i dont think theyve resceduled thier bodies from the dls.
    Oh,geart idea girls with that food mesh thing.Ruby had 1/2 banana and cried when i took it off her.What a fabbo idea.
    Better go and put turd 2 to bed!!!
    Great news anna!! what a relief.Im sure the paed dr will confirm.Who are you seeing? Dr hansen?
    Updated ticker! first time ruby has had a hair brush and i did the burt newton combover and updated flicker site.
    Last edited by caddie; March 28th, 2007 at 08:46 PM. Reason: photos and anna!!

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    That's great that those phone calls are going to get looked into Kell - I'd be a bit spooked too.

    Hope your kids are both still asleep Caddie.

    Helen, thanks for still researching!! Not on your holdiays though mate, you have a brilliant time hanging out with Leith!

    Well I tried the pumpkin and sweet corn (with half a teaspoon of brown sugar, half for poo but mostly to see if the sweetness would help) - and Nup. Rans had to go bathe River afterwards cos he spat it out all over himself. He ate the first 2 spoonfuls and then kinda caught on and nothing more stayed in!
    So I stewed up and pureed some pears and Rans hardly had time to get more on the spoon before River's mouth was open again. Think I've got myself a fruit man here...

    My wisdom teeth hurt. Just thought I'd share

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    anna** - that's wonderful news! You must feel so relieved now.

    caddie - must have been a long day for you. Hopefully both girls sleep well tonight.

    kel - fingers crossed they get to the bottom of things with the girls, pretty spooky.

    nelle - nina prefers fruit over anything as well. something that has worked though is putting something frozen in the food feeder thingy, doesn't matter what it is, and she'll eat it.
    And talking about nina not eating, she's finally eating again!! At daycare today she scoffed down some rice cereal, then some vegies, then finished it off with custard for dessert!!!
    I've booked nina into swimming lessons (finally!) wanted to wait till she was all better. It starts on 16 April, and in the meantime I'll take her in our room as much as I can to get her familiar with the pool. She's very much a water baby so I'm sure she'll enjoy it, and me too.

    Sharleen - YAY on ambah's tooth! Nina has another cutting through, up the top again. Her bottom gum is really smooth, so don't think anything is coming through there.

    She's still sleeping really well too, 13 hours last night. Fingers crossed she keeps this up!

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    Jodi- yay on Nina going so well at the moment, must make you feel so much better after the rough patch you went thru. Good to see she is eating again.

    Nelle- Feed him the fruit but still try little vegie each day just to see if he'll get into it.

    caddie- Ashleigh seems to have settled into the new time but I'm still in the old DLS time! Hopefully those girls of yours won't get up too early tomor.

    Helen.p- Wow your Dh does work very long hours. Yay though that he starts holidays tomor and you can spend quality time together.

    ambz- Lol bout your hubby, you might be in here sooner than you think telling us all you are preg!

    Kell- I hope you can sort those calls out, I always get a bit freaked when I get them. Did the police say they'd let you know who it is or are they just going to give him/ her a warning and leave it at that?

    Ashleigh seems to be the opposite to alot of these bubs shes more of a vegie girl than fruit, she'll guts down the vegies but the fruit she'll stop halfway thru. Might have to try other fruits.
    Question for those who are on 3 meals a day what do you give? Ash hates rice cereal so I just give fruit for breakfast and vegies for tea, if I want to start a lunch meal could I just give vegies again? What else can they have beside fruit and veg at this early stage?

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    Rach - Yeah, I really wish the Doctor didn't stress us out like that either... I'll make sure I only see the (good) Doctor from now on, turns out the new guy was actually an OB prior to becoming a GP due to the rising costs of insurance etc - so I figure he knows a thing or two about babies.

    Caddie - Enjoy the night with DH now the kids are in bed, must be nice to have a little bit of adult conversation without the munchkins interupting with their needs.

    Kellxx - Did you mean that you know someone with a bub with Hydrocephalus? I've never seen a bubba with it, so didn't know how big the head really gets. No more icky calls I hope? I just bought an answering machine yesterday as I'm sick of the endless telemarketers... maybe you should get one and screen the calls?

    Nelle - I wouldn't worry that Riv isn't too keen on anything other than fruit... don't forget the boobie milk is super sweet (kinda like condensed milk!), so he is used to that level of 'sweetness'. He'll eat his vegies one day - maybe when he can feed himself steamed carrot fingers etc. Mum couldn't get any vegie; or fruit for that matter - I'd only eat custard; into me as a baby until I could finger feed... and nowadays, I pretty much only eat vegies!

    Jodi - How is Nina going? Is she taking food from a spoon again yet?

    Shell - Yay for the toothy peg... they look so cute when they pop through. I hope that is the answer to Ashleighs' dramas as of late. Don't forget tho, that the little buggers usually come through in pairs!

    Maz - How is little Vy going lately?

    Hellos to Ambz, Chrissy, Belle, Rikki.....

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    Time for a new thread ladies!

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