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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #44

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    Hi guys, just found my baby food book that I used when Bella was a baby. Thought I would pass on one of the good ones.

    Zucchini and corn pasta
    20g butter
    1 small (50g) tomato, peeled, chopped finely
    1 small (90g) zucchini, grated coarsley
    1/3cup (60g) risoni
    2 Tb creamed corn

    Melt butter in a small pan; cook tomato and zucchini, stiring, until vegetables are tender. Meanwhile cook risoni in medium pan of boiling water, uncovered, until tender; drain. Combine warm risoni and vegetable mixture with corn in small bowl.

    Anna*-I hope that Xander gets better soon. Thanks for the recipes by the way. I have some for from 9mths onwards that I can send you if you like.

    Rach-I dont like the idea of added gravy either. Here is a quote from my book: Since babies dont know anything about high-sugar, high-fat foods such as soft drinks, sweets, potato crisps and pastries, they wont feel deprived if they are not included in their diet and they do not see you eating them; children will find out about these foods soon enough when they go to preschool or start going to parties, Also a few facts- sugar and salt are unnecessary. What tastes bland to us will be flavoursome to a baby who has thousands more taste buds than an adult(so I wouldnt be adding the gravy-full of salt, silly mchn)

    Also Honey should not be given, as it can contain a poisonous organism which causes botulism. The organism is not destroyed by heating or processing.

    I have gone on a bit sorry. But you all get what I am saying anyway.

    Eithan has gone off his food today and is super clingy (still). I wont be on, on Sat night as I have an engagement party to go to. I hope you all have fun and can someone please update me with Sharleens news (if she oks it).

    Annie-sorry dont have broadband to have a look but I bet he looks cute.

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    No worries guys.. hope they help.. they have for me. Jodi have sent them to you too.

    Anna**.. hope Xander is ok and just had an off day with his food.

    Not much news here as usual, but Jesse woke up twice last night.. at 12.30am and then 4.30am.. last time he started doing this a tooth came through.. so no doubt one is on its way.
    Not doing much today.. DH has to work this morning, only till about 9ish so will be home 9.30am.

    Gonna go get some breaky..

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    Kell ruby woke roughly the same hours! Bummer,plus millana woke too.
    Im having a slack day today.Aaron has gone to work and because anzac day today everything is closed.So what to do? Looks a rainy day too!
    That recipe looks great helen.Must try that one too.
    Millana is really doing my head in as she keeps taking any toy ruby plays with and says it hers.
    Plus aaron used the last little vegemite for himself instead of saving for the girls.That irks me as he put himself first.I never do.
    Ok going to go and come back in a positive mood.

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    Morning ladies.

    Ugh last night we went out to dinner with my sister and some friends, Jett went to bed at 10:30 so I hoped he'd sleep better than he has been. He woke at 11:30 for a dream feed and slept through to 4:30am which is pretty good. Then he woke at 6:30 for another dream feed and was still snoozing at 8 when Ry wakes me up to get me to take him into town for the Anzac Day parade. He already had woken me up at 5 when he went to dawn service. Im so tired and its not even because Jett didnt sleep well
    We're going to watch him march in the parade at 11, he looked very suave in his suit with his medals on Im very proud of Ry and very thankful that he works hard to do his job and make sure we have the best chance as a country of staying safe and free. If it means that us as a family get the short end of the stick sometimes then its totally worth it imo. I cant wait to instill in Jett the same proudness I have, and that ALL the country should have, in our troops.

    Annie - that vid of Alexander is sooooooo cute. He looks so cuddly. Doing a great job with the crawling already!

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    anna - my BIL is in the reserves and I feel the same way, very proud that he would fight for our country. He was asked last month if he'd go to Iraq for 6 months, but if he went he'd lose his job as a Paramedic. He would have loved to have gone, but that timing is just all wrong. He's hoping he'll get called up again in the future.
    We normally go and watch him march, but too hard this year with Nina.

    Well Nina slept through last night, 13 hours. She's going really good with her solids too, she has 2 lots of brekkies now, she's such a piggy. This time last week she wasn't eating anything, now she's on 3 meals a day!!

    kell - thanks for those links

    nessa - I know I'm a pain, but what's your username & password again

    caddie - I hope the girls let you have a break today. I know the chances are pretty slim. Take it easy.

    helen - I'll have to give that recipe a go, I think Nina will like that one

    oh, and check out my sig now

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    AnnaT - I'd feel proud of my man to if he did what Ryan did for our country. Im tkaing Nikolaus to the parade and dawn service next year. My mums side had alot of family that died in concentration camps and my opa (dad's dad) served for the german army and lost a leg. So I dont think what side of the world we are from, it affects us. So I take me hat of to who ever stands up and puts others before themselves. i just hat the [email protected] that feel they bcan blow them selves up and take innocent people with them!
    Jeds working today and im so over having sick kids and a wingy little girl who just wants her DADDY!!!!!!
    Jodie - you go girl. Hope we concieve together. Looks like a few of us are on the hunt.....hehehehehe
    Anna - Will try and call you tomorrow sometime
    Annie - Alexander is gorgeous matie
    BBL after I have pinned boys to the wall an dput Vy in a parcel post satchel....Have an express bag here somewere........

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    Shelley79 Guest


    Helen - That recipe looks good, I'm sure Sarah would like it. I'm always looking for new recipes since I make most of her food.

    Jodi - Oh go team Blue huh. Hope it doesn't take you too long to fall pregnant.

    AnnaT - you have every right to be so proud of Ry. I know I would be if that was Luke.

    Caddie - I totally know how you feel in regards to sacrafices us mothers make, Luke can be like that sometimes too, esp when he first gets back from being away for work when he doesn't have to think of others since he's been away.

    Nessa - Sounds like a very cute pic, its when we least expect it to get a cute pic

    Kell - would I be able to get the link too?

    Shell - Hope you have a nice day today catching up with everyone.

    Sorry if I missed anyone but I'm still getting to know who's about.


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    thanks (again) ness.

    maz - how cool would it be if we all fell pg together again!! You can send Vy up to me if you like. Nina is behaving herself ATM, so I could probably handle her. Then I'll ship her onto someone else.

    belle honey, where are you? I'm getting worried. Anyone heard from her?

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    Hubby went to dawn service this morning, we both normally go however i had been up with Mr A during the night so needed the sleep!

    We belive by taking Olivia every year she will learn and be proud of what people do and have done in order for her to live freely in Australia.

    Ok, OMG Jodi - you go girl,, how exciting! how long did it take you to fall with Nina?
    Maz - you cheeky girl, put your whip away! wishing you luck for your TTC journey!
    AnnaT - my goodness all 3 of you could be pregnant together and who else is trying??
    Belle - how are you??
    Anna** - how is Xander this morning??
    SHelly - hello, and welcome !
    Nelle - i think Alexander looked like a baby elephant trying to walk...proud mummy moment!
    Rach - how cute is your little Jack! love the updated photos
    Ness - are you loving BB07??

    everyone else.. hello! we are having a roast portk for a late lunch today so i had better go and get the veges on the BBQ or we be stuffed!

    xoxo Anna

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    helen thanks thats how i feel about sugarsa and salt and gravy well how antiquated is her suggesting it :sigh:

    well jack slept 13 hours too had a bath then a 180ml bottle must be now he's 7 months he can have 180ml then had some tinned pear rice cereal, then a big #2 and at 10am we lay down and well we slept till 12pm *eek* so much for doing a bit today, so we got up had a nappy change for the boy he then had another 180ml *wooo* and is about to have some vegies sweet pot/carrot/broccoli so best be off


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    HAPPY 7 MONTHS JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Woah go Jack! Youll have to take some photos of him and his food. I love seeing messy babies!!

    Annie.. oh have a nice lunch!

    Jodi.. woo go for gold!!

    Well its a cold rainy day in ol sydney town.. just been making Jesse a Sesame Street cd.. some of the songs are so cute and funny! I love hearing the Bert and Ernie ones.. funny funny..

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    happy 7 months Jack... and good boy for sleeping so well!

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    annie - I fell pg straight away with Nina, so hopefully that'll happen again, but who knows.

    Happy 7 months Jack!

    Heath and I went out to see a movie today, left Nina at home with my mum & sister to babysit, and Nina slept the whole time. Woke up 5 min before we got home!! Movie was pretty crap though. We saw Perfect Stranger

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    Hi all,
    I've had a nice day seeing my Nana then bit lunch and shopping with mum, got some winter things for Ashleigh. When I was preg I got given heaps clothes in 000 and 00 so I didn't really have to buy things. But now shes going into 0 and I realise I don't have much at all so big shop day and going to DFO friday and might get some bargains there. i think to myself when we do eventually go for number 2 it'll be much easier to have another girl and just reuse everything!

    Nessa and Annie- I am loving BB07 too this year. I haven't watched much on my phone yet, did get to see Jamie penis the other morning, Lol.

    I am feeling tired right now and don't know where Df has gone off to, left his phone at home, I guess he's watching footy somewhere but i was hoping to come home and dishes be done and dinner cooking! Wishful thinking I guess.

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    helloooooooooo ladies!!!

    woooohooo theres a few of us trying to conceive again!! yayyy for you all!!
    we are supposed to start trying next month if hubby has his way but i want to try push it back a couple of months atleast till savanna is 10 months maybe. i dont want a big gap but then i dont want too close a gap either. i would love to have another girl so i can dress them the same (soo cute) ahah but i know hubby wants a boy so badly so im not really fussed. i hope he gets what he wants

    oh this chihuahua of mine is being clingy today and keeps farting it stinks soooo bad!!
    hahaha poor puppy must have an upset tummy

    took savanna swimming today with my cousins and their kids, sis in law and her kids and mum. she had a great time as usual. oh her new word is bubba! its sooo adorable!!

    well better go relax hehe

    take care ladies

    luv ambz

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    Morning all

    I caught up with reading all the posts yesterday arvo and by the time I had finished Bailey was awake, then MIL arrived and well, that was that!

    My very best wishes to all of you who are TTC. I feel like I am being left behind as I would love another but have promised all of that these 12 mths are for Bailey and somewhere along the line for me to lose a bit more weight

    Ambz: Bubba is the cutest word, Bailey says it when he is tired. He also says Dadda, and we think he says hi and Yer!! I thought I had heard Mum but I was obviously wrong...he grunts alot too which is funny to watch coz if he is sitting up at the time he sticks his belly out when he grunts.
    Jodi: Perfect Stranger is that the one with Sandra Bullock and ......minds on the blank, you know,the guy with no hair and is Deni's ex......must be too early in the a.m.
    Happy 7th Month Birthday for yesterday Master. Jack!
    Kellxx: How did you or where did you get the Sesame Street songs from? Bails loves Sesame Street and I am a BIG fan of it too. (If you don't mind me asking)
    Maz & AnnaT: Rick said yesterday he wants to take Bailey to the dawn service next yr. It is days like that (ANZAC Day)when you are thankful to all the men and women who have fought to protect this country of ours and give all of us the opportunites and security we have today. God bless them.
    Nessa: how cute. I took Bailey for a walk on Sat and thought he was chewing on a toy in his pram. I stopped to fix his hat up and he had his head resting on the front of the pram. Goes to sleep anywhere like his dad. he he he
    gave bailey some mince last night poached in Pear juice. He loved it. I don't think I need to cook seperate stuff for him anymore. We will just need to eat normal foods rather than fancy just add meat and veg stuff from jars and packets.

    sorry for yet again another long post....trying to keep up

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    vixstar - Halle Berry & Bruce Willis. Very ordinary movie, the ending was a real let-down.

    ambz - I too would love another girl just so I can use all of Nina stuff again, otherwise it'll go to waste, but having a boy would be awesome


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    I wouldn't mind what I had next, on the one hand a boy would be nice so I can have one of each and I'm sure Df would love a son but on the other hand another girl would be just as good, can reuse all Ash's stuff plus I think it'd be nice for Ash to have a sister just cause i think how close my sister and I are and I'd love for Ash to have that.

    Was bit annoyed at Df last night, he asks me to pick him up from the pub, so that was okay, just up the road thought I could feed Ash her dinner when i got back, next thing I get there and apparantly hes told 2 of his mates that I'm happy to take them home, poor Ash got really scared by them so shes screaming and getting distressed had to stop and calm her down. By the time I got home nearly an hour after I left, Ash is hungry and its nearly her bedtime, sometimes men just don't think.

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