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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #45

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    Default Babies Born September 2006 #45

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2006.

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    Hi all! I have read your posts but cant remember much except i think it was about AF? and Old barches? So chrissy you are not!!!
    And maz hope you get your wish soon!!!
    And the rest of you too so i can follow your preggy journals! Me not having another,unless i change my mind in 5 yrs!!! Hubby dont want any more.
    Had visitors all morning,been cleaning and now ruby is awake!!! Better go save her.I dont have 5min to breathe lately!!

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    same as caddie been reading but can't remember crap

    ok can I please have a whine, man I have had the worst day, Jack ate like a pig yesterday 3 lots of solids and 930ml formula *holy hell* he normally has if we are lucky 840mls formula alone, so what happens today he must have had a belly ache, cause he has pooped 4 times today and been whingy as hell

    I did manage to get some washing done some got thrown in dryer some made it to line, but OMG I am so tired, I understand where most of you are coming from now when you have bad days with the bubs

    mind you he is happy as now, could have something to do with the infants friend I gave him at 1pm and the panadol he had at 4pm, Jase is late today so when he gets home I am going fo r a long long shower

    but of course jack will be good as gold tonight and i will feel like I exagerated how bad it was today but i have managed to cook tea while he was in walker but best go he is stroppy again

    sorry for whining

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    Ness, I give Riv a really shallow bath, he tries to stand up at first, then I count one two three and lie him down! We have a spa bath, so it's really hard for me to lean into it without cramping up, so it's much easier to not have to be there ready for when he falls. I just sit on a little Ikea stool and watch him!

    I'm just feeding River now, then off to my cousin's wedding rehearsal tonight. STILL don't have anything to wear!

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    my little girl is commando crawling

    nessa - Nina's always trying to do that. We put a heap of toys in the bath for her to play with just to keep her down.

    hi to everyone, hope you're all good. I'm tired and gotta go and put my feet up.

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    Yeah Nina... BBL.. gotta watch biggest loser

    maybe im the biggest

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    nessa - uummm I'm confused (which isn't hard) what's happened? I'm not upset

    EAT: ooohhhh I just read that annika said her first word ... way to go Annika!!!
    Last edited by Visitor7; April 26th, 2007 at 08:25 PM. Reason: annika

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    Shelley79 Guest


    Holy Cow, I'm busy with Sarah all day by myself and finally get half a chance to hop on now to see whats been happening and I have lots to catch up on.

    Got a call from Luke today looks like he might have to work an extra week cause one of the guys up there quit today, just up and left so they'll have to get someone to take that place so if they don't then he'll have to stay another week. Man I hope that they get someone cause I miss my hubby.

    Nessa - Hugs, you haven't offend me I'm just starting out

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    hi ladies!!

    nessa- ????????????????????????????? what do you mean hun? i cant see why you would of offended everyone. we are all one big happy family

    i have a slight headache at the moment arghh
    savanna is little miss independant now.
    this morning she ate her banana on her own and didnt want me to help her. surprisingly most of it went in her mouth too!! she is getting a little over confident and thinks that when she is standing she can let go. she tries to take a step without holding on!!! im soooo excited!! she walks around the furniture holding on but this is just the beggining of her trying to do it no hands. my little angel is growing so fast!!!!


    * I remember when i was able to cradle savanna in my arms and just hold her there staring at her and she would just look up at me and smile...............
    nowwwwwwwwww if i try do that she wriggles and squirms all over the place so she can go off and do her own thing *sob sob* where has my little baby gone.. she is such a big girl now!!!

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    Nessa-No problems here hun. I hope things are ok for you atm.


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    Ness you offended me when you called me a big fat silly old cow.
    (Unless you didn't call me a bit fat silly old cow, then it's okay and I'm not offended)

    Rehearsal went pretty well, and one of the bridemaids who knows what she's talking about said it sounded good, so I'm feeling a bit better about it.
    STILL don't know what I'm wearing. Think I'll just stuff it and decide tomorrow.

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    You havnt offended me either! Way to go on annika and dada! Ruby doesnt say anything yet.Only mummm when tired and grunts and squeels like a pig.
    My friend today couldnt believe how ruby ate her bread so quick! Ruby pushed it in then sat chewing it with it hanging out her mouth and squinting her nose like a piggy.I have such a charmer.
    And no standing.She just rolls around the house...Mmmm she seems abit lacking in the physical department but makes up for piggyness.
    Hope jack behaves for you rach!!!
    Ok i miss ruby's little scarecrow legs and her peaceful slumber when i could put her to bed and shed drift off to sleep.

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    breastfeeding my little baby, and when she would look up at me, pull off, and smile. oohhhh, they were the days.

    as with the eating on their own, nina will now insist on feeding herself with the spoon. She'll watch what I do a couple of times, then grabs it and does it herself.

    caddie - you watch, before you know it, you'll be chasing her around the house!

    nelle - when is the wedding? I hope you find something to wear otherwise you might upstage the bride! hehehe

    way to go savanna on feeding yourself. Miss Independent no.2 !!

    hey helen, how are you?

    anyone heard from belle?

    nessa - I hope you're ok. We all love you here

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    Geez, the other thread did not last long!
    I am weaning bails at the moment and we are on one feed per day now. I got Rick to take pics of him feeding the other morning so I have something to look at when I mourn for my BF days. We took pics of him feeding in hospital when he was born too. I think I am missing BF already

    Nessa, you've got me too???? Not sure what you are refering too. Hope evrything is okay????

    Shelley79, that will suck if he has to stay away longer. Rick mentioned going to the hobby shop before coming home this arvo and I was like nnnoooooo, that makes me day even longer.

    Rach, know what you mean. bails did the same thing on Tuesday, Ate an enourmous amount of food and milk and then yesterday ate nothing and drank bugger all. Spose he won't fade away in one day. Very annoying though slaving over a slice of vegemite toast for hours and then they don't eat it. Little bugger sometimes hey! LOL

    Kell, I have a sewing machine too. Looks pretty in the cupboard.....oops! I have hardly used it. Should join up in a sewing class and learn.

    I know Limewire but I used it at work when I was busy working. he he he I can't have it on this computer coz we have limited download. Bugger.

    I won something on ebay for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOHOO I bought Bails some toys for less than $10.00. Trying to win an F&P Activity Table but no luck so far.

    Must shower. Love ya's all.

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    central coast

    Default problams here mate

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    Nessa.. yeh Jesse had that seat until he started kicking and splashing so hard, he'd jump himself out of it. I then just did the shallow bath thing, now he just sit up in the bath. I know if i try and lay him down now he just rolls over and then sits up, so maybe she doesnt wanna lie down anymore? Woohoo on the Dada!! Jesse still hasnt said anything other than GOOOOOO. Hun you know i love your ass.. nothing wrong here was busy yesterday so wasnt online but thats all. Yeh i have no idea how to sew lol but the instruction book has given me quite a few tips. Gonna go buy some material now today.

    Jodi.. yay for Nina's comando crawling!

    Annie.. oh i watch the biggest loser too! I so wanted Damien to win the $50,000! Didnt care who won the whole thing but didnt really want Chris. Did you see Damien singing at the end! Hope he scores a recording contract after that!

    Ambz.. You mean Jesse was a baby? No he's been this big boofhead forever! lol i so dont remember Jesse being a baby.. (i also have a memory like a sieve).. but i do remember the first time he smiled at me.. was the morning before he got circumcised! Yeh i felt like a great mum after that! lol. Awww its so sad how fast they have grown up isnt it. I cant craddle Jesse anymore either, just squrims Yaya Savanna on feeding herself! Jesse is still happy for me to do it yay. He tried with vegemite toast but had it in the palm of his hand and couldnt get it in his mouth lol

    Vixstar.. do you have a website for Bailey? Would love to see some piccies! Oooww Careful ebay can get addictive! Yeh the sewing machine should be fun.. lets see how long this phase lasts lol

    Well helloo to all and to all HELLOOO!

    Going to get some fabric this morning so i can sew! Waiting on my friend to sms me what her daily routine from wake up is (with her 6 week old). Oh remember those times when you just went on when they woke and would feed every 4 hours or so. Though i think its easier now Jesse has his daily routine already set. Talking of which, its Jesse's breaky time.

    Have a lovely day gals. Nessa.. will catch ya on msn when i can. Hope youre ok chickadee.


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    hi girls,
    i know i've been lurking for a while, but it's been a busy ten days or so! i woke up early this morning with a headache (bad one,woke me thru the night) and thought what better place to be than on the puter!!! so here's my mammoth update, and sorry i have not done personals, but there was too much to remember!!! (but welcome back vixstar, and welcome shelley).

    ok, had sam and stepson home last week, which was hard work! SS is one of those kids that demands your attention CONSTANTLY... like asking what's for dinner five minutes after discussing it, so that was tiring. On the upside, he is excellent with Ainsleigh, and loves her to bits so that's great. Having the extra two days with just DH and I was great too, but Ains was a little miss cranky pants and was awake from 11.30 till 3.30am the night before he flew out (sorry for those of you who have shocking sleepers like Shell and Anna**, but you can imagine how that knocked me for six, especially as i was unwell) anyhoo, DH cracked it as I brought her in to our bed at 3am... and he had to get up at 4am (i know, not best decision). he left for work sulking like a petulant child and told me that he was not going to ring me that night.... anyway, of course he rang and apologised, but still upset me. times like that is when it's hard he works away.... but at least he still gave me a cuddle and a kiss before he left

    so now its back to normal, and ainsleigh and my hectic routine. we started swimming lessons on tuesday (wonder if that is why she was a maggot tues night). Ains was the star of the class, the teacher kept saying 'watch how Ainsleigh does it' but it was my MG so we could laugh about my over achiever! Gymbaroo starts this morning, and woo hoo, ains listened to her mummy and is commando crawling so she can go in the same class as her BF... though BF will prob be moved up soon as she is a full on mover! (see anna**, Ains is slow on the move too... though she may now be running by the time you come over next weekend )

    think that's about it from us. had HEAPS of orders for my personalised tshirts which is great...not a big profit for me, but makes me proud that people like them! now, what can i remember for personals... not much.

    i too miss the snuggling in my arms, ains is another miss independent and hates being snuggled (although she did the whole reaching for me, i want my mumma thing the other day which secretly i liked).
    nope, no probs with you nessa.... don't get upset if people miss your posts, you know how busy this thread is.
    i too want to shift some weight before TTC... but DH and I bought a treadmill, so it's operation baby #2 in our house. hope to start around sept/oct.
    my AF has been bck for ages, but after that first one which was nasty, has been quite light which has been nice.
    and chrissy... as for you being the old biartch, remember i'm only a year behind you! xxx

    take care girls, and i'll try and keep up now! well done if you got through this mammoth post!

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    Caddie – hope that things have settled down for you a bit! We have visitors all weekend! So I have to clean... but I am on here!
    Rach – Jack is too cute.. at least he can use his walker while you do things..
    Nessa – Have you knitted before.. who is teaching you or are you just going along doing ya best? And ya for DADA!..
    Nelle – I sit on my ikea stool too… comes in very handy that stool.. hope all goes well for the wedding tonight…. Do you have anything to wear yet??
    Shelly – hows sarah doing today?
    Maz – Whatz up!
    Kell – hows the sewing machine going? – I bet Damien has a lot more energy to sing after loosing all the weight! Cant believe the show is over, time is going to quickly.
    Ambz – well done Savannah for feeding yourself.. OMG – almost walking aswell! Way to go
    Helen – how r u? is it getting cold in Tassie??
    Jodi – well done Nina for feeding yourself!
    Vixstar – hope that your weaning goes ok..
    Chrissy – love the new ticket picture! When are you heading to the Gold Coast.. I want to meet you! And sink a bourbon or two!
    Rikki – huge post – well done! Sorry about your bad nights..and yeah for swimming and gymbaroo! So social!
    Anna** - did you get more sleep last night, how is Xander?
    AnnaT – how are you feeling with the clomid? Is it getting better,
    Belle – whats Julia up too?

    Update on us : alexander is still waking for that 3am feed.. is fully in cloth nappies now, crawling on command.. he only crawls if its to my mobile phone or tv remote. My period pains are making me so sick, such nausea,, off to the gym this morning,

    Xoxoxo Love to you all

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