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thread: Babies Born September 2006 #79

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    Jan 2006
    The Hawkesbury

    Rikki.. its good to hear from you, and YAY for Ainsleigh walking! Its so cute seeing them strut their stuff isnt it!

    Ive had a lingering cold/flu for the past week now. Its been everywhere in my head, throat, nose and now ears... aghhhh! Ive gone through a whole pack of codril and really should go to the doctor but am just too tired and warn out i cant be bothered. Am suppose to be doing the house work today. Have done the washing at least.. so am taking a break atm. Having a coffee and some nurophen mmm. Oh i could do with one of your special cappaccinos now Nelle! Fingers crossed Santa brings me a coffee machine!!

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    Nov 2005

    Hey girls...

    Just wanted to stick my head in and say thank you to those who wrote words of support for me here... I really appreciate it.
    I'm doing ok, on anti-depressants and Xanax to control both anxiety and late onset PND (which was missed in previous screenings by health nurse). I'm going to be ok tho, and as soon as I am feeling a bit better I will be back in here again.

    At the moment, I just need to be a bit selfish and take care of myself for a while... but I will be back!

    Big hugs to all those who also have a lot of sh*t going on in their lives right now... you know who you are.

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    Dec 2005

    So good to hear from you Anna. Take all the timeout you need. I hope you're feeling better on the meds.

    I'll be back a bit later for more. I wrote a huge post before, only for Nina to come and turn the computer off on me. And now she's trashing my house!

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    **** - Jodie, I did the same thing...grrrr stupid pg brain.
    Anna - dont lie you attention seeker...hahha only joking honey, you get better and take as much time as you need. We're all here for you.
    I did get my results back..I dont have GD this time round YAY!!!!!! Sunshines head is already engaged so have been put on strick orders not to go anywere from 1st December onwards and to rest Ha friggen ha. Doc doesnt even want me goig to Melbourne but tuff titties im still going!
    Hello eveyrone - im so not redoing my last post! to much brain fryage!

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    Dec 2005

    maz - that's wonderful news about the GD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow, I can't believe Sunshine is engaging already. Smacks for you Sunshine!

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    Dec 2005

    ok, Nina is asleep now. I guess trashing my house has worn her out! No wonder we call her 'Tornado'.
    I've been spoilt the past couple of mornings with Nina waking at 8.30am. So she's sleeping 14-15 hours at night!
    My work is putting on a Melbourne Cup do. They close the doors at midday and have a huge pi$$up! We have to all get dressed up too. I've got Nina's dress, just need to find her a hat now.

    rach - we're heading to down to the Sunshine Coast for xmas, and will be stopping in at Bundy to visit Sharleen either on our way down or on our way back. Hopefully you'll be in the area at the same time.
    sharleen - haven't forgotten you yet! Heath's work haven't confirmed the dates that they shut down yet, so waiting on that.
    nessa - it's great that Annika is loving swimming. This pg feels like it's flying by. My first u/s on Friday! We're definitely going to find out the flavour. I don't like surprises! lol
    I have my cards on a boy this time round for you.
    kel - rest up honey, you need all the energy you can get for TTC!!
    laurin - we're here any time you need to talk. I hope everything is alright with you.
    nelle - you drinking that water girl! I hope so
    annie & helen - how are you guys. Pop in when you can for a quick update.

    I know I've forgotten a tonne of people, but my belly is rumbling, time for more food.

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Sharleen - have just put up some more but i wont say anymore.
    Ness- think saggy daggies honey! Its a boy for you and Jodstar!
    Jodi - maybe all the smacking Jed's been giving me made her engage early ROFL
    I need to wee

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    Dec 2005
    Melbourne, Vic

    Jodi- I didn't realise melb cup got celebrated up there. Here we get a public holiday for it. I have to laugh cause it does sound funny that we get a public holiday for a horse race! Hopefully I win some money this year.

    Ness- Its on Nov 25th, I asked my mum bout if we had a family gown to pass thru the family but she said we just wore pretty party dress so I guess I'm going to have to start the tradition! Just means that all the kids will have to wait til they're 12 months for it to fit. And yay on Annika at swimming, clever girl!

    Maz- Thats great the results are all good. When you coming to melb? I'll have to catch up with you wherever you're gonna be. I might even have to help you deliver sunshine! Lol!

    Anna and Rikki- Great to see you both! Anna, take all the time you need, you can keep lurking around and keep your eye on us. Hope you're doing things just for you and spoiling yourself a bit.
    And Rikki, have fun with your cousins. And how is Ainsleigh with her asthma? Is all that settling down?

    Kell- Hmm with you being sick how is any ttc meant to be going on?!

    Today is my busy day, had playgroup this morn and then mums group this arvo, this week mums group is here so I've been doing a quick clean and bought some naughty treats from the bakery.

    I'm still finding it hard to adjust to this daylight savings business.

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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    OMG anyone want to buy a 13mth old and 16 mth old they are driving me around the bend

    both are tired but both are refusing to go down for naps, both have needed smacks today, brendan smacked jack in face with a wooden block Jack kept stealing brendans bottle, they both keep turning on stereo, turning off dvd, grabbing things OMG!!!!!!!! I am ready to scream, I am sure the neighbours think I am a banshee today.............

    Jodi would be great if we are in the area when you go thru bundy

    Nessa bue thoughts coming your way!!

    shell yeah everyone has melbourne cup do's just we dont get public holiday

    Maz great news about GD

    Anna :hugs:

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    Feb 2006
    South Eastern Suburbs, Vic

    Oh Ness, thanks for the reminder, I just booked then - Nov 21st 3pm - okay, now it's online, if I lose the date anywhere else, I can come back and search the threads for it! So, a little late, but at least I got in. Full on it's expensive though, it seems to get more and more expensive! $180 this time, getting about $85 back - that brings it to about $200 if I get a dvd too! Yikes! This little kid better put on a show!

    Maz, great news about not having GD!

    Anna and Rikki, grouse to hear from you girls, stay well okay?

    Ooh Ness your scan is before mine, how fun! Not too long to go!

    Nope Jodi, I haven't been drinking water at all!! Whoops! I'll go fill up my water bottle soon.

    I wonder if sir Stink-a-lot has pooed again? I suspect he has. Poor kid, started wailing at 9pm, went in and he was chewing on his hand, and wouldn't settle, so a truckload of bonjela later I went to bed at 9:30 and brought him with me. We played on the laptop and sang songs for awhile to calm him down, then Rans came to bed and we tried to go to sleep - he'd start crying suddenly every now and then, and we'd just give him a hug and sing another song to calm him. Poor kid. Hope these teeth come through soon. He was settled enough at 12:30 to go back to his own bed though. I think I've given him my cold too, or he's just got his own cos of teething. He's smothered in Eukybear rub! With snot running down his face, best get that hey.

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    Mar 2004

    Thats great maz!!! Sunshine is a little naughty bunny for engaging so early though! What are you doing pics of? hope its your belly so we can check it out.
    And ok you other preggar girls.Wheres your bumps.I remember with the other babies you were flashing them all the time but this time nothing.grr
    Kell maybe your preggars already.lol
    Ness thats great that teleah spots are almost gone! Gives me hope.
    Rikki do you want to come for lunch next wed? I will email you if i still have your address.Should be in there.I will cook something yummy.
    anna,hope you get better soon.Have you been for a ride latley? Maybe we can all catch up at a park soon now its warming up.
    Um i will be back later just realised i better get girls lunch!

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    Dec 2005

    Still no news on the move Nessa, youve just reminded me to ring the Defence Social worker and chase it up. I did get a copy of the recommendation letter my OBs wrote for them, wow he scared the crap out of me! Talked about my BP issues and that he says there is a high chance of pre term delivery so they need to get me moved ASAP.

    Sorry Im so me me me lately I will try to do personals sometime this week. I had a horrid night last night, up and down all night with contractions and vomitting (from coughing and all the gunk in my sore throat), plus some poo issues. I thought I was going into labour. Ripleys been rather quiet too, he's moved a bit but definately not as much as usual. Keep thinking I should go and get checked but Id hate for them to think Im a hypochondriac, they must be sick of me now. I got Ry to take the day off work and his boss said he can have tomorrow too if he needs it as theyre doing something he can repeat later without adding time to his course. So I bludged in bed all arvo but all the lying down is giving me heartburn and boredom so Ive snuck on here for a sec and then Im going to watch a movie on the couch while Ry and Jett are napping.

    Anna, Rikki glad you guys popped in! Hope things get better for you soon *big hugs*

    Yay for no GD Maz!

    Sorry I think I need to go be sick again.

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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    its going to be a long long week, I have brendan thru till fri

    finally got jack down at 1.15pm now brendan to go down I have him laying on futon in lounge and everytime he goes to get off I growl lay down he hates to be hugged to sleep so that wont work he has had lunch he had bottle both of which normally send him to sleep

    long long week for me, hopefully he will be better for the next 3 days he had a big weekend so I shouldn't be cross but still........................

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    Feb 2006
    South Eastern Suburbs, Vic

    Rach, maybe take them for a walk, or to a park (preferably a quieter one where you won't lose them easily), or on some other easy outing that will get you out of the house. The time flies when you do a trip, and you won't feel so housebound.

    Ness last time it was mostly 3D, with a bit of 4D at the end...maybe they've changed to all 4D this time? I don't remember it being so expensive is all, but then, Rans is the one who pays, so who am I to know?

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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    all is good both asleep finally

    Nelle I live in a very small town we have 2 parks and no way I would take either of them to them they are dry and hot no shade etc, also it is about 35c outside sitting at 30c inside under fans but anyway they are both down and hopefully will get 2 hrs out of them, they have been so good the last few weeks down for mid-morning nap between 10.30am and 11.30am sleep for 2 hrs but not today

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    Feb 2005

    Hi girls yes Im still here, havent posted, have been going through a lot of ****e myself. Jeffreys b'day last night which was good and we went to dinner but today he had to have a mole removed and also referal to cardiologist for chest pains...and cholesterol issues his current tablets not working anymore so im worried. Also anniversary of my dad's death today 11 years... then we had lunch and saw an old lady at the cafe they think she had a stroke while we were there it really upset me too, im upset for her and her family so say some prayers girls she will be ok.

    Anna - hope you are ok matey....thinking of you, how was your MIL's yesterday are they with you today? thanks for chat yesterday. Call me if you need anything.

    Maz - thanks for the chat yesterday too mate.

    Rikki - good to see you! sorry havent written back yet honey. I will get my but into gear. it was great to hear from you.

    Hello to everyone else I have to pass out on the sofa now...bbl for more personals.


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    Jan 2006
    The Hawkesbury

    Anna**.. good to hear from you. Hope you start to pick up soon hun. We're always here for you ok. And youre not being selfish.. everyone needs a bit of me time.

    Maz.. thats great news! Wow.. time is just going too fast!

    Nessa.. yay for Annika!! Jesse keeps climbing up on those black table things! THen when i look at him he pops back down. Cheeky!!

    Jodi.. wow thats great Nina's sleeping better. Jesse is sleeping an extra hour with the day light savings woo!

    Shell.. haha i know.. im just trying to save all my energy for the evenings! Haha though, being im attempting the girl method im not allowed to O, so not like i can really get myself all that worked up iykwim lmao!

    Nelle.. we got the dvd with Jesse's scan too. I think its soooo worth it! Im so glad i have it now to look back on. Will definately get it for future bubs.

    Caddie.. haha i highly doubt it.. it couldnt be that easy!

    Ok going to watch some telly.

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    Dec 2005

    kel - yeah I'm surprised Nina is sleeping longer considering we don't have daylight savings here. How are you feeling today?

    belle - I hope Jeffrey will be ok with his chest pains and cholestrol issues. Hugs to you about the anniversary of your dad's passing. I hope the old lady who had a stroke will be ok. I also hope you can take some time out too and clear your head. How is Julia going?

    rach - I hope the 2 little monkeys have a decent sleep.

    annat - Rilpey certainly does seem to want to come early doesn't he. I hope you get plenty of rest today.

    nelle - I get all my ultrasounds for free cause my sister works at the imaging place, and family members get free stuff and unlimited visits too! No need for me to get a dr's referral for a scan.

    shell - lol, of course we celebrate Melbourne Cup, I think the whole of Aust stops for those couple of minutes! We just don't get the public holiday, although my work do close the doors at midday for the day.

    well I just went and picked up my GHD hair straightner, very excited!! I also bought one for my sister, who's b'day is coming up.

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