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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #8

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    Hi ladies, sorry another quick one from me, just too much going on at the moment.

    Belle-Hope you are doing well. Glad to hear Julia's weight gain.

    Nelle-Hugs, that must have been so scary.

    Maz-Hugs hope things get better. Just want u to know that the little pm's from you when I was down helped me heaps and if I could I would love to give you heaps of hugs and support and make you better, so feel free to vent away I am always checking on here whether I can manage to post or not.

    Anna-Yah for Xander.

    Umm better go Eithans calling.


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    Helen! Great to see you popping in even just to say a quick "Hi". Hope all is well.

    Laurin - When I first introduced Xander to the EBM/bottle... he too gulped it down, and got a lot of wind pain which made him super unsettled. I read here somewhere (in another thread) that a bottle feed is much easier for bubs and someone suggested to try a slower flowing teat, even a newborn one until they get the hang of it?

    Nelle - What a great idea about the syringe/finger feed thing. Hope it might work for Shell! Great score on the Baby Beehinds... I'm not allowed any more nappies, so norty me bought two more BumG's on sale (old style) just to prove that I can. :P

    LittleP - How was the shopping?

    Belle - Hope you are feeling a bit more on top of things today hon.

    Jodi-Lee - Nina is lazy with the head control too huh? Glad I'm not the only one. I saw those sleep positioners; they look like a great idea! I just bought the one that looks like two bolsters joined in the middle that you put them in. I only use it for day sleeps when I can watch him and do it as often as I can as he already has a bad flat spot on his head.

    Rikki - Congrats on making it to the 2 month mark without putting your baby in a 'return to sender' envelope and mailing off. Enjoy your trip South... where are you headed? Margrets'? Busselton?

    Sheree - I'm another Perthie... NOR tho (I think I'm the only one) in Alexander Heights.

    Maz - How you feeling hon?

    Well... it is night number 8 of Xander going to bed at 9pm! I sure hope this continues.
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    OMG ... it worked!!! I bought this thing called 'Sassy 2 position sleep positioner' or something and she only woke once for a feed!! Went to sleep at 9.30, woke at 1am then not again until 5.30. She wakes at 5.30 every day to play with Daddy. She's so content now sitting in the bouncer watching TV. She loves that TV!

    Anna** - Nina seems to be the same as Xander, she goes to sleep at around 9/9.30pm lately. That doesn't bother me too much as Heath and I are still awake. Nina too has a flat spot on her head, not really sure if we can do anything about it though.

    nelle - my baby bonus took about 3 weeks (if that) to come through.
    I wish Heath knew the difference between the cries. I know straight away if she has a dirty nappy, or if she's getting tired etc. But Heath has no idea and he'll continue playing with her thinking that's going to shut her up! I think these boys need a day or two at home, all day, to learn about their babies

    laurin - how old is Rylee? Maybe another growth spurt?

    Well I'm off to a funeral today. Heath's aunty's father passed away, so we thought we'd do the right thing and go.
    Have a good day girls

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    good morning girls,

    had a better night with riley he only woke up twice once at 12am and then at 4am then slept till 8am yay sleep in for me.

    nelle - she like to be early so she can hang her bag up and have me read a book to her lol. so i cant complain she has never cried so far this term. last term was a different story all together.

    boo boo - sounds like rylee is growing again. hope she settles for you today.

    belle - ill catch up with you later today when i have been to medicare and to weigh riley.

    maz - big hugs. you know where i am if you need to talk .

    hello to everyone else i have missed .



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    Just lost my whole post and have a huge headache so I'll just say I am good (mostly) and hope you all are too


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    sounds lika few of us had good nights

    We went out last night so he slept some there then finally went down around 11.30pm after a extra feed again....but wait he didn't wake till 4am and then he woke at 6am but was just windy so we fixed that and he slept till nearly 9am :eek: but oh so nicve to sleep

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    Morning all,
    Ashleigh woke twice overnight as usual but both times would only take about 15 mins on the boob so by morning I was huge, thought they were gonna burst. I was too tired to express anything overnight. They must be so heavy when they are full cause sometimes I wake up after sleeping on my back and have bit pain on my chest from the weight!

    jodi_lee- Yay! glad to hear you found something that works to settle Nina, its always a relief when we find something that makes our bubs happy.

    Nelle- Thanks for that idea, i will have to try that one out at some stage, at the moment I'm a bit scared to try anything again cause of the way i upset her! She sometimes sucks on my finger, she's not a big finger sucker though, sometimes i try to use it to settle her rather than use my breast and she looks at me with disdain as if to say "what the hell you putting in there".

    ChrissyT- I still haven't even tried these Krispey Cremes. You travelled a long way to get them! I'm waiting for the Chadstone shop to open, I think its this week, then I'll go try them out.

    Hello to everyone else, I still feel half asleep, been tired since Day light savings started, still trying to find that hour that i lost!

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    Time for a new thread girls.

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