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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #88

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    well the swim was lovley I only filled it deep enough jack can crawl without his head getting too wet but was deep enough Jase and I could both lie down and our ears were in the water we spent over a hr in there, Jase about 20min he set up this gazebo thing we got for xmas and put it over pool has small canopy thing but needed more surround shade but a bloody storm brewed up and we had to take gazebo apart oh well was good idea, took canopy of pool but left it set up for tomorrow the canopy is just 8 poles and a centre ring and fabric which sits over it, will post pic later so you can see what I mean

    Belle, I dont think I really had heat stroke but man my face was all red and sweaty etc, heart racing I took my BP and was 100 on 68 pulse 90 so couldn't have been too bad we dont have a/c if we ever get extention done we are getting that room a/c but we dont even have one in our bedroom, would like to get living room playroom done but is open plan to kitchen and we looked inot in and well it was going to be way to much $$$ for something that will eventually be our dining room IYKWIM!!! we have survived 8 years I think I can survive another summer

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    well got some good news here,

    seems like my probs are clearing up, such a relief as they have been causing me a anxiety attacks.

    Belle- thanks for listening.

    maz- good luck tomorrow hun!!! will text you to keep you company and i expect pics of bubs cloth bum in those gorgeous shorts!!! I hope they fit over his cloth bum.

    Jodi- want to vacum my house??

    i dont get my girls sometimes, Annika has a facination with the toilet and everytime Teleah is in there she has to go as well except for the fct that teleah wont wee with her in the room. Silly girls

    teleah is back at day care tomorrow!!! yay

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