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Thread: Babies Born September 2007 #29

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    Default Babies Born September 2007 #29

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2007.

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    Yay Marydean!!!! That is great news that you can go home!!

    Oh Agnes, hope you're feeling OK today. Lucky that W wasn't in the car.

    Pregpan - how's N going today? Poor little thing, sounds like he's got a little bug, but one of those ones that's hard to identify.

    Noni - well done on the cloth nappies!!

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    Sorry I have been MIA - computer has been playing up and I don't know why, so aren't game to be on for too long LOL.

    Agnes, how are you today hun? I hope you managed to get some sleep last night. He will have his CTP insurance as part of his rego, so you shouldn't have to pay.

    Marydean - a huge YEEEEHAAAAAA!!!!!!! for you! how exciting to be going home. So I guess this means I have to get a wriggle on and come and come and see you again then?

    Not a lot happening here - sleep is still pretty much hit and miss. Last night I spent the night on the lounge with him because he was just so fitfull from belly pains. He never really woke up, but he was far from settled. I did go back to bed once DH had gone to work and put him in our bed (co sleeping in our bed is a bone of contention ATM - hence why I was on the lounge). The tooth still hasn't come through and if anything it looks like it has gone back up a little - it isn't so bulgy now - but he is off his food a little like Lindsay used to get when he was getting teeth, so maybe it will come through soon afterall? who knows!

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    hi all just a quickone from me, have had an AWFUL night - Noah and i were up most of the night.. poor little man. he then had diahorea at 4am - i heard it from my room - and he slept til 6, then i fed him and he slept til 8.30 - thankfully. he has just had another load of it - sorry if TMI.
    Anyway am taking himto the dr at 1030, i am soooo worried about him (and exhausted)
    I am bfeeding him as much as he wil take (he isnt overly keen but will drink for a little bit) and trying to give him basic solids if he will take it... he doesnt have a temp...thankfully.
    OK sorry for the very selfish post, will pop back on later when i am less worried and upset (and tired) and see what you have all been up to.

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    Hi Girls!

    Wowsers sooo much has happened in these few last days!! LOL! a girl can barely keep up!

    MD: how exciting!!! and you're right, i love having something to look forward to...and the prospect of going home i think would be one of the best!

    Renee: LOL at your 'new' DH model! where do i pick one of them up from???

    Noni: Sorry to hear that Asha is being a fusspot. v annoying! no doubt next week she will not want to look at sweets and will only eat cereal...that's if she's anything like Leila! and woo hoo on the cloth nappies, welcome to the dark side!! and i agree those big fluffy bottoms are too cute!

    Agnes: I hope that you are OK after the accident. it's pretty scary stuff. and yeah, like sherie says it should be his CTP that covers it. still a pain the rear tho. (pardon the pun!!).

    Pregpan: I hope that all is well. sorry to hear the little man is not feeling too chipper. they like to keep us on our toes!

    Oh man i had way more personals to add but with the new thread, i cannae remember! LOL! mummy brain attack.

    Here things are also a bit hit and miss with the sleep. nothing like the night horrors that we had a couple of weeks ago where leila screamed every 10 minutes for 3 days in a row...but still not great.
    also had our MACH nurse appointment yesterday and leila is not gaining enough weight for them to be too happy. she is 8 and half months old and only weighs 7.1kgs. i was expecting around 8. she eats like a horse and BF 5 times a day, so not sure where it is all going. anyway so we were referred to the GP who is also concerned and now we are off to a paed. egad.

    anyway, i'll have to BBL for suppoused to be putting changes into one of my chapters...the level of boringness for such a task is immeasurable!

    smiles to everyone,

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    lol clare i am converted!! i love the cloth so much i actually feel bad when going to put a sposie on her to go out or go to bed lol..
    pregpan - sorry to hear noah isnt well.. hope he gets better n u get some sleep asap!!
    sherie - hope the tooth pops through soon!!
    ok i think i know why that pic wouldnt upload i think its too big so i am off to fix it and upload it with some pics of Asha and her cloth bum lol

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    ahhhh asha has learnt to crawl forwards (well its kinda crawling lol) and now she is into everything in sight ahhhh!!!
    oh and the photos uploaded

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    Clare, please don't worry about her weight hun, according to the WHO chart she is on the 15th centile for her weight at that age - so she is still on the chart. Personally, if it were me, I wouldn't worry about seeing the paed considering that she is normally a happy, healthy, well and hungry baby girl. She is developing as she should and meeting her milestones isn't she? The big thing to remember is that we need littlies on the lower centiles and the big fatties on the upper centiles to even get these centiles to begin with. besides, she was only a wee girl when she was born and is possibly not meant to be bigger than what she is kwim? I just worked it out for you and she is averaging just under 140gms a week in weight gain for the past 8mths and that is a FAB weight gain. Alister barely put on 120 per week and now it is less than 100g. If he wasn't already such a big baby to begin with he would only be small too.

    Noni, Asha is such a cutie pie!

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    hi lovely ladies
    clare - i agree with sherie - Hannah has always been low on the charts, but because she's developing as she should, i haven't worried too much. (in fact, i don't even know how much she weighs now lol) Do you have some Scottish blood in you - cannae ?

    sherie - do you get a crook neck from sleeping on the lounge? I hope A's toothy peg pops through really soon.

    md - i got goosebumps when i read your post about going home. How absolutely wonderful for you!! You deserve it after all you have been through over the past 18 months.

    renee - i am so glad that everything is going so well for you. It's great to feel happy isnt' it.

    Pregpan - i hope Noah is ok.

    Arte - that's funny about W when he eats peanut butter sandwiches.

    agnes - sorry about your accident - how are you feeling today?
    re W's wakefulness - do you drink softdrink at all?

    noni - will go and check out your pics now they're gorgeous noni - love the professional shot too.

    hi to all of you other lovelies

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    hi clare - i agree dont worry too much about her weight she sounds so happy and heathy.. that said if my gp told me to go to the paed i would just to be sure and to tick off that box - so i guess what i am saying is i would make the keep the appt but try not to worry too much in the mean time. i know easier said than done!!!
    thanks for the thoughts ladies - just back from the dr now... poor little boy... he thinks he has a stomach bug of some sort, i have to get a poo sample (eeeeewwwwww) when he next has one and drop it off for some tests just so we know what it is. in the meantime i am continuing lots of bfeeding and offering him food in small amt and often (mashed potato is what the dr recommended) - turn sout the fruit jelly i have been giving as someone told me something calorific is a no no, so i hav prob been making it worse... guilt guilt!! i also have to give gastrolyte small amts often to replace any lost fluid and of course watch the wet nappies. it was a locum dr this time and i loved him, he was so thorough and also really really reassuring. anyway noah is asleep now... and i am hoping it wont be long til he is better. he didnt want any of the gastrolyte from a bottle before, i may have to administer with a dropper i guess. the dr also really was v against baby nurofen. which i thought was interestingand i think i will avoid from now on. last night was soooo awful. i feel sorry for dh being away in th emidst of it all, but prob feel more sorry for myself LOL!
    MD yay for you! did i aleady say that?

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    Hi Girls,

    Noni- Congratulations to Asha for crawling forward... I love the photos too.
    Prepan- Poor Noah hope he is better soon
    Clare- I agree with Sherie and Jazmum. Dont worry too much
    Sherie- Poor A I hope his tooth comes though soon

    All good here we are off to my SIL this arvo for my Nefew's 1st birthday...

    Hi to all

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    Good Morning everyone (well afternoon for some)

    Clare - My new model has a few hiccups LOL! Dont suppose you have an instuction manual do you haha! Is Leila crawling?? Thats possibly where all the weight is going. Our neighbours bub was a big boy and now he is crawling there is nothing left of him!! Dont stress hon, I dont listen to half the things those MCHN say LOL! Rory was underweight now he is a big fat buddah!

    Noni - Ooooooooo I have to check out Ashas pics! I love cloth nappies on babies, they look so darn cute How is her teeth going? I hope she settled down for you soon xxx

    Pregpan - Im soooooo sorry to hear about N. Poor little darling. Im glad he doesnt have a temp, thats a good sign. It must be so hard for you too. Let us know how you get on at the drs xxxxx

    Sherie - Gosh those teeth are sure giving Master A trouble! What made him have belly pains last night? I received your tokens yesterday THANK YOU SO MUCH XXXX I just noticed people are selling them on ebay LOL!

    Marydean - Whoooohooooooo You must be thrilled!!! I guess it must be hard holding in your excitment! Im so happy for you! How is Miss E going with her treatments???

    It took DH & I an hour to get buggalugs asleep last night! He would fall asleep in our arms and each time we would pop him down in the cot he would scream. And the 3 or 4 times he went down without any trouble he would wake screaming again 5/10 min later. Once he was down he slept through but jesus it was stressful! DH and I were about ready to start pulling each others hair out! LOL We manage to get frustrated at each other when Rory is upset

    Rory isnt crawling and I dont think he ever will. He has been on all 4s for months now but he would much rather comando crawl LOL! It looks like so much darn effort haha. Ive been keeping him up off the floor as much as I can because he gets into everything. But I have realised its not such a good idea as he is packing on the weight, not that its a bad thing but I really should be letting him burn energy.
    His two top teeth are bulging through now and he is handling it very well. I think they will come through any day now!

    Well better go find something productive to do.

    oh btw ive uploaded a few pics of Rory standing in his cot looking very happy with himself!!!!
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    Well, I'm happy to report that E's first day in FDC was a Roaring Success! She had a lovely time at playgroup this morning and was quite happy to go home and have some rice milk and a good sleep then eat her lunch then mummy arrived! The FDC lady was relieved too, I think she was worried about how much labour a small bub would be so it was nice for her that E was so easy.

    More good news - my sis is coming to visit us in the July school hols - I'm soo excited, she doesn't fly much (paranoid) so it will be lovely to show her the sights and to take our neice up to the snow too!

    Renee, commando crawling is just as good as regular crawling because they still get that cross hatch movement with their arms. LOL at needing instruction manual for your new model. I suggest you reboot it and see what happens LOL.

    Not sure yet how useful the osteopathy has been. She's had several really long sleeps (ie from 2.45 to 6.30 last night) but we still had two hours of horror up until 2.45. Aaah my whole head hurts today. I wish you could get 'sleep in a pill' - just pop one of those babies for every hour of sleep you've missed and it would all be ok *sigh*. I'm trying to get zen about the crying and just concentrate on the settling but at 1.30 in the morning it's crazy-making.

    Noni, woohoo on Asha's crawling - how exciting. You're about to find out how baby proof your house is (or not) LOL.

    Clare, I'm with Pregpan. I'd still go and see the paed but really and truly don't worry about it in the meantime. Sounds like she's doing really well with everything else.

    Pregpan - oh I'm so glad they're taking a poo sample, it will soon be clear what the problem is and then they'll be able to better treat it. Try not to worry too much, he will get better!! Glad the doctor was so switched on too. It makes all the difference. In the meantime big cos it sounds like you're doing a wonderful job of caring for Noah when he's sick.

    Leanne enjoy the birthday party! I'm going to have to start thinking about what we'll do for E's birthday, given Daddy will be away o/seas. Might have to pop home for a few days for a family party.

    Sherie, yes you will definitely have to pop up for a day! Sorry to hear A has been so unsettled, I'm increasingly convinced it's the teeth that are the root of all our problems!!

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    Marydean, LOL at the FDC lady being glad to see you. I bet E was glad too

    Renee, I thought they would arrive today LOL. I can't believe they are selling them on Ebay and that people are paying for them! Rory could do one of two things - he could quite happy stay commando crawling and then just start walking, or he will start to crawl on all 4s and then start walking. Either way is fine. Gosh I remember my mum saying that my brother didn't crawl till he was 12mths old nearly - nothing wrong with him, but he was just very happy to move around his own way because he could do everything he wanted to do.

    Leanne, I hope the party is great fun.

    Pregpan, have fun collecting the sample *YUCK*! the things we do hey?

    Jaz, I don't get a sore neck, but my shoulder gets really sore and stiff, which ends up not being good for my neck at all. I really need to go see my chiro too - I haven't been since I had Alister.

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    Well K was definitely not constipated yesterday, we had lots of poo and it was very soft. But today she is looking uncomfortable again and she has just had a little bit each time I change her nappy. I've decided to drop her solids down a bit, just 3 cubes a meal so her system isn't overloaded with all the new stuff. She has also lost interest in some of the bfeeds during the day so I'm hoping that will pick up. She is drinking about 50-80mL of water a day though as well as BM.

    Pregpan - poor little Noah. Hope he doesn't have anything too serious. Good luck collecting the 'sample'!

    MD - I was going to ask if E was acting up again now that DH was away again. Still thinking about QE2? Glad that FDC went well. What did you get up to with your mummy time? A 2 hour nap?

    Clare - try not to worry about DD. Will you be able to get into the paed quickly or have to wait months like most specialists?

    Better go get the washing in and start thinking about dinner before K wakes up!

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    hi all
    md so glad fdc went well today, i am really sorry i forgot to ask about it earlier. it must be a load off your mind knowingshe will settle in ok there. when will she be going usually?
    cally - how do you get K to drink the water? i am thinking i need to get N drinking some water.. have tried a few diff sippy cups to no avail. today to give the gastrolyte i am using the dropper from a nurofen bottle but there must be abetter way with the water...
    iam so exhausted ladies, i so hope tonight is better as how will i have the energy to get thru tonight if it is like last night??? he hasnt pooed now since 9am, so no sample yet and i am hoping it is a good sign re the diahorea too... he has had alittle mashed potato (will onlt eat it off my finer) a few small bfeeds and about 60-100ml gastrolyte (well he spits a lot of it out but thats what i have givn him). had 2 wet nappies so far so i think we are ok, dr said to worry if he went 6 hrs without a damp one.
    one more thing i wanted to ask - have any of you had a v sore nipple (maybe grazed) from massivebites? Noah bit me v hard lastnight and keeps biting just my left side so i am in agony - any tips appreciated.
    srry i am quite self absorbed today
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    Renee - Jess never crawled properly - she went straight from commando to walking. I hope Rory has a better night sleep for you tonight.

    pregpan - you're not being self absorbed - and even if you were - you have every right to be! it's so hard having a sick bubba, and even harder when your dh is away. i hope you get to have a good night's sleep tonight. re the nipple biting - ouch! hannah has bitten me once but thankfully hasn't done it again. Does N do it at the end of a feed?

    cally - hope K's tummy settles for you - and her. that's great that she is drinking the water. Hannah doesn't seem to like it - but i think i need to buy her a cup with handles.

    md - so glad that fdc went well today, for both of you.

    Are any of our babies sleeping through the night?

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    hello lovelies

    md and pregpan- i'm really feeling for you guys right now. dp was on his way home from work when he just got a call out to a job in malvern and then has to go to another call out in pakenham (miles away from each other).
    ggrrr he won't be home for hours and i hate it already! i'll have to bath lewis and cook by myself and just the thought of it is not cool! i don't know how you do it all the time!

    i'm heading off to the baby bonds search in the morning with a friend and her dd (thanks for the tip-off fianne). i think it's going to be an absolute nightmare though and i'm not looking forward to it. think i might end up in the food court munching on some lebanese food somehow....just printed lewis' number and he is 43000 something!!! crazy huh?

    noni- asha's prof photo is great. did you get many other ones or just the one?

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