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thread: Babies Born September 2007 #47

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    Mar 2008
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    Arte: oh man oh man, i would be so worried. what did the GP say????? i really hope that he turns that corner fast. if in doubt take him to the hossy. there is no harm or shame in it. especially if you are home on your own. been there done that!

    and yeah, i have to say that i am soft when it comes to cold! the minimums here are like Canberra's maximums LOL! so glad i moved from there LOL!

    no, the house is a different one. and i dont think we stand a single chance. they really underquote in melb. highly illegal but hard to prove IYKWIM. but you never know your luck in the big city.

    Rainy: OMG!!! I LOVE alannah hill stuff!!!
    i reckon winter up there would be alot nicer than down here. there is no cool wilderness to gaze out upon (unless you count the lycra louts and earl-morning dog walkers 'wildlife' LOL!). also we dont have any romantic kind of fire-place happening at all. so sad. i would be more stoic if i did.

    i think we got ours ages ago...or is there a new stimulus? oh man, i have no idea.

    MM: how did the BBQ go?

    AFM: well have done very little uni work. got stuck on the consumer affairs website searching about house sale info and the like. man stamp duty for the house we are looking at will be near $35,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man.

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    Stamp duty really sucks doesn't it? I don't blame you for not wanting to do repairs to the house if he's like that.

    G, don't worry about not getting onto it sooner, you have now and that's the main thing. DH only just got his cheque on Friday. We weren't no sure if he would get a check or into his bank cause when he gets his tax refund he gets a cheque, but with his BAS refunds it goes into the bank. He left for work early tonight so he can catch the bank in time to cash it LOL.

    Noni, fingers crossed you get the lease extended. IKWYM about moving while pg. I think I might have to borrow your DH though if he did a good job on the bathroom LOL.

    I hope MD went well with her OP today and is now sitting back and acting like Lady Muck hehe.

    Cally, she hasn't gotten worse over the day has she?

    Arte, if he doesn't improve and you're finding it really hard to get him to drink and keep it down, take him to the hospital as they may need to hook an IV up to get fluid into him. He could have just been so hard to wake too cause he would have been exhausted from both being sick and also up half the night. It's terrible for him and for you

    Clare, it's really cold here today too, not as cold as yesterday though. I hate it when your fingers are cold - makes it so hard to type ROFL.

    Not much doing here - weather is too crappy but I did manage to get 4 loads of washing done. Not all of it is dry though cause we just had light shower and it was enough to dampen it all again. Got the bulk of it dry though. Thinking of taking the kids to get pizza for dinner tonight for something different. They go back to school on Wenesday.

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    MD-cant wait 2 hear if u r ok.hope u r resting up and DH is doing an awesome job looking after u.

    Trill-yes stamp duty really sucks we bought our house over xmas and just now the bank has finalised the paperwork and we got charhged some transfer fee for the cert of title. Ah there r always more hidden costs... All up its 40 grand to move house. I plaud ur DH 6or cashing it straiight away if u put it in an acct they slug ya for 3 day clearance. Interest cha-ching!

    Noni-i want ur DH!

    Arte- I hope W gets better fast soon.

    Rainy-alannah hill! Impressive. U must've been so skinny 2 work there! I went from size 8-10 to 14-16. I bought some CR dressy pants last week + my flamboyant DH said they were too tight around the bum, size 12! so I took 'em back.

    MM-how did the barbie pan out?

    DH is asleep + I should too. Tafe 2moro and I need this sty to be gone!

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    Hey SupaB, get some broline ointment from the chemist - clears up sty's and junky-eyetis really quickly.

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    Jun 2007
    Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

    me? skinny??? you're a crack up supa! ha ha, na i've always been a size 12 or so. lmao, now i'm more comfy in a size 14 though but i'm ok with that atm. i've got 2 beautiful boys outta this body so i'm happy.

    i hope md comes on today, i'm thinking of her heaps

    trill- what's dh gonna spend his stimulas on?

    clare- you gotta get a coonara fire in your new place (when you eventually find it! lol),then you won't feel the cold! it's like a drug that puts us all to sleep. lewis just crashes out in his chair if he sits in front of it for too long.

    arte- hope w is doing better today

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    You know, I don't know what he's going to spend it on LOL. He said he has it spent already (didn't we all ) but never said what it was. Probably fencing wire.

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    Feb 2007

    hi all
    gotta be quick and i havent even read any posts - just wanted to come on and say I am thinking of MD and was especially yesterday... hope all went well and you are recovering beautifully.
    we are in Bali and having a wonderful time. N is sooooo happy - he def knows we are on hols this time and LOVES it!
    Back on Sat will pop on then and catch up.

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    Jun 2007
    Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

    fencing wire? he's a good farmer LOL

    pap- glad you're having a great time in bali. get noah's hair plaited for me ok? i wanna see him with little rasta beads.

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    Jan 2006
    by the beach,NSW

    LOL at N and rasta beads!!!

    Still waiting for stimulus package here. Also the quarterly CCTR. I did get a payrise last week (just an incremental level) so that was good. We got two more awnings on the side of the house a month ago which were kind of stimulus money. DH is buying a cricket bat with his - although he'll probably spend more than this $900 on it though!!

    PAP - so glad you are having fun, it's 11 degrees in Canberra today so you're not missing much!

    Clare - buying a house is expensive!! At least in NSW they waive stamp duty for first home buyers.

    K's cold hasn't developed into anything. She was due for chicken pox this Friday buy may have to put it off again. So frustrating, she was right all last week, but of course couldn't get a doctor's appt for her then!

    Arte - hope everything is OK at your place

    MD - how you feeling?

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    Aug 2006
    Our house, in the middle of our street

    Hi everyone,
    just a quickie from me -
    Arte - I hope William is feeling much better. Poor little man, and poor you. It's terrible when they're sick
    Md - thinking of you

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    Hey everyone just a quick one coz I have my house inspection in around an hour eeeek!!
    Asha did soo well at her first swimming lesson im so proud of her!! I thought shed cry a lot and be very timid but she was great laughing and shouting out YAY as she went from sitting on the edge to falling in for me to catch her!!
    Oh and remember a while ago I told u all about ashas irregular lip join? How it joined through her teeth and behind instead of stopping short of the teeth? Well the other day she was leaning on the lounge and fell asleep and slipped off haha but when she hit the ground she bumped her mouth and snapped the join!! Oh god there was sooo much blood everywhere I thought we were gonna have to take a trip to the hospital but we managed to stop it with an iceblock and now she just has this little bit of skin there.. Will have to take her to the drs soon coz she's still in pain with it and I wanna make sure its healing properly etc but yeh all a bit strange lol..
    Anyways will bbl for personals after my inspection am sooo nervous im just running round cleaning stuff that's not even dirty lol

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    Hi girls, just a quicky from me because I really need to get some sleep

    I took W back to the Dr yesterday afternoon as he had slept for 4.5 hours straight and was refusing to drink if I woke him for a sip. The dr referred us to the hospital so we went down there (1.25 hours away). Luckily he perked up a bit when we got there and was happy to drink the bubblegum flavoured electrolyte stuff.

    We went back to the hospital again this morning for my 20 week scan, did a bit of shopping. W threw up over DH at the food court, then me at the supermarket. He was a lot happier tonight but then chucked up his milo in bed. He seems to be coming through the other side of it though which is good.

    MD, hope everything went well today.

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    Feb 2007

    Arte how did the scan go? Did you find out the sex??????? I am glad W is feeling better, so scary when they are sick.

    Noni how was the inspection?

    PAP I agree with rainy and think you should get N's hair plaited lol. Glad your having a good time.

    Rainy I too am finding the book a little full on, I will keep reading tho for now. I have a few more books on the recommended reading list.

    MD I hope your recovering well.

    AFM not much happening here. Logan's tantrums have been so frustrating but I think it is mainly because he is bored, I have been such a slack mummy lately.

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    I have a Marydean update!!!!!

    Got this from her late yesterday;

    "Hello sweet! Turns out I won hospy lotto yesty! The prize was a 2nd surgery after my second boob swelled up to twice the normal size from a haematoma...no danger of walking in circles yesty rofl! All good now, feeling chipper, have worlds most comfy hospy bed. Tell Arte I had three spunky man nurses tending to my every whim!!! Not sure how much longer I will be in here but just wanted to let the bb girls know I'm lapping up the hospy treatment!! xxxx
    So yeah, it sounds scary but she will be fine by the sound of it. She sure doesn't like being an ordinary medical case anyway LMAO

    Oz, I'm sure it's just a stage he's going through and not because you're slack. I tell you what Alister really enjoys ATM - colouring in. He just scribbles, but he loves sitting there with the girls or with me and colouring in. Might be something to try if you're not feeling up to doing a lot kwim?

    Arte, I was wondering how you got on, it's really good that he's starting to improve, but it may be up to a good two weeks before he is 100% again kwim?

    Noni, do you still have a house LOL?

    Cally, that's a whole lotta cricket bat, but your DH is really into it isn't he?

    PP bali braids would certainly solve the 'wild man of borneo' hairdo problem LOL.

    Now it's Alister's turn to be sick, but he's not really sick kwim? Yesterday he had shocking nappies and I thought uh-oh, this ain't good and he was fine yeterday, but this morning I got up at 6 when he summonsed me gave him his bottle and then Lindsay came in at 6.15 and said the baby's just vomited. *YAY* But he was fine and he's still fine, had a bit to eat and he's his normal self really. Really hoping that this is as bad as it gets though.

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    Feb 2007

    Sounds like MD is in great spirits, bummer about the second surgery though.

    Trill I am sure it is just a stage too, but I have been a little slack lol. L loves to colour too. We are going to do some painting this morning. I hope A doesnt get to sick.

    Well I am off to get ready for a job then L and I are going to do some finger painting. Have a great day lovlies!

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    Feb 2007


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    hey everyone
    glad to hear an update from md hope all is going well now
    arte - how is W today? u poor thing being thrown up all over!! did u find out the sex? wow 20wks already hehe..
    well we had the inspection yesterday and all went well just waiting to hear back on what the landlord wants to do but the real estate was very happy with the condition of the house so fingers crossed they will give us another year.. and not put up the rent but im not holding my breath on that one!!
    went to playgroup this morning for the first time which was good.. catching the bus is a bit of a pain in the ass but Asha really had a good time and it got us out of the house!!
    anyways i must be off to laze on the lounge while missy is having a nap..

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    Hi girls!

    ARRGHHH! it's my birthday....so weird being this side of the 20s LOL! *stepping out with trepidation*

    MD: doing the boogey woogey for you sista! and sherie's right, never a dull moment with you girl! glad that you are on the other side of the ops and have scored a way comfy bed.

    Arte: how exciting for the scan! bet it was lovely. So did they know what W had? was it a bad case of gastro???

    Noni: hope the lease gets extended! sounds pretty promising though...why would they wanna chuck out good tenants? or are they thinking of offloading investment props? that is what i am slightly worried about...

    Oz: blegh, i feel that i have been slack lately too. and i dont have pregnancy to blame LOL! but yeah we found painting to do the trick at times (and playdough!).

    Sherie: the yukky nappies arent teething are they? i found that when miss L got her back molars she did a small chuck at times and her nappy was ROTTEN. like unbelievable that such a stink could ever emanate from such a small little creature LOL!

    Cally: ooh i wish they would waive it here too. they have some 'deals' but you need to buy a house under $400k and that aint gunna happen (unfortunately LOL!).

    AFM: all good here. i am finding the whole house hunting thing to be really stressful. so scored a massage from DH last night!
    i am so nervous about the whole offer and auction process and HATE the fact that i like this house so much. i have seen 000s of houses in the last few months and then i go and fall in love like some 12 year old with Zac efron poster. urgh.
    also, leila bashed me in the head today and without any thought i smacked her. i am full of awful sick to the stomach mummy guilt it aint funny. 5 seconds later she was over it, but i am soooo guilty and never want to see me doing that again. urgh.

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