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thread: Babies Born September 2007 #7

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    Jul 2007

    Marydean & Hayley,
    Matt & Natalie go to the opera house, woo hoo!

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    Dec 2005
    In Bankworld with Barbara

    Hi everyone!

    Had a busy day yesterday, I went out to a colour analysis seminar thing where we were given a brief colour analysis (I am of 'winter' colouring with a deep flow apparently LOL) and were taught how to buy more appropriate clothes for our shape and colouring etc. It was quite useful really, and it was nice to know that nearly all the colours I wear already are the colours that most suit me - I was worried she would tell me I dress terribly and look like a dag LOL. So my 'colouring' means that I can wear nearly everything except pastels, which is great as I hate them anyway. I tell you what though, this drought does have some benefits - this whole day was put on for free as someone had arranged a grant to pay for this woman to come and give the seminar and it included lunch too. It normally costs $195 to see this woman privately. Plus we got a free goodie bag at the end.

    Alisters skin is still terrible, and I just don't know what to do next. It looks worse in the heat, making me think it is a heat rash combined with dry skin, but yesterday nearly every second person told me it was ezcema. I bathed him in bi-carb soda and warm water last night and gave his skin a light scrub and it has improved some of the dryness, plus I lathered him in sorbolene after his bath. I did think it could be a lactose intolerance, but it's not affecting his nappies or tummy kwim? I might try some sudocream on it when he wakes up and see how that goes. I have some steriodal lotion for my psoriasis, but I don't know if I would be doing more harm than good to put a little of that on him?

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    Feb 2007

    Sherie sounds like you had a great day yesterday, you lucky thing. I would love to be able to be told what to wear for my shape and colour. I have excema which got worse and appeared on my face when I was pregnant, I used Sudocream and it worked well.

    I tried feeding Logan a little latter last night but he still woke at 4pm and was wide awake after his feed. I am going to try again today. I am also trying to get him to sleep in his big cot durring the day and have been putting his bassinett in the nursery at night. It feels really strange going to bed with out him next to me and takes me alot longer to go to sleep.
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    Jan 2007

    Morning Ladies,

    Well I must be the only one who does not have a photo of Babies on BB. I am however trying to find the time to do it. So I will keep you all posted.

    Well Olivia is now sleeping through till about 5.00am She is sturing around 2pm but I just put her dummy in and she is settled again and finally I dont have to keep getting up to put the dummy in. Yippee for mummy. I also have started to give O some Farax in the morning for breakfast. She is now in 00 and I have now packed away all the 000 to pass on to a relative as I definatly wont be needing them any more.

    Well I better go and get back to work. Talk to you all Soon and I hope everyone has a wonderful day
    Noni- I hope you had a wonderful Birthday.

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    Oct 2006

    hey all just got back from a walk to the shops and back to finish my november birthday shopping lol now i can move on to christmas... Ash was really good for me last night she woke at 12:30 for a feed and then woke at 4 and came into bed with us but didnt wake again for a feed till 8:30 so we had a good sleep together...
    thinking of getting Ashas' pic taken with santa.. they have 8 cards for $12 with the photo in it nice idea for the relatives i thougt.. though we will probably need to buy heaps lol
    leanne - how old do they have to be for farrax???

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    Jun 2007
    Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

    gggrrrr- i've had the worst night's sleep!. lewis woke up at 4am and i was still awake trying to settle him when dp's alarm went off at 5.50am!! poor dp was so stuffed. i think he might have to sleep in the other room when he's got such an early start. lewis is so noisey- he just wants to play and chat- he makes the craziest gargling noises!...and don't even get me started on the farts. thay are louder than his father's...and that is loud. dp reckons he's gonna be a hit with his mates at high school.
    sherie- you must be similar colourings to me. we had a similiar seminar about 5 years ago and she told me i shouldn't wear pastels and should wear strong primary colours...somehow i usually always end up wearing black though- think it's a melbourne thing. when i first moved in with dp he couldn't believe how much black there was hanging on our washing line (he's from sydney, so he just doesn't get the melbourne black thing).
    i am so tired!! so much to do!! bidding on a boat on ebay at the moment- it's my birthday present- very old but would be so fun as a family boat...but i keep getting outbid by one person. it's driving me crazy!!!

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    Jan 2007

    Noni- The box says 4months but the boys were 3 months and My cousins sons were 6wks and 8wks. I did it with Olivia cause I didnt want to increase her bottles but she seemed to me like she wanted more only on occasion. I am also starting her on water at the end of this week. For myself as a rule I always try new stuff like feeding foods and medicine at the begining of the day cause that way if they have a reaction to it, it is a lot easier to deal with it (like going to the doctors or hospital) during the day then late at night also during the day I can watch them more closely.

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    Apr 2006
    Winter is coming

    Sherie, have you tried aloe vera gel on A's skin? I find it quite good to heal up skin problems, but excema can be rather stubborn so I guess the steroid cream may work better than natural remedies. I wonder if bio-oil would be any good?

    Leanne, yay for the sleep. I have been getting 6 hours sometimes and it feels like heaven.

    W has his vaccinations today. I am not too worried, I have never had any sort of reaction to them so I don't expect that he will have any problems.

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    Jan 2007

    Art- Good luck with the Vaccinatins today I am sure everything will be ok. Dont forget to give him some panadol 1/2 before he gets them. Oh I just love Williams photo he sure is a cutie.

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    Mar 2007

    Arte - Good luck today with Will's vaccinations.

    Leemar - Yay for Olivia sleeping through to 5am! I found I had the same problem with Maddie stirring at around 2/3 and I too have been popping the dummy in. I think they must just wake and go ooh gosh i'm all alone and the dummy gives them comfort and they go back to sleep. Surely if they were hungry, they would not go back to sleep??

    Gracie - If Maddie is having a bad night, DP goes into the spare room to sleep, that way he doesnt go to work feeling like a zombie. And I dont mind, my friends told me he should be up helping me, but i'd much rather he gets a good nights sleep so he can go and make some money!! Good luck with the boat, isnt it a pain when you really want something on ebay and someone keeps outbidding!

    Ozstar - I want to move Maddie out into her own room soon as well. Her room is right next to ours, so she wont be too far away. Its scary though, i'm so used to having her right there next to me.

    Aglinra - Go Natalie!!! I've also just bought two summer gro bags, they are on their way in the post. I got the farm animals and a new pattern, it has little flowers all over it.

    Sherie - Sorry to hear about Alisters skin. I think someone mentioned bio oil earlier? That could work?

    Noni - My dad told me he used to walk us around the block in the pram before bed time, he seems to think a good dose of fresh air puts babies to sleep! (and stops 'arsonic hour' as you put it haha!)

    Everyone have a nice day, we have to venture out into the heat unfortunately to do food shopping, cant put it off any longer the cupboards are bare.

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    Jul 2007

    Arte, good luck on the needles

    Sherie, sorry don’t know much about the treatment, but hoping it will clear up soon

    Hayley, Maddie must be so cute in those grobags dont forget to take some pics

    Hope this quest is not too soon, just wondering when are you guys planning to go back to work? And who will take care of your baby while you’re away?

    I took 1 year mat leave but not quite sure when I’ll go back. Since I don’t have any family here, I think I need to rely on childcare …

    Leanne & Renee, how are you coping with work & babies? I am really afraid I can't manage both
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    Jan 2007

    Agnes- For me I just had to get myself into a routine.

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    Jan 2006
    by the beach,NSW

    Agnes - I'm planning on going back to work after a year and will put K into childcare.

    Hayley - K likes playing on her playgym and lying and kicking in her rocker. If she's not doing them, we read her stories or just walk around the house talking about things.

    We missed mothers group this morning unfortunately. K woke for a feed at 2 and 5, then went through until 9, so I was too zonked to go into town, plus we had a clinic appt so would have only been able to stay for an hour.

    Sherie - hope you get A's skin sorted, sorry don't have any ideas for what else you can do though.

    DH always says he can help if K is unsettled late at night, but I'm really conscious of the fact that I can catch up on sleep during the next day while he is at work so don't like to ask.

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    Oct 2006

    hello all
    just stopped for a quick rest coz i am busy busy busy!!! atm i feel like i am cleaning 24/7 but nothingsgetting clean!!! its really hard to do it all myself and look after Ash too n sometimes i feel like she dosnt get the attention she deserves because i am soo busy... washings piling up theres crap everywhere in the loungeroom and the bedroom despite me spending heaps of time cleaning and its really getting to me dp cantreally help me because he gets hme at 2am goes to sleep n when he gets up theres only a few hrs until he leaves... so i am cooking washing up, steralizing bottles, washing clothes, and trying m,y best to keep everything tidy but i just cant do it all and looking at the mess is really depressing... i feel sooo tired coz i am doing all the feeds myself too now... its like cooking and cleaning for a family of 3 but only being a family of two during the week n its just sooo hard.... how anyone with more than one child copes is beyond me
    neway sorry for the vent..

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    Aug 2006
    On the other side of this screen!!!

    Noni, you haven't told us what your favorite prezzie was!

    Agnes, officially I have one year's leave (and intend to take all of it) however I believe there is an option to take further time as unpaid leave (and I'm currently having an internal debate over whether it's really better to go back to work or stay home a bit longer - few reasons involved). Will put E into FDC starting a half day or two after the 6 mth mark once she's on solids - will give me some study time or just time out. I've never had family to look after DD1 but FDC is the next best thing IMO.

    Sherie - that eczema is tricky, if you're going to use a steroidal cream it needs to be a really really weak one - best to chat to dr first I think.

    Well I'm bucking the trend and I expect DH to help if E's having an unsettled night, main reason is because he can function quite well on a lot less sleep than I can. I'm *dreading* his trips away as the night time gets up will be much harder without him there. So no spare room priveleges for him! LOL

    ETA - whoops looks like i've just missed a heap of posts, will read back later - :hugs: Noni, we've all had those frustrating moments, i call it the "endless tide" where you clear the mess and somehow mysteriously the tide leaks back in and there it is again! xxx BTW one of the pros of going back to work after only a year mat leave!

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    Oct 2006

    lol spare room privledges dp dosnt wake up unless ur shouting at him and shaking him and even then it depends how much sleep hes had
    the endless tide lol we live in such a small space its impossible to keep it clean coz theres not really space for everything so theres crap everywhere
    fave present hmmmm well i got money which is always good.. Asha got me a silverchair shirt lol dp got me a cd and mem card for my phone as well as taking us to newtown festival where he let me do and buy whatever i wanted which was nice.. also got to choose some expensive sunnies while out shopping with my mum that she bought me... my dad paid the rego on my motorbike coz now i'm not preg i'll be able to ride it lol i could go on and on i was very spoilt!!!

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    Apr 2006

    Hi again - phew, glad S isn't the only spewy baby LOL! She got fitted for her hip brace yesterday - she has dislocatable hips, which means 6 weeks in a harness and LOTS of fun trying to change nappies around the [email protected] - and in between that and my attempt to BF her from BOTH boobs we had a very interrupted night. Went back to the one-boob per feed today and that seems to suit her better. I can't help but worry that I'm not feeding her enough though, despite the wet nappies and the fact that she falls asleep on the boob each time, spews and then sleeps contentedly for 3-4 hrs. She really is lovely. Just wish I felt a bit more confident at times!
    Re getting up - I've tried to train myself to do the Hour of the Wolf feed/burp/change/settle myself without waking DH, but last night we just didn't get there! He's been terrific but I imagine when he returns to work things are going to be more difficult for him. Unfortunately we are both sleepers, but I think he probably gets the medal!
    sorry, have to go - the princess has just woken and discovered DH hasn't got boobies. xx

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    May 2007

    hi everyone! just been lurking today. been "chatting" with my sister in mnl in between tending to her highness' wishes....to be carried and walked around.
    noni, know exactly what you mean...except for the fact that i haven't really done much to get the house cleaned. that was what set me off last sunday night on another melt down. but one thing a friend had told me was that we've gotta see past the mess and learn to just do the essentials. The rest has to take care of itself and that we shouldn't be afraid to ask for help.
    after reading your posts, i was suddenly struck at how lucky i am with dp and how i've abused his niceness. (not saying that he's a saint...he's male...that says it all. ) i've been "working him like a horse" around the house. he's been doing the cooking and cleaning (c/s excuse) and giving max her bath. wakes up for feeds in the middle of the night (usually we alternate feeds, do one each, but he did all feeds last night....sore bbs) AND goes to work. feel so guilty. thanks ladies for the reality check.
    sherie, sorry to hear that you're still having problems with what could be eczema. ditto on what MD says re: cortisone. think it's best to consult w/ dr.
    noni, sounds like great bday prezzies.
    been reading people's posts but brain's dead-ish. sorry for missing stuff.
    oh, yeah, hayley, sorry, haven't noticed shakey leg with max. only the usual kicking movements. been meaning to answer you about that.

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