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thread: Babies Born~ October 2007 #35

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    Feb 2007

    Hi all!

    We're all sick around here again . Thankfully Joel is over his croup and now just has a slight cough, but I've got a virus and K has an ear infection. We took him to the Dr on Friday night because he was really unwell and was burning up and that's when we found out it was an ear infection. He also has a cough so that has been interfering with his sleep the poor thing. I just want us all to be well again!

    Rebecca - Yay for moving to Toowoomba! Hopefully you find somewhere to live really soon

    Mo - I'm glad your mum is doing better . I don't know HOW you'd be able to get a urine sample from Maddi!

    Saffi - I hope L's sniffles have cleared up, there are so many germs going around atm!

    Celtic - Congrats on your BFP! A January baby, how exciting

    Kaz - Hope you're having a great time in Adelaide!

    Kellie - I'm glad your first day at work went well

    Becky - Sorry to hear you guys have been so sick . It sounds like Chelsea is going really well!

    Amber - How I would LOVE a trip to QLD atm! Sadly that won't happen anytime soon. I don't see us flying anywhere in the near future now we nearly have 3 kids! I'd love to go by myself though LOL!

    Julia - Yikes, not long to go until you go to Singapore!!! How scary and exciting!! You are going to have such a fantastic experience . How long are you going to be living there for?

    Hi to everyone else . I'd better go and do some work while K is having a nap, there are lots of little jobs to do that are easier when he's not "helping" me LOL. The poor thing is currently coughing in bed, as soon as he lies down it starts up.

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    Nov 2006

    Trish you poor thing! Ok you should come here on a holiday then I really hope you all get better soon! Look after yourself
    Rebecca good luck with the move! Wow they dont miss you on the removal part hey!
    Celtic welcome back! And Congratulations!
    Saffi my bub is the opposite to M just lies there in scans where as M was jumping all over the place! Hope L is better soon!
    Becky you poor thing! A house full of sick kids cant be nice. Chel sound like a super brain lol! Myles only weighs 11 kgs weighed him at the vet today haha! Not finding out flavour sorry :P
    Hi to everyone else's I have missed

    Went to the OB on friday and all is good with baby! I got to have a lil peek at it which was really nice! Still nice and placid which is great!
    First we had a sick dog so took him to the vet he is ok just a tummy bug! Weighed Myles while we were there on the dog scales He is only 11 kgs!
    Second now Myles isnt very well He went to sleep at about 4:30 and woke up really upset and was burning up so we gave him panadol and he has gone back to sleep My poor baby!

    One thing I dont want to rub in but am so proud Myles has been sleeping through! Can you believe it! He will occasionally wake once but will go back to sleep! I feel a million bucks! Touch wood though dont want t o jinx it! And we never controlled cry so gentle ways do work hooray!

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    May 2005

    Evening all

    Rebecca - YAY for moving south! One thing tho I think C'Curry has more water in its dams than Toowoomba atm. Hopefully your bad run of expenses is over. I think little girls with earrings is so cute. I was 10 when I got my ears pierced. Something to think about for DD.
    Amber - Yay for Myles sleeping through. I know you've had it tough. Hopefully you'll get a couple of months of good sleep before it starts over again.
    Trish - you poor thing. You really do seem to get whatever is going around.

    Had the GD test today. Got there after checking out their website for test guidelines but got an error so went to the competitors site, which said 1) can do test anytime of day, and 2) can go away and come back for the bloods. So I got there and was told they prefer to do it mid-morning as later tests may be a little unreliable (I chose to stay) and I was held hostage there for a whole hour. Just as well I brought a book with me.

    L still has a cold but is well enough. Got to daycare this morning and was told there was a vomitting thing going around the toddlers room late last week. That would explain the vommies on Thursday afternoon! DH is better too but turns out he has tonsilitis and an emerging ear infection. He spent the whole weekend in bed! I figure I'll call in the favour soon enough. AFM I am well (for now), but now that I'm in the third tri I reckon I'll get something and of course can't take anything to get better.

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    Feb 2007

    Morning! Just wanted to pop in and say WOOOHOOOO Amber & Myles!!!!

    I knew you would get there, well done to you both!!!! How awesome that you can get some good sleep before your next bub arrives . Oh and poor Myles, I hope he is feeling OK today .

    Saffi - The GD test sucks! I have to do the same and stay put for an hour (although it can be done at any time of day). Your poor DH must be feeling terrible, I hope he gets better soon.

    K is still coughing and snotting everywhere, but is generally happy. He is talking so much more these days. Yesterday we were outside playing and he said, "Mum?", "Poo", I looked where he was pointing and he had found some dog poo LOL! He points to every family member (including grandparents) and names them without prompting, it's so cute! Whenever he says "Pop Pop" (my step-dad) he makes a motorbike sound afterwards because his Pop rides a motorbike ha ha!

    Anyway, better go and get some brekky for the boys. Have a great day all

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    Oct 2007

    Morning everyone...I've been missing a bit, but lurking

    Still packing and totally overwhelmed with how much I have to do. DH is away again (singapore & China) and Max and I will be going up to Singapore on the 1st June for a week to buy things for the house (YAY). In the meantime, I'm just trying to organise everything here. I think I already mentioned that we are going up for good on the 22nd.....the time is racing...I can't believe it!

    Max has been sick and waking CONSTANTLY just wanting me to be there. What can I say....sick kids want their Mum's I guess I can't wait to have a house without creaky floorboards! Maxy always knows when I leave his bedroom!

    Last night I put him in my bed and he's woken up a new child. Back to jabbering to himself and being a general dag! I just hope he starts sleeping in his bed again without me around....what can i DOOOOOO....Amber is fixed now help ME!! (ha)

    I was thinking the other day that the only thing that will stay the same when I go away are the BB girls....always in the same place (the end of a keyboard)....that will be such a comfort to me!

    Hi to everyone...hope the in-utero bubbies are going well (old and newly discovered!) and that the sick bubbas are getting better. HUGS TO ALL

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    Feb 2007

    Saffi- Heya, yes, early days though very early days but got a BFP! Have fingers and toes crossed . I think the snuffles are on the rampage everyone seems sick!

    Kim-Heya gorgeous, how are your 3 beautiful babies going? Thanks for the vibes am hoping all goes well shall see . How many more kidlets are you planning for?

    Becky- What a gorgeous ticker pic! Can't believe how quickly they grow . Ty for the grats, very happy

    Mo- Ty kindly How are your gorgeous girls going? Did they manage to get a urine sample? How's your mum?

    Rebecca- Haha, ty, yes I'm not sure I'm ready for another one but nature is telling me I am so I'll trust that all goes well and the tribe starts growing! How is Toowoomba treating you? Ready for the big move? Yep I saw Ruddy money and it vanished again, dryer kicked the bucket and so did my computer monitor, can't get big old ones anymore had to get the flat screens which cost $$$. Of course if I got a new shiny monitor it meant DP wanted one too! Grrr, hehe, so it all vanished pretty quick . How's Caitlyns ear now?

    Trish- Sorry to hear the tribes sick and snuffley. How are you feeling? Managed to miss the infections and snots and coughs? Getting any sleep? Ty for the grats took long enough was over 6 months before a BFP this time, was barely 2 months with Ryan hehe yes I'm impatient!

    Boomba- Ty for the grats and welcome! So glad everything is going well with bubs, sorry to hear Myles isn't too well but glad he is sleeping through, unbroken sleep is so precious for mums!

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    Jul 2006

    Celtic thanks for asking. My 3 babies are going really well. Zachery has just hit 4 months old, time is flying along. Theres still another bub in the pipline now...time will tell when that will be

    I have Jasmines 18 month check up tomorrow so really looking forward to that. Not having the 18 month chicken pox vac here....has everyone else had theres done?

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    Feb 2007

    Kim Maddi has had hers done. Good to hear your 3 are doing.

    Trish Hope you all feel better soon.

    Saffi hope L feels better soon & when do you find out your GD results?

    Amber so happy for you & Myles, I really hope he keeps it up for you.

    Julia not long to you go now & are you nervous?

    Celtic Girls are doing well & my Mum is doing better also thanks

    Still No urine sample from M, The bags they give just dont hold & always fall off.
    There is no way i catch the urine so we may need to get a catheter or send her off for a blood test. We see the Dr tomorrow or Thursday so will know more then.
    Kodi is doing well, reflux has really settled down now, we only get 1-2 small chuck ups a day which is good.
    Me nothing new or exciting. If Phil gets this Job he's going for tomorrow I'll defiantly becoming to QLD in August so I've got my fingers crossed for that
    I've also noticed they've changed BB name yay(Felt like something different)

    Belly rubs to all preggo ladies & Hi to everyone else.

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    Aug 2008

    Mo - Awww that sux! I had to get a urine sample from Chels a few weeks ago and it was actually pretty easy for me.. I wonder why? I found there was no way it was going to fall off, quite the opposite actually it hurt the poor little thing when we had to peel it off... It only took about half an hour... Im so sorry its been so hard for you.. Hoping you dont have to have a catheter and it all happens very soon. How is your Mum? I often think about her and hope she is doing well! YAY for coming to QLD!! Would love to catch up with you!!

    Kim - Yep we just got the 18month needle here... Chels is always fine for needles though so didnt even here a whimper... Glad to hear your well... Cant believe how fast Zac is growing!!!

    Celtic - sticky vibes for you!!! Thats great that your doing so well! Are you hoping for a boy or girl??

    Julia - Yep cyber friends are great hey! There is always someone [email protected]!! Good luck with your packing... I really hope Max starts sleeping well for ya. Getting excited about the big move???

    Trish - Its so cute how much they are learning hey!!! I told Chels today "ok bed time Chelsea", she holds her finger up to me and goes "No un mimit..." (One minute).... lol... So cute! She is learning waaaay too much from her brother! lol.... Hoping K is better soon!!

    Amber - YAY for Myles sleeping! Thats fantastic news! Like Nerida said, enjoy it until it all starts again....

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    May 2005

    Mo - Phoenix? Any particular meaning behind it? I was thinking that Maddi would need to have a cathetar to get anything. I go to the OB on Monday so he will tell me if there is anything to be concerned about.
    Kim - yes, we had the vax done a few weeks ago. I'm actually sending DH and PIL to get the whopping cough booster too and once I spit this one out I'll get the booster too. I'll keep my eyes open for an announcement sooner or later.
    Celtic - didn't actually congratulate you. Well done! Everything happens in its own time.
    Trish - wow! K is a good little talker. We aren't anywhere close to sentances yet, but he is very good at doing hand gestures that represent words in response to a question. DH was well enough to go out for breakfast and then go to a movie today. He'll be definitely going to work tomorrow!
    Julia - yes we'll always be here. Is the time difference between east Oz and Singapore the same as east Oz and WA? I take my hat off to you having to look after Maxxy and pack up the house on your own. I was totally exhausted looking after L for 2 days on my own while DH was on his death bed.

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    Feb 2007

    Becky it falls off becuase M pees so much she'll fill the bag up & the weight of it causes the bag to drop off.
    My Mum is doing better, She's still not walking but she can stand on her feet with support now which is a good sign. She did fall out of chair yesterday night, guess she tried to stand by herself but couldn't do it.
    She's fighting the infection & her broken shoulder is healing well.
    She's a fighter my Mum

    Saffi no real meaning behind it, i've just always liked what a Phoenix represents

    Maddi was up at 5am today all i can say is thank goodness for Dora.
    It was good that i could lay in bed with Kodi, while M wacthed Dora next to us.
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    Jul 2008
    SE Subs Melbourne

    Hi girls, I had a quick read of everyone's posts yesterday but my sick and whinging kids got the better of me and I ended up logging off and sitting on the couch nursing both of them! Our weekend of sick kids started Friday night (before we left) when Mia spiked a temp of 40. We hit her with panadol and nurofen and that worked, but over the next 48 hours she went up and down. No real symptoms other than a high temp on and off and she was flat. Tay was still her happy and bubbly self until Monday, when she come crashing down really quickly. She wouldnt drink, eat or do anything but cry. We ended up getting a home visit from the doctors Monday night and found out that she had croup, tonsilitis and a double ear infection. Bruno had to drive to the city (45 mins) to get her some pred mix as she couldnt breath properly. She is still pretty flat, so I have started her on antibiotics in hope that she gets well soon.

    Other than that, amazingly our weekend was pretty good. Got to catch up with a lot of the girls from my old mother's group (from when Mia was a baby) and see their 3 year olds. Gosh they grow up quickly. It was great to see the mum's as well, there are 3 I am still really close to and I got to go out for dinner with them! We also spent time with my parents, which was nice. I dont get to see them much these days, but will more so when they move back to Mt Gambier in a few weeks!

    Anyway, I had intended to reply to all of your messages, but Tay is crying in her cot so I had better go and get her and give her cuddles. Its going to be another long day I think.

    to everyone and I hope that the bubbas that are sick are on the road to recovery!

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    Feb 2007

    Hi all!

    Mo - Ewww, a 5am start sounds a bit rough! I'm so glad your mum is getting better each day

    Saffi - It definitely sounds like your DH is on the mend! L will be saying more before you know it, K literally just started saying heaps overnight. It's like something in them clicks. L's hand gestures sound so cute!

    Becky - How cute Chelsea saying one minute! So cheeky . They do learn so much more from their older siblings don't they? I don't think K would be doing or saying half the things he does if it wasn't for Joel. He gets to do a lot more than Joel did at the same age too because he wants to do everything Joel does now.

    Kim - Good luck with your 18 month check up today! K had his chicken pox vax last week. Although he cried, he had no reaction to it whatsoever thank goodness

    Celtic - It's hard not to be impatient when TTC isn't it? Don't worry, this pregnancy will fly by . I'm feeling OK pregnancy wise, I just have a horrible virus atm which is making me feel terrible.

    Julia - How exciting going over for a week to buy things! It's so great that we can still stay in touch no matter where you are!

    Kaz - Sorry to hear your girls are sick too . I'm glad you had a nice time away though

    Still feeling sick and miserable here . I'm so over this!!! K has now started saying "Where's Joel?" if he can't find him or if Joel's at kinder. It's very cute, but annoying when he has asked for the 100th time LOL. Poor Joel cops K's questions now, instead of him saying "Mum, what's that?", it's "Joel, what's that?" hee hee! Luckily Joel loves to tell him what "that" is

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    Amber – I know!! And that cost is with us doing all the packing….although I guess 1600 km is a fair way to cart all our gear!! Imagine if we had decided to move to WA!! I think DH was all for selling everything and buying once we get there but after “discussing” this and telling him exactly how much new would cost….he changed his mind.
    Awesome that Myles is sleeping through – makes such a difference to mums!
    Saffi – yes that’s true! T/mba has level 5 restrictions at the moment and Curry has level 1. Not only is our dam full but it is over flowing at the moment. I thought it was pretty silly to relax the restrictions so much so quickly but hey I am not on the council.
    Yes caitlyn’s earrings look FABULOUS!!! She looks like such a little girl now..not that she didn’t before but you know…
    Celtic –January is a good time of the year to be born!! DH wants to wait until C starts school before we have another one and I was all for it until I realised that I would be 36/37 when that happened so am thinking about it some more…might turn out that C is our only although DH desperately wants a son…will just wait and see I guess.
    yes when my monitor kicked the bucket last year I found it was almost the same price to buy a whole new computer package including the monitor as it was to buy a monitor – so I got a whole new computer out of the deal! And I can write quite a bit of it off on tax cause I use it 85% for work!! Yay!!
    Thanks for asking – Caitlyn’s ear is all good now. We struggled for a while to get shirts on and off her – she refused to let us understandably. But now she even turns them for me so that’s good. 4 more weeks and I can change the earrings that she has in now for the ones her aunt bought her last year!
    Kim – we had our chicken pox shot – not a drama. We also got the flu shot for Caitlyn because she is in daycare so much and everything seems to go round there. The doc only gave her half the dose and we go back next week for the other half.
    Mo – I have had to get a urine sample from Caitlyn a few times now and I guess I have been lucky in that the bags have always stayed on. I had to make sure her nappy was extra snug around that area so that it didn’t rub and pull on the bag. I also found that it was easier if I put it on just before she went down for a nap. but i guess if she is filling it up so much that won't be very helpful. Good luck!!
    AFU - nothgn really to report - still looking for somewhere to live but have Daycare all sorted when we are in Toowoomba so thats the main thing - althogh finding somewhere to live will be quite important too!!
    I have better run - i started work 20 mins ago and havent done anyting!!

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    May 2005

    Rebecca - will you still be working for the same company? I guess you are otherwise you wouldn't need daycare.
    Didn't occur to me that L should have a flu shot. The Dr knows he's at daycare and didn't say anything. Been pretty lucky so far so fingers crossed it stays that way.
    Mo - thats great that your mum is on the mend. She definitely sounds like a fighter.
    Kaz - poor Tay to have all those things at once. Hopefully they'll get better son. Must have been nice to catch up with everyone on your trip.

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    Jul 2006

    Jasmine done very well at her check up today. She is now 12kg and 86cm tall. MCHN was very please with her progress with solids and her understanding of things. She may be quite and not talk alot but takes it all in.

    Tonight she started saying Thank You..so thats a new thing for her!

    We are not getting the 18 month vac, off to the dr soon to get the form filled in. I dont feel its needed and i hate getting needles that are not that necessary. Personal choice though.

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    Oct 2007

    OMG Max slept all night in his bed...WOOOOO! I put 3 dummies in there coz I figured that he doesn't have a preference for a soft toy, he rather likes to suck on a dummy and squish another one around in his hand I heard him wake twice, but he put himself back to sleep. He then came into my bedroom at 5am for a cuddle till 6:15....HAPPY DAYS!

    Saffi The time diff between Singa's and Perth is exactly the same (now that our backwards state doesn't get daylight savings in summer)....so 4 hours diff to the east (I think)....It's like being in your own little world over here

    I am really looking forward to going now.....can't wait to actually have something more interesting to share on the matter. Packing up the house on my own is a drag, but I'm getting there. So much to do and I can't keep my brain still! I'm just trying to pre-organise as many things as I can, so have already organised to disconnected power, phone, internet, and all that! Just chipping away! Gotta get some big furniture moved next week, so will be living here with bare minimum! DH is in China now and will be back in Singapore next week...he's got the keys to the apartment and will get a bed for us (so he can stay there rather than in a hotel) and buy a few essentials. I can't wait to go there and spend lots of money kitting out a new house.....Loving that I can start over! New adventure! WOOT! Enough of that!

    Mo You must be like your Mum...very strong. I don't know if I could deal with what you have been going through for the last little while x You should be very proud.

    Trish How cute the things that K says....I think I might want to eat him up! Glad to hear things are well with the kiddlies now...and hope you start feeling better soon. Not long till you pop now!

    Kaz You've had it rough with sickness too....poor bubbas and poor you! How's the TTC going?

    Rebecca Good to see you around I got my ears pierced when I was 3....if I have a daughter I think I'd do it REALLY early...I love earrings on babies Good luck with all your moving...I know the feeling.

    Celtic Congrats on the BFP! Awesome!

    Kim, I got the vax and then I also got a sweet amount of $ for doing it....not going to complain! I also got the Flu Vax done....can't be too careful these days with all those weird flu's out there 12kg is a good weight....Max was 12kg at 18 months too (and also at 12 months!) It seems a lot of the bubs around here are around that weight!

    Well...better go, the TV has distracted Max enough! I'm going to give myself points for the megga long post too! Ha Ha!

    Take care everyone and HI to anyone I missed x

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    Jul 2008
    SE Subs Melbourne

    Julia - for Max sleeping through! I am soooooo envious! TTC is still going, we have a prescription for clomid, which I will start with my next AF. So something happens there.

    Kym - great news that Jasmine has done well at her checkup! Tay started saying thankyou and please a while ago, she seems to have better manners than her sister who we have to remind to say it! I also read that No 4 is a big possibility for you! Brave girl, do you think that will be it? We are talking about 4 now, but I think that is only cause we have waited so long for No 3. We haven't ruled it out, but will re-evaluate after the next one. I have had c sections and will again, so that might be our deciding factor!

    - I hope that you are all on the up with sickness! I had a smile reading about K asking J lots of questions, Tay doesn't do that, but she walks around going where is Mi? Who would have thought you could shorten Mia! LOL

    - did you get your wee sample yet? We dropped Mia's sample off last night, so waiting on the results now!

    Well Tay has picked up today, yay ... but Mia has a temp again and vomiting to go with it this morning. We have a doctors appointment at 20 past 11, but I am in two minds whether to take her, since its just looking like a gastro type flu! Other than that, my DH and I are now fluey. Oh the joy!

    Hope everyone is better than us! to everyone I missed in my pm's!

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