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thread: Newborn - 1 Month, April '05 #2

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    Jul 2004

    Trish, Lily used to always want a feed right when i was starting to eat my dinner. Luckyl she changed her routine.

    Sarah, glad Zander had a good sleep. After a big day out at the expo im sure he needed it.

    Fi, I wouldn't worry about hurting Jenna when her stump fell off. Lily's was hanging on by a thread and i just pulled it off, she didnt seem to mind. It did get a bit yucky and bloody though, so you shoulkd watch for that.

    Hope everyone else and their babies are going well. It feels only yesterday me and Lily were in here and now she is 4mths old.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    How many of you are going to remind me about how I said I had the best husband in the world?? Well, he lasted a few weeks now I have the old one back.
    They went to the football with the promise of catching the last train home. I SMS'd him at midnight to ask him to not make any noise when he came home because it took me a bit to get Gabby to sleep and I was buggered! I told him to not even flush the toilet.
    Anyway, whoever dropped him off (at 3:30am!!) bloody kept honking their fricken horn! Then, I hear Neil come in with a mate and they had a right-royal conversation. I could hear them walking around in the lounge room and not trying to be quiet at all. I was sooo mad. Gabby didn't wake up but I did which is just as bad. Anyway, I figured his mate would get going soon enough but then I heard both of them rummaging around in the spare room. We have a mattress in there but, I swear, the room is a pig sty because I am storing so much crap in there while the kitchen is being done. Gabby started stirring with all the noise so I thought 'Right, that's it!!'.
    I went in and said to Neil 'Can you look at the last text message I sent you and read what it says??". He got out his phone (whilst swaying from being drunk), looked at it and said; "Yeah, we're being quiet!".
    I said some choice words and said "You are unbelievable!" and went in to settle Gabby.
    She thankfully settled so I went to go back to bed and Neil was fast asleep! Snoring his head off. I said "Don't start fricken snoring" so he stopped for all of a minute. I was just soooo mad! I couldn't even go and sleep somewhere else because his mate was in the spare room! Grrrr.
    So, I started packing. I got everything I thought I would need for Gabby for a few days, chucked some clothes in a bag for me and threw it all in the car.
    I got Gabby up, put her in the car and drove to Mum's (about 20 minutes from my house). I was knocking on her door by 5am.
    So I am still here. Mum looked after Gabby for a few hours while I got some sleep. Neil has tried to call a couple of times but I am so angry at him. It's like he hasn't been affected by us having a baby at all. I feel like a single mother with 2 children (him being one of them!).

    I am trying not to get physically stressed because I know it can affect my BM and Gabby can sense it. She has been fussy all day with loads of wind. My sister is cuddling her right now and she is getting a nice big sleep which is good.

    Urrgh! So over this crap. Mum says I have to put my foot down and make some ground rules. No more going out and ****ing on like this. He just can't stick to his word once he is out there with his mates.

    Sorry guys, had to vent. Probably should have put this in the punching bag but I am getting sick of doing that! ](*,)

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    Sep 2004
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    Awww Deb, what a bugger men can be. to you sweety. Matbe you do need to have a big talk with Neil and remind him of his resposibilites. Or if you don't mind him going out occasionally can he stay else where rather than come home making a noise. Thank God for Mums hey, I always take off to my Mums house when we have problems, only thing now is that it's only 6 houses away so he can easily find me.....

    Fi, I think it's because I realise now how fast babies truely do grow up that I am determined to capture as much of it as I can. I didn't get pics like the ones I got of Tehya and Noah when they were little as I really didn't have the money and I guess at 17 you don't even really think of things like that. I have alot of pics of Joel, but just ones taken by me and most of them are crap. I really wanted to get Noah's hand moulds done but never got around to it, I could have gotten his and Tehya's done together but them I would be leaving out the big boys so figured it best to do her on her own. With each baby I have I seem to come up with something else I want to get doen. I swear these kids are costing me a fortune. But sooo worth it. I would hate for my house to burn down, there are quite a few thousand dollars worth of photos in this house.

    Tegan, Tehya wakes at every meal time. It does matter if we have dinner at 5pm or 8 pm she's still wakes up and whinges during. I think they have timers on them just like the timers they have on them when you want a bit of bed room action

    Sarah, good to hear that Zander was a good boy for you on the drive home, I hate driving with a screaming baby. I felt so sorry for you yesterday, if I could have taken him and settled him down for you I gladly would've. Glad that he was a good boy last night.

    Take care

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    Aug 2004

    Oh Deb - matey. I am so sorry about the crappy morning you have had! I think you have done absolutely the right thing. It will scare Neil into doing the proper thing.

    I know I have an angel in Shane - but realise I got through a crappy marriage to know I needed someone like him in my life. You and Neil will be OK, but the guy is having to make as big a transition in life as what you are. Its really hard because you and I both know now what it is like to do this baby caper, but if I had been with my XH - he would have had no idea, and I know we would be blueing right now something shocking!!!
    Shane has been through this, so he knows there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm just taking my cues off him. You dont have that luxury, and it makes it really rough - but its not that Neil is a bad bloke. He just can't see that after a few weeks of hard yakka, the good times will roll.

    Please have faith that you will get through this - and everything will be OK. Neil has been a great dad up until this one episode, and all he was really doing was looking after a mate after a few beers. Its crap - becuase we both know how much it could have upset the routine you are trying to get Gabby into, but he doesn't know that.
    Hugs to you, and chin up. Go home, and enjoy your kitchen cause I'm sure Neil has either spent the day bawling his eyes out, or working his butt off. Your mum is right. Set the ground rules, and let him know you will reassess at 6weeks, then 10 weeks, then 12 weeks etc. Give him little goals to reach.

    Everyone else has been very quiet......

    The dom midwives called me again today to check, and they helped me out a bit on the feeding front. I've muddled up a few things, but its not all bad. Jenna is still alive, and I still have all my body parts, so we are OK really. When she asked me how I'm feeling I burst into tears.
    She has recommended I chat to the dr who delivered Jenna to find out exactly how things were, cause I'm playing on it in my mind so much. I'm a logical person, and I need to know what went on. I need her opinion, and though it shouldn't matter, it does.
    Someone is coming out to see me tomorrow - my god its so hard to ask for help!!! I have to do a solo run to get Mum in the morning from the Geelong airport, so I will let her know just to sit out the front, and I get there when I get there!!!! Expectations are not high.......

    Has anyone else been having really, really, really, vivid dreams??? I went spastic in the middle of last night cause I was sure jenna was in the bed with us beside our knees, and Shane was moving!! I said to him - look out - the baby is there!!!! He thinks I'm mental.

    Love to all, cause I'm in the mood for dishing it out.

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    Aug 2004

    Trish- just make sure the negatives are stored somewhere else!!!
    I am getting seriously good at multi-tasking... typing, bfing and supervising dinner!!! All at once!!

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    Feb 2004

    Awww Deb you poor thing I was so hoping to see a post today saying Neil was home & in bed early. Have you planned your next step yet? I think we need to get over there to kick his butt - I bet a whole group of sleep deprived women can kick him into shape!

    Thanks for the offer of settling Zander down, sometimes he just won't settle for anyone no matter what we try. Just half an hour ago he was crying & crying and nothing I did worked, then all of a sudden he was asleep - must've warn himself out. Damn, he just woke up, but is laying quietly for the moment.

    Good idea chatting with the Dr that delivered Jenna, might give you a bit of closure.

    Had a pretty good day, Zander was awake for most of it so I'm hoping it means he might sleep tonight.

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    Sep 2004
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    Hi Girls,

    FI, hmm must organise though negatives. Thing is for the portraits I have none and of course all the really ol pics like the ones of me as a baby. Reminds me I still ahve my little brother spics here. I was supposed to redo his album for mum. This is the my brother Daniel who died 10 years ago this October. Maybe I could pull my finger out and get it done in time for mothers day. LOL at the multi tasking, I tell Mark all the time how good women are at it and men are just useless at it. He can't bath the baby, while cooking dinner and chatting on the phone

    Sarah, hope that you guys had a decent night last night, although judging by your 4am posts I'm guessing not. Hopefully your getting some sleep now then.

    Deb, hopefully today is a better day for you. I hope that you sort things out with Neil soon too, you really don't need the extra stress at the moment.

    We are onto day #4 of Noah having gastro, today I am washing his big thick blanket and quilt cover as opposed to the sheets I have been doing daily. How long does gastro hang around for??? He had another spew yesterday, that's only his second one, but the #2's are still happening I have stopped his milk, that is killing him, he loves his bottle. Hopefully we can get him off it completely while he is sick. Bad time to do it but ..... He isn't eating alot either, I have made him some toast this morning and he is just picking at it.

    If only it slowed him down abit. He still runs around and makes so much noise, you wouldn't think he was sick.

    Tehya had a good nights sleep, she went down around 9pm and woke at 3am -OMG 6 hours of sleep. She did decided that it was time to play then though, so we were awake for over 30 minutes after her feed. More booby, dummy, cuddles and pats and back asleep til just after 6 am, another feed and she's still asleep now. Really should get off my bum and go in for a shower or it will be after 10am before I get in there. Nothing really planned for the day - apart from washng again. Noah killed that with his runny bum. He's supposed to have swimming but we won't be going there. Another thing I have to pay for even though he's not there, like Friday at pre school ](*,)

    Hope all Muummy's and Bubby's have a great day.

    Take care

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