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thread: Newborn to 1 Month, March '05

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    Feb 2004

    Just popping in to say - Zander slept in his CRADLE from 6pm-9pm had a bottle & has been in there are 1/2 an hour so far this time \/ The suggestions everyone made of putting him on an incline has obvioulsy worked!! He also had a 75ml bottle at 6pm compared with his normal 50ml, maybe he's having a growth spurt??

    Wow at Tehya growing so quickly Trish!

    I didn't find the Grudge all that scary - maybe it was all the interruptions!

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    Jun 2003

    WOOHOO! Congratulations Sarah thats great news!!!! Sometimes it just takes them a little while to get used to new things, some babies don't adjust well to change whilst others do. Sounds like your little guy is getting the hang of it. WTG


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    Jul 2004
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    YAY Sarah, that is excellent news!! Well done Zander! =D> Hope you all have a good night sleep

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    That is great Sarah! Is it me or has your avatar changed back to the old one. How do I refresh my browser thingy so I can make sure I am seeing the right thing.

    Sounds like kayla isn't far behind you girls, you'll have the whole gang in here soon.

    You girls make me clucky too, but I think I need to stop that as 4 kids is HARD! I don't think I could go the 5, and I know Arron would prob go back to live at his MUms LOL!

    Cheers Michelle

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    Jul 2004

    Woohoo! Yay for Zander!

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    Feb 2004

    I spoke too soon! He was up at 11.30 & 1.30 then from 4-5.30 daddy had to walk the house with him cos thats all that would stop the screaming ](*,) Then he slept in our bed, in my arms until 8.30. Now daddy is sleeping & I am TWOH! I have my labour music on the laptop & am playing it now which seems to be working. Oh yeah & the spews are getting worse *sigh*

    Why do movies make this look so easy LOL

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    Oh Sarah! It was sounding so promising! Come on little Zander, Mummy and Daddy need their sleep little man! It's good that he is drinking more formula. After 2 weeks it is meant to go up, isn't that right? I bring Gabby out with me to the computer but I HAVE to play music or she gets fussy. Neil said that last night she was quite content listening to Metallica while he worked away!! LOL Nothing like a bit of "angry music" to calm a child down.

    Michelle - oh dear at being clucky! I reckon you have your work cut out for you with 4. Atm, I am contemplating Gabby being an only child, LOL. I don't think I could go through all of this again. I guess the bad stuff is easily forgotten, hey??

    Trish - woo hoo on Tehya putting on so much weight. Despite feeling icky, she is managing to do the right thing so that's great! She will have those chubby little rolls on her legs before you know it. I can't wait until Gabby gets those. Her legs are so skinny atm. Maybe she will have her Daddy's skinny genes?? I hope so. Sorry to hear that Mark is already hassling you for sex. God, if I had had Gabby the normal way, I think I would steer clear of sex for at least a year, LOL. I've told Neil that as soon as the bleeding stops and I am less aware of my wound that we can have a go. He just told me to take my time and that he didn't want to do anything until I felt 100% about it. Awwwwwww!

    Maryann - maybe Charlotte only feeds for 15 minutes because you have got a really good milk supply? I would LOVE 15 minute feeds. I think I am getting more milk tho because Gabby seems to slowly be taking up less time. Here's hoping. Ooo ahh on the way her stump came out. That would have been scary. Still, I am glad all is ok now with her belly button! I'm glad to hear that the teary-days disappear eventually! It gets to 6pm most nights and I burst into tears over silly things. I think it must be when I start feeling tired.

    Naomi - thanks for letting me know that the long feeds don't last. It's all about persevering, isn't it?? Sounds easier than it is! Still, I never thought my milk would come in at all and, it has, so I just have to be a little more patient!

    Well, I gave Gabby a comp feed last night. She had a bit of boob, then a bath, then I made up 60ml of formula. She loved it but only drank half of it before she closed her mouth and nothin' was gettin' in!! LOL She zonked it straight away and slept for 6 hours!! Woo hoo! I bf her when she woke up then she slept for another 3.5 hours (despite the bloody dog barking outside... grrr!). So I think I will stick with the top-up feed just at night until I am confident she is getting enough with BF (like, when it doesn't take an hour for her to get a decent feed!! That would be nice!).

    I went to the supermarket last night while Neil looked after Gabby. It was so overwhelming! It's like, when you are preggers, everyone gets out of your way. But now that I am not, they get IN my way! I felt like putting a sign on my forehead "Just had a c-section, get outta my way!". As it is, someone told me off for taking a trolley through the 15 items or less isle so I just told them: "I need a trolley because I have just had a c-section less than 2 weeks ago and I am not lining up forever". Well, didn't they turn red. Fancy telling someone off for using a trolley??? 8-[ I went to target too because I really like the nuk dummies and Gabby only has 2 of them. I was getting sick of having to sterilise them 3 times a day so I bought 4 more. Once I got home, I told Neil that I wouldn't be going out in public for a while yet. It was just way too overwhelming!

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    Jul 2004
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    ok....educate me Deb wots a 'comp' feed...do u do it at your pooter....lol?? no serious, what is it?

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    Feb 2004

    LOL at doing a comp feed at the puter Chrissy!! It's a complimentary feed - for b/f babies usually at night when they get a formula feed.

    Woohoo at Gabby's big sleep Deb. Makes you feel like a new person hey?! I'm the same with the whole sex thing, waiting until the bleeding stops more than anything else. As for going to the shops - I haven't ventured out alone just yet...

    Not sure what happened last night with my avatar Michelle, I noticed it too.

    I'm surprisingly not too tired after last nights antics, but today we are being difficult again. It seems like he will go 15mins in any one position - the cradle, swing, in my arms. Makes it very exhausting. He also has hiccups & has had to be changed twice already due to spews.

    Gosh listen to me whinge! He is a good baby, just really really unsetlled atm. On Christy's advice I'm going to check out the reflux society & see if that's what the litlle man's problem is. At least if there is a problem I'll know it's not just me being inadequate IYKWIM.

    Oh & I am so over MIL! Every time I see her I am doing something wrong. Aaand because she is yet to see Alexzander cry, she refuses to believe he is anything but a quiet perfect little angel!

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    Aug 2004

    Sarah - this is the one time you can snap at MIL and get away with it. I so go for it!! let Aaron make the excuses afterwards. And you are either a much braver person than me, or the stops and starts made it less scary! Have you seen 28 days later? Thats another good one IMHO - I nearly walked out of the cinema casue I was that disturbed by it. Although maybe you should be saving the scary ones for when you can watch the whole thing through?

    Deb - Yay on the good sleep - heres hoping that continues for you. And yay on the Nuk dummies - sounds like Marlene may have a converted here - they are the best you know!!

    Yay on the weight gain Trish for little Tehya. Is she still in 0000 or has she graduated??

    Hopefully not much longer till I get to be here too - due date today, so fingers crossed little spuddy is a good baby and helps mummy out. My body is desperate to have some tummy muscles back!

    Cuddles to all the little ones,

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    Feb 2004

    Two things -

    We have a sleeping baby \/ Has been in his cradle since 12.20 - I know I know it's only been 28mins, but as I said it was 15mins at a time before...

    Tootie has started a ceasarean chatter thread HERE if any of you guys are interested....

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Happy due date Fi! I can't wait until Spuddy comes along. I still reckon it'll be a girl Yep, you are right.... I saw the light... I have been converted, LOL. Naah, just so happened that the nuk dummies are the ones that stay in Gabby's mouth so Nuk it is. Otherwise I still think Avent make the best bottles, LOL

    LOL Chrissy at the "comp" feed being at the puter. It's quite a valid thought though cos I do sit in front of one a lot, LOL.

    Grr at MIL, Sarah. Why can't they just take your word for it? I find that Gabby is so placid and sleepy when there are a whole bunch of people around but when it it's just her and me, she is far more fussy. In saying that, it sounds like she is a little more content than Zander. Good idea finding out about the reflux because it could just be the problem. My friend's second baby suffered a lot from reflux. He used to throw up half his bottle without fail every single feed. I got very good at catching spews! He preferred to sit up as much as possible too which might explain why Zander prefers the incline in his cot?? Hope you can put a finger on the problem tho. Yay at him getting some sleep today!

    The MCHN just came by and Gabby has put on another 60grams so that's 120grams since being home. Woo hoo! Her staff infection has gone now I am just a little worried about her woo-woo. It looks a little bit sore around her vulva. The nurse said it looked ok but that she would check on it when I go to see her in 2 weeks. The clinic is just up the road from me so I am hoping that by then I will be able to walk up there. Oh to exercise again! I can't wait!!!

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    Feb 2004

    Don't try Nuk bottles after using Avent ones Deb! My sister bought me some Nuk ones & Zander takes aaaaages to finish it - I think the shape is just weird for him! But he does have 3 dummies - all different shapes & brands, but he's fine with them! Yay at Gabby putting on another 60gm, sounds like she's going great guns.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    She certainly is doing well, Sarah! Let's hope I am losing the weight she is putting on, LOL.

    I have FINALLY put my birth story up. It's pretty long (even puts yours to shame, Sarah!). Cos, as you all know, I have trouble keeping things short! LOL 8-[

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    Apr 2004
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    Wow guys for all your worries about sleeping and feeding, you all seem to be doing incredibly well with your little ones! I am in awe of all of you!!

    Well done!!

    (sorry just had to stick my head in and tell you.... 8-[ )

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    Thanks Gabby! All this is ahead of you so pick up as many tips as you can!! LOL

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    mooshie Guest

    a little story here about nuk and avent.

    with ds he was put on formula at 12wks (not a good feeder no interest in boobie) anyway i tried tommee tippee bottle, nuk bottles then finally avent bootles - and he had a nuk dummy (right up until last christmas lol) so when i was preggars with lani i put 6 nuk dummies and a small avent bottle and a small nuk bottle for any expressing. well yup she would not take the nuk dummies and after many dollars purchasing all sorts of dummies she finally took the avent dummy. i started comp feeding her at night at 5mths and thought yup avent bottle it is and guess what no - would only drink from nuk bottle lol.

    so ds nuk dummy and avent bottle and lani avent dummy and nuk bottle ](*,) .

    a few people have told me that alot of midwives recommend the happy baby dummys which are only a couple of dollars, lani wouldn't take these i think she was sick of trying all sorts of dummies in the end, but next time i think i will just buy the cheapies i hate to think of how much money i have spent over the years on dummies alone lol

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    It goes to show that each baby is different, hey Michelle??

    Just to let you guys know, Fi and I have kind of an "in" joke. At our ANC, one of the girls kept going on and on about how Nuk is the best for baby. She drove us all nuts. SO, that's why we are being tounge in cheek about Nuk being the best, Avent being the best etc. I think you use whatever works!!

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