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thread: Newborn - 1 Month, October/November '05

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    Dec 2004
    Toowoomba, Queensland

    Cindyb - You could always browse by like the rest of us...

    Donella - We are still contemplating getting Benjamin's job done. There is only 1 doctor in town here that does it. I was told he does the bell method. Any idea on what this is?


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    Nov 2004
    Bonnie Doon

    Hi guys! Well I'm moving over to the next forum! I can't believe how quick this month has gone! I was playing with Louis this morning and I'm not sure if it was a wind smile or not but he did a much bigger one than he usually does! I'm not entirely convinced but I'll see if he does it again. Had a good night. He went 4 1/2 and then another 4! Woo hoo I got 7 1/2 hours sleep!

    I'm sure I will catch up with you all as you begin to move over! Hope your bubs sleep well for you!

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    Kazzy Guest

    Hi Everyone,
    another quick catch up. Eden is doing well and my infection seems to have cleared up - YAY. SOunds like some of you are getting some good amounts of sleep - fantastic. It is a great idea to catch a snooze when you can. TIme is going so fast. Eden will be 1 month this Saturday - amazing.
    We didn't have our DS circumcised - will teach him more about cleaning himself as he gets older. Eden has a little pimply rash on her face and quite dry skin on her forhead. I am using Alpha Keri lotion and oil in her bath - I used this on my son too. ANyone else have a little rashyness?

    I had a friend drop over heaps of 0000 clothes yesterday and most of them are too small for Eden - Yay so she must be growing - 000 still a little too big but her legs are long so she needs the stretch.

    If you little ones are not settled at night, my health nurse suggested that I Bath Eden after her last feed at night which is usually 9 ish. She seems to settle better after this and has a longer first sleep. COuld be worth a try, it had helped us so far.

    Well, catch up with you all soon. It is good to hear that a couple of you can get together in person - don't forget to keep us in touch with how things are going though!!!!


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    Aug 2004

    Hi all,

    Wow, I can't believe how fast time has gone! Tamsin is 3 weeks old today, and half of the mums who were in here when she was born have already moved on to the next forum! I've been checking in every now and then to read about how everyone is going, but just haven't felt up to posting anything much 8-[

    Things are mostly going pretty well for us, although I have a cracked nipple on one side which is making feeding on that side a bit hard. Other than that, Tamsin seems to be settling pretty well, and even though she usually wakes up for 2-3 night feeds it's not so bad since she goes back to sleep afterwards.

    Hope everyone is having a good day and you've all got a bit of sleep

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    Nov 2004
    Bonnie Doon

    Hey Kazzy - My boy has a pimply rash and dry skin on his forehead also. I've just been using some cream. I don't think the heat has been helping his little pimples either. The maternal nurse said it's just his hormones sorting themselves out.

    Louis is also starting to go bald - hehe!

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    Feb 2005
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    Cindy - we do a formula top-up of just 50ml at around midnight (I feed off breast first) and we usually get about 4 hours sleep after it. We started this in the hospital and it works really well for us all!

    Re circumsicion, as a teacher I've seen how hard it is to make teenage boys shower on school camps, and that thought is just yicky!! OK so he may go through life with no infections or problems, but for the sake of a 3 minute procedure which he didn't even cry through, I think it's a much better option than facing possible problems later when such a procedure would be very traumatic.

    Melissa - I'm not sure which method our doc used, but it's one that is done when they are less than 3 weeks old. If they go past 3 weeks, your next chance is a 6 months but you need an anisthetic which we didn't like the sound of.

    Good luck to those of you moving to the next forum - I'll see you there in a couple of weeks...

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    Oct 2004
    melton, victoria

    kazzy you are a vic girl too.hows about joining us,hope you will concider it.
    chantelle has a dry forehead also.she has been clingy last couple of days,wants to be carried all the time grrr.....

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    Kazzy Guest

    Hi All,

    Nikki - I am a Vic girl - in Geelong. Not very good at driving in Melb though!!!!!! It scares me. Would love to catch up and have a natter though. I am still not 'allowed' to drive although I have gone down to the local shops. I went for a short walk today and it really took it out of me. I have just about finished the antibiotics so hopefully the infection has passed.

    Dee - Yuk on the teenage boy thing!!! Circumcision is really a personal choice and one whish is better done when kids are very little - you're right. We just decided not to - not for any particular reason though. I have found from having my first that no matter what decisions we make whether it be going back to work, when to send them to kinder, how much TV to watch that there is always someone who does it different and that is OK. My DS has just discovered that I do not have a 'wee wee' and is inquisitive as to how I do a wee - did my wee wee break off he wanted to know. I just told him Mummies don't have wee wee's (our name for penis). Five minutes later he concluded that Mummies do wees out thier bottoms and he thought this was very funny but unfortunate for us. So cirsumcised or uncircumcised - boys still think that they are better off than us because they have one!!!! (ha ha - so they think)

    Eden slept alot today so hopefully she will still sleep tonight. Catching up with my Mums group tomorrow (from child number one - we still meet once a week three and a half years on) It will be good to let the kids have a play!

    Off to bed now (8.00pm - how sad - Ia m actually late tonight) I miss night time tv and my day time tv is always ABC kids or videos)

    Off to settle my baby girl - I htink she has a pain in the belly.


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    Feb 2005
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    LOL Kazzy about your son thinking 'mummys' are so unfortunate to have to wee out their bottom!!! that cracks me up!!!

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    Just locking this thread girls and creating another for you.


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