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thread: Newborn to 1 Month, September '04

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    Lara - Yuck at them giving you the guilt trip! I got sick when Matilda was 3 weeks old with a sinus & ear infection and they didn't want to do much becaues of breast feeding, & it was so awful going through it! I finally went on ab's when I got really dizzy...yuck. But what I really wanted to say as well is that I'm switching Matilda over to bottle at the moment and I was told that I was doing the wrong thing from some of the midwives etc, but in the end its whatever is best for us, and I didn't "enjoy" breastfeeding either, I just wanted her to get it over with lol... where as I love bottle feeding her... weird,. Anyway... just popping in to give my 2cents...

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    Hi Lara, as long as you and Alana are both happy then that is the most important thing.
    I can so totally understand how you felt about b/fing, I too found it very stressful for both Aidyn and myself, not to mention time consuming when I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep.
    Sounds like your GP didn't hassle you about it though, and that is great.
    To me bottlefeeding was a relief as well, as it would take about 1/4 of the time, Aidyn wouldn't scream and struggle cause he couldn't attach, and he would always be settled and content afterwards.
    Ideally I would have loved to b/f as well, but in the end I'm just glad I found something that worked.

    Carmen - sorry I dont have any suggestions for the heat... we don't have aircon either. I tried sponging Aidyn down with cool water the other day, but he didn't like it and he cried

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    Thanks for the idea about cooled boiled water - I think that I will try that next time since I am convinced that he was dehydrated since he wouldn't stop feeding.

    I tried the cold face cloth too but it didn't seem to have too much effect.

    We have our first visit to the Child Health Centre tomorrow so hopefully everything will be ok - the nurse was happy when she came to visit us at the house.

    Take care

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