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thread: Newborn to 1 Month, September '04

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    (sorry to intrude again girls!!! 8-[ )

    Pee - I actually asked DP yesterday about how he felt when Aidyn was a newborn... And he replied that he didn't actually fall in love with him straight away, it did take him time to be comfortable with Aidyn, and to get to know him, love him & cherish him.

    Just a comment on the eye colour... I have blue eyes, and DP has dark brown. But as DP is half Chinese we were convinced that the brown gene would totally override the blue one, and that Aidyn would definately have brown eyes. However he has gorgeous blue eyes, and he is almost 5 months, so I think there's a great chance they will stay the way they are! yay!!

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    Pietta Guest

    I have spoken to DH and he said that he just doesnt know how to show emotion to a 3 week old coz he cant interact. I understand and we r doing what u said Michelle- working on daddy n ryley time.

    Ryley has dark grey eyes atm which is bizarre as DH has blue n i have brown. dont you love the lack of capitals and grammar when typing one handed!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there girls

    well i have made it here - congratulations firstly to carmen on the birth of luke how wonderful, i love the name but know about 6 luke's so we did not use it for our ds.

    well lani is now 2wks old, and wow have i forgotten in the 4 yrs of what to do with the little beautiful bundle, just feeding and sleeping, i am trying to feed her every 3 hrs, i had a bit of trouble at first as she was only feeding for 5 mins then falling asleep and only getting the first milk which is sweet, and upset her tummy a little and gave her nappy rash, so now i express around 30mls (which only takes around 5 secs) before each feed, i have so much milk this time around, hopefully i can keep feeding for at least 6 mths. lani loves her sleeps during the afternoon and i hate waking her up every 3 or so hours but i really do need to get those feeds in otherwise she can be unsettled at night. she usually has a bath around 6.30pm then a feed at 7pm and in bed by 8pm, i have to get up and down a few times to replace the dummy but once she is asleep she goes to around 1am then wakes at 4am which is the problem one cause she is wide awake and i am constantly replacing the dummy for around an hour before she wakes again by 7am, do you guys experience the same sort of thing, thankfully she is in the bassinet beside the bed and i just reach up and pop it in. do you all use dummys, don't know why i started just did, health nurse said just pat her to get her to sleep and don't use a dummy, but i did with the other two, and also dummy's apparently can be a good thing in respect of the sids aspect of things (we have counselling through sids and kids after the death of our daughter - even though she died from cancer and not sids, we utilise there counselling), and the counsellor told me about the dummy thing, so now i don;t feel to bad but am wearing a track up and down the house lol.

    in respect of the hubby issue, my dh has never been a baby person but is great when they get older, everything michelle said hits the nail on the head.

    anyway must go take care everyone and i look forward to reading all the posts.

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    Pietta Guest

    Welcome Michelle! Was wondering when you'd have time to come and join us!!
    I have the same thing with Ryley at night. His 4-5 a.m. feed always finds him sooooo awake it drives me nuts. I use a dummy when he wont settle but generally, lucky for me, the patting thing works for us. Mind you he did take from 4.30 to 6 to feed burp change and settle this morning!!

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    Nov 2003
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    Welcome Michelle

    We use a dummy too, although Jessica isn't too rapt in it in the night. Usually if she cries when I put her down she has a pain, I pick her up, she burps an goes back down. We are going for a feed anywhere from 8 to 10 pm, then about 2am and 6am but then she wants to get up, so I have been up before 7 the last 2 mornings. NICE!

    It is amazing what you forget even when you've done it before isn't it. I remember asking the health centre lots of things I should have known when I had the 2nd and the 3rd, as there was 5 and 3 and a half years between each of them, and I simply forgot. Other things come back really quick though, like night feeding!

    Good night all, why am I not asleep! I am oo tired, have been shopping all day for Jordan's bday clothes, and Josh got lost TWICE at the shopping centre so it was a long and stressful day. I will be moving to the next forum in 2 days, it has gone too quick already, I don't want Jessica to grow up as she is the last and I LOVE babies. (SLow down Jessica! (sob, sob)).

    Goodnight again

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    spiddles Guest

    Welcome Michelle and Carmen!!! Glad to see you are coping.

    I used a dummy ever since Liam came home as the first nite was hell and he is a sucker (would suck on boob all day if he could) Just use it to settle him also.

    Have you got your professional photos back yet Pee???...Got mine back yesterday and there are a few on his website.

    I know all mums say their baby is cute but I think he is gonna be a little heartbreaker when he grows up.

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    Spiddles, just dropping into say your professional photos are beautiful

    Love :hbeat:

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    I agree, the photos are absolutely gorgeous Spiddles!!!

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    Pietta Guest

    Nope we get them back next Saturday so I cant wait!!

    Liam looks great in those pics!!!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Spiddles Liam is gorgeous, don't worry most mums think their bubs are beautiful, and so they should, but you are right he is!
    Best wishes Michelle

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    carmen Guest


    Just a quick post while DH is cooking dinner.

    Everything is still going well, although the last couple of mornings I have been exhausted so i have been going back to sleep after the morning feed.

    So far I am not using a dummy but we will see how things go.

    I went for an appointment with the neurologist today and he said that both the MRI and the CT scan were normal so i don't have any problems with my brain. hopefully the bells palsy will clear up in the next couple of months on its own.

    take care

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    carmen Guest

    Great pics Spiddles

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    spiddles Guest

    Thanks guys!!! Cant wait to see your pics Pee if you post them on Ryley's website!! I bet they will be gorgeous!!

    I admire you Carmen for not using a dummy. Its pretty hard for me not to since living in a 2 bedroom townhouse and everything echos. Am too scared neighbours will complain but hopefully on Monday will find out if we are moving. Hopefully we will get this 3 bedroom house. No more stairs and the lounge is as big as our lounge/kitchen combined at the moment and there is a yard and a proper clothes line!! Downside is no bath Since I cant drive we needed to find somewhere close to my work so I can walk and its prolly less than a km away. Liam's daycare would be about 3 kms away. So would be perfect.

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    Pietta Guest

    When are you putting Liam in day care? I was thinking of putting Ryley in but I have issues just leaving him with my Mum atm!! I wanted to go back to work once I have recovered from the c-section before uni starts up again but I am not sure...

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    spiddles Guest

    Well I have put in from work to have up untill Jan 10th off/ Will start again on Jan 10th but can always delay it longer if needed.

    I probably will be going back to work full time. (cant really afford not to) DH has thursdays and sundays off so will only need 4 days a week.

    Costs $47 a day and includes nappies and formula and 2 meals a day when he is older and the people there a wonderful and they encourage you to participate as much as you like and encourage you to come down and breast feed in lunch break if you want to. Donno how much will get back from centerlink. Will have to fill out the paperwork soon.

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    spiddles Guest

    Why is it when you go out Liam is an angel?? Has a feed a burp and will sleep through for 4 hours and everyone is amazed at what a great child he is and then as soon as you get home starts screaming and crying *shrugs*

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    carmen Guest


    I hope that you are all well - I have to tell you my funny (now!) spooky (at the time) story.

    Since James has gone back to work today (Monday) we decided that we should try to move Luke into his nursery on Friday night so he had a few days to get used to it over the weekend and then it would disturb James less when I got up in the night.

    Friday night we hooked up the baby monitor and put Luke down in his cot early and we sat downstairs watching tv listening to his gurgles while he was asleep. When we went to bed, we took the monitor upstairs but there was really bad interference so we changed the channel on the monitors and the interference went.

    We were laid in bed and heard some crying so I got up to check that everything was ok - Luke was sound asleep. I got back into bed and heard more crying - again Luke was asleep. As I was stood in the nursery with my silent baby - I heard a cry on the monitor in our room.

    I said to James - the monitor has just cried but Luke is asleep. James got up and gave me a 'you still have pregnancy brain' look and when he was stood there, of course everything was silent.

    We got back into bed and heard another cry - I said to James - that is not Luke and he agreed and said go and bring him in here but leave the monitor on. We then brought Luke back into the portacot in our room and he was still sound asleep.

    We then heard another cry on the monitor - at which point I turned it off and James went and turned off the one in the nursery.

    We think that our monitor was picking up the noise of another baby and which was extremely freaky.

    Needless to say, we took the monitor back to the shop and exchanged it for a different brand the next day and Luke is still in our room. We will try again next weekend!!!

    Sorry for the long post but I thought that you would appreciate the story


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    Oct 2003
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    LMAO carmen!!! Ours does the same thing... its because our neighbour uses the same channel for her monitor so I hear her little one crying when Matilda is asleep!! So we figured that out and use different channels and sometimes there is a mild cry in the background, but I found that I could hear Matilda without a monitor so we don't use it at night now... (btw, Matilda has a HUGE scream...the neighbours hear it at night too...)

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