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Thread: Its taken 4 months...

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    Default Its taken 4 months...

    But I am nearly there!!!

    I am so so sooooo happy at the moment!!

    I am only 100 grams away from being the weight I was at 13 weeks pregnant, when they started checking my weight. I cant believe it!! It has not been an easy road to lose the 20kg that I gained. I have spent many many many hours at the gym (I must be there best client at the moment cause they know me by my first name!! LOL), I have eaten as healthy as I can (but still have some bad food!), I have walked kilometers with my dogs, but I am nearly there!!!

    I am not too sure what weight I started off with at the beginning of my pregnancy, but I think I have 1.2kg to lose.

    I feel soo good about myself right now, I can look at myself in the mirror and not be disgusted by the flab and my all the stretch marks because I know I have worked soo hard to get to where I am right now. I still have another 7kg of weight I want to lose and that is my focus for the new year!

    So YAY!

    and sorry if this is in the wrong section, not sure where I should have posted it...

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    Good ole NZ !!


    WOW... what an awesome effort... well done...

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    Congratulations! What an achievement! Well done.

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    Well done Veronica! Goodonyamate!

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    Congratulations Veronica! That great going.

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    Thats great Veronica..I have lost nearly all my 19kg baby weight in 3 months, but now its the extra 10kgs I put on before baby that has to go! Keep us updated, you give me inspiration

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    Congratulations Veronca, well done.. I stacked on 30kgs with my first pg and I never bothered to do anything about it. The weight was so much harder to shift after two more pg's I think than if I had of lost it before each other pg.. You are going to be a gorgeous bride..

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