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Thread: Blighted Ovum - inducing miscarriage

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    Default Blighted Ovum - inducing miscarriage

    I need advice, I have had several tests, ultrasound etc and it has been confirmed that at eights weeks there is no baby, I have been told I can have a D&C or have these pessaries that will induce a miscarriage, can anyone tell me anything about these pessaries or share their experience. Thanks

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    I am very sorry to read your news - i do not have any advice but please look after yourself at this difficult time


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    Hi, I'm very sorry for your loss, I hope you're doing OK.
    I recenlty had a D&C so I don't have any personal advice about the pessaries. I have read a few different reports about them on another site though. I think with anything like this you need to keep in mind that people are more likely to post when they have had a bad experience, it helps to vent. Anyway, I've read that they can produce quite painful contractions although miscarriage in general might produce this anyway. I guess the biggest issue surrounds whether you might need to go on to have a D&C anyway if you don't fully miscarry.
    I waited just over four weeks to miscarry, I'm not sure why I was never offered anything to induce. In the end I decided to go the surgical route as I couldn't keep on waiting, it is difficult.
    You need to do what's best for you but make sure if you do try to induce that you have someone with you just in case you need to get to a hospital.
    Good luck and sorry again that you are going through this.

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    Hi mummytwo - very sorry for your loss, m/c is such a difficult thing to go through

    I once had a blighted ovum at 8 weeks, and although I m/c naturally, the cramps were pretty bad. So I'm unsure if the pessary's would be more painful or not. But I would choose them over a surgical procedure like d&c if I was given the choice. Sorry, not much help.

    Hope whatever you choose goes ok for you- you are in my thoughts

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    I'm so sorry for your loss, MummyTwo. My first pregnancy was a blighted ovum and I started spotting at 6w4d and miscarried naturally. It wasn't physically too painful. My second pregnancy was a missed miscarriage that wasn't picked up until I was 11w3d when I started spotting. A scan showed that the embryo had stopped growing sometime in Week 7. I was booked in for a D&C the following day but woke with very painful cramping/contractions and was taken into emergency. My cervix was blocked with "product". I had a D&C (which are performed under general anaesthetic) and there was no pain afterwards. I was released from hospital that afternoon. If it happened to me again, I'd choose to have a D&C.
    I don't know if that helps. Again, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Sending big cyber hugs your way and thinking of you.

    xoxo Kerry

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    I am so sorry for your loss.
    I had a missed miscarriage at 11.5 weeks picked up on our 12 week scan. I had started spotting and had to wait 2 days for my d&C and during that time the pain increased as did the passing of clots so I was glad I had the D&C done as I can imagine how much more painful it would have been to completly miscarriage. i also chose the D&C as my ob advised me as it would be quite painful due to the size of the baby as well as distressing to see any of the baby come out (which unfortunaltley the moring of the d&c I did see some and it was very upsetting sorry if tmi)
    At the end of the day you need to do what is best for you as choosing a d&c is a hard decision ti make also as unfortunatley we all know hoe the baby is removed and that was most upsetting for me but I just wanted it to be over at the time.
    Take care:hugs:

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    Hi MummyTwo,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss - sending you big hugs.

    Late Oct last year I had a missed m/c at about 10.5 weeks (but size of embryo I think was only about 6-7 weeks). I had no m/c symptoms at all - discovered it at a scan, my obs offered to do a suction curette on the day, to which I said "eep, no way" (need adjustment time!). I had the curette 4 days later - physically I found it very good, no probs with anaesthetic (which I've had in the past) and no pain/cramps at all. Bleeding afterwards was on & off for about 16 days, passing some smallish clots on about day 15th (which I found distressing). I was glad I did it rather than waiting for my body to catch-up with what was going on. I found it easier to move on (with the phsyical stuff at least!) & not have it hanging over my head wondering when it would happen. My obs also recommended that I do the curette rather than waiting.

    My cycle re-started (kinda) by late Nov, and was regular from then... so recovery to normal cycle was pretty quick for me... plus conceiving again (in mid-Jan).

    I don't know anything about the pessaries.

    All the best for whichever option you choose - I'm thinking of you.

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    I don't have any advice. Just want to say I'm sorry for your loss and pain and I'll be praying for you.

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    Hi Mummy Two. I recently had a blighted ovum for my first preg (in DEc) that was picked up at my first ob appt at week 11. it was devastating. I had to wait a week for a D&C which was an awful time. The D&C was quick, painless and i think very good at giving me the opportunity to say goodbye to our little one. I got an infection from some tissue that had been deeply embedded and had to have a second D&C a week later. It was an exhausting experience but i remember the few mins before my first surgery, and being able to say goodbye to my baby. I dont think any option is easy (and perhaps you've made your choice now!) but i found it really really important to have a clear cut time to say goodbye and start to grieve. The hospital staff are usually really supportive and understanding, which i found really great as many of our friends were not.

    this is an awful, grieving time and my thoughts are with you. Please feel free to ask for any help and advise. im not sure how much i can offer but i truly understand how you feel. its a very personal and private time.

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    Hi Mummy Two

    I am really sorry for your news - I know how gutting it can be to find your pg is not "normal".

    I had a D&C in Nov 2005 after my pg was diagnosed as molar at 11 wks. There was no option to not to D&C due to various reasons and I had my procedure the next day.

    I found it really simple and quick, the hospital staff were amazing - I was a mess and was basically sobbing the whole time before the procedure - and my OB was amazing.... I remember my DH telling me he gave him a hug once I went into the OT.

    Anyway I digress - in terms of physical recovery I had no cramping very little spotting and I found it easier to cope with the loss. In comparison my sister miscarried at 6 weeks and found it painful and protracted but everyone has a different experience.

    Good luck with your decision.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss

    My 4th m/c last year was a blighted ovum. I was given the option of a D&C or an injection of methotrexate. I opted for the methotrexate for a natural m/c and wish I now hadn't! It dragged out for nearly 10 weeks and was a nightmare, emotionally and physically to cope with. Not sure what the pessaries are, but it sounds like they'd work in a similar fashion to the injection I had.

    I wish I had chosen the D&C (I've had one before), much easier to recover from physically.

    Good luck with whatever you decide *hugs*.

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