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Thread: Miscarriage?

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    Default Miscarriage?

    Hi there everyone,

    I'm just wondering, this is a question for a while ago but I haven't been able to really get it out until just now.

    Last yr I BD'd in June right on the day of O. Around when AF was due I had some light spotting (which I thought was implantation bleeding). I was having + HPTs (faint but definately there) and heaps of symptoms (itchy nipples, bloating, sleeplessness at night but constantly tired during the day, increased appetite, spotty skin and no period). But since that day that I had the light spotting, or since that AF (June 8 2007) I have not ovulated since.

    I thought I may have miscarried. I really believe I did because I was positive I was pregnant... But what do you guys think? Can you miscarry without bleeding? Also had U/S (internal & external) about 3 months after that, and there was no sign of a baby or anything... What do you think?



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    Butterfly Kisses Guest


    Wow, 10 views, no replies... People musn't have a clue either?? I tend to be a bit of a thread killer...


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    Im sorry, i dont really have much of a clue, but maybe it was a chemical pregnancy??

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    i guess without BT's at the time, it's really hard to say for sure. all of my m/c's - even the early ones have bought really nasty cramping and fairly significant blood loss

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    I totally understand BUTTERFLY KISSES, it can so feel a bit frustrating to get some kind of any answer when you see so many views on your question

    ... My m/c experiences have been similiar to Briggsy's girl

    My GP stressed to me that's important to see her not long after a m/c has happened !!

    ... If it's of the slightest encourage to you if you ' are ' trying to fall pregnant - I had my 1st bub at the ripe young age of 40, naturally ... so I'm a firm believer anything is possible seeing not one BUT two IVF specialist said that I would have a slim chance of falling pregnant even on IVF ... YET I did it naturally

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    At 8w1d we found out that our baby had passed away, possibly weeks earlier, but I had not experienced a miscarriage. My scan was a bit different to yours though because I had a pregnancy sac measuring 8 weeks and a placenta. My obs told me that the placenta can continue making pregnancy hormones for quite a while after the baby has died, and therefore my body hadn't realised that something had gone devastatingly wrong. I could have waited for my body to realise and miscarry naturally, but my morning sickness was really really bad, so I had a D&C.

    I think that in your case you should definitely seek more advice from a doctor. It doesn't seem right that you would get +ve results on a hpt and then not experience a miscarriage after so long, or have AF return. I'd be stressing to the doctor that you want answers because it must be so hard for you not knowing what your body is doing for so long.

    I hope you get all the answers and that AF returns for you soon so that you can get back to TTC if that is what you want to do.

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    There is one thing I have learnt in the TTC gam there is sooo many questions and not many answers.

    All 4 of my MC bought on painful heavy periods. Sorry I cant be much help.
    Sending you many hugs.

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