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    jen*** Guest

    Default Newbie here

    I just wanted to say hi and I will be spending some time with you guys! I had a miscarriage last weekend at 8 weeks and it really shook me. I was expecting it as my HCG levels the week before were 305 and the following week hadn't moved. However I thought I was ok emotionally and tried to carry on, have returned to work etc. I had an appointment today for a check up, my d&c was a week ago yesterday. I have had headaches every day since and my doctor told me today my blood pressure was very high 140 over 94. It went down after a few more tries. But she said maybe I need to talk to someone, to cry and bascially grieve. So I guess I am here to relate to others, ask for a bit of help and try to understand and come to terms with what's happened.
    It's a little more difficult as I live in Mexico so my family are not here other than my wonderful husband and in-laws who have been great.
    We were so happy when we found out we were pregnant on the first attempt and now this has happened!
    I don't feel 100% healthwise, I have headaches, tiredness and wondered as well if this is normal.
    Thanks, sorry to ramble.

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    Hi Jen
    Dont apologise for the ramble we all do that on here So sorry for your lost angel it is very diffcult when you dont have your own family about. I had an eptopic nearly 7 weeks ago and still have "off" days, its pretty normal i think, or so the doc told me. In saying that i wouldnt let it go too long and i think we know are selves when something isnt quite right so even if its for your own piece of mind check it out. Take care of yourself and get lots of cuddles and i wouldnt go rushing back into things as this tended to be my big mistake after my ep, it takes awhile for you body to adjust.

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    ~Tash~ Guest


    Hi I am very sorry for your loss, I understand the pain & heartache that you are going through & I believe that it is completely normal to have off days, I still do & my miscarriage was in july, big big hugs... Tash

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    Xan Guest


    Hi. I am so sorry!!! I lost my "Glory Baby" 4 weeks ago. I have to be on IV's when I'm pregnant and had to stay on it for a week longer. Then had to keep taking anti-nausea meds still for another week. I still feel tired and weak. My Doctor said it can take a while for the hormones to go down. I am so sorry...It is hard to match my body up with my mind. It's like they war against each other. Then there is my heart which is completely broken and confussed as to why this happend. The only way I know to deal with it is to talk about it. I don't even feel like people want to talk about it any longer. I think, it's only been 4 weeks!!! It's not like I had the flu and now I'm better. I lost my baby! On another note, my doctor said you don't have to have a full term pregnancy to suffer from Post Pardum depression, I know I am. Don't be hard on yourself. I feel like if we grieve now, it won't come back to haunt us in the future as bad! Prayers...

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    Hi Jen,

    Firstly I am so sorry for your loss. Big hugs.

    I had a D&C 6 weeks ago now, it went as well as could be expected and I found in the following few weeks that I had a lot of headaches and I was also really tired. I think with all the emotional turmoil your are in after a m/c that this is probably pretty normal.

    Things have pretty much settled down for me now, but if you have any concerns I'd definitely go back to see your doctor.

    I've talked to a few support people and also have a couple of good friends who have been there for me through all of this, and it definitely does help. Take the time to cry, grieve, whatever you have to do - it's not something you can just get over overnight. The passing of time does help though.

    Hugs xx

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    jen*** Guest


    Thank you for your replies everyone. I have been reading them each day quickly but didn't have the chance to reply until now.
    I've had some good days and then days where I feel like I'm back to square one again. Just when I think I'm not grieving anymore, something completely different will make me cry and feel depressed again. The headaches have stopped though which is a good thing.
    I really want to feel normal again and be myself again. I'm sorry for all you wonderful people that you have gone through this also and thank you for your support.

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    jen, im really sorry for your loss. We found out on friday that id had a missed miscarriage. We went for our 12 week scan full of excitement only to be told the baby had died at 8 weeks. I had a D&C yesterday, as i hadnt had any cramping or bleeding.

    I feel like im dealing with it ok at the moment but the nurses at the hospital told me to expect alot of down days in the future. I spent all day friday crying, and i guess everybody deals with their grief in their own way. Give yourself some time, I think counselling is a great idea. I feel really lucky as i have some awesome friends and a very supportive family who will let me talk to my hearts content. Ive found talking helps ALOT. So definately try a counsellor, theres nothing to loose. and take care.

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    sorry to hear of your loss, sending you a big hug .

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