thread: Second ectopic - both tubes gone

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    Papillion & Satya- Thanks for your advice. Talking it through here definitely helped. She finally came to visit yesterday and was o.k. I'm sure it was hard for her too, especially when she can't hide her big baby belly. She let me rave and listened. Her DH was sweet and even offered to take me out for lunch.

    njd- Thank you so much for posting. It is definitely at these times when we need all the stories of hope that we can get. I hope I can be just as lucky as your SIL. Not sure about 3 though. Maybe 2

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    Hi Sandy,
    I'm so sorry hun for your loss and pray that the IVF journey is kind to you and a very short one. We had no choice but do IVF as my DP had a vesectomy a long time ago and after we decided to have a baby, he had a reversal done but it didn't work. After just one round of IVF we got pg but lost our little boy due to a problem with the uterus (this is now fixed, thank goodness). So I wanted to tell you that such blessings and miracles like having success with the very first try at IVF do exist. Goog luck hun, I wish you all the very best on your journey and your own little bubbie to love and spoil.
    Beata xxx