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    Angry You know what they say about ASSuming!

    Why does everyone, including my husband just assume that we are going to try again? I'm sorry, maybe it's just too fresh of a memory for me, but I have absolutely not intention of trying again any time soon. If ever! I am still having cramps and back aches from the d/c and people are telling me I should just hurry up and get pregnant again! The very thought of going through this again makes me physically ill! I constantly have to remind my husband that I DO NOT want to try again this year! He just keeps going on like he didn't hear me. Maybe I really am crazy cuz I do not want to try and have another baby. I just can't ever do this again. If I were to have another m/c I don't know if I could go on. This is horrible and I NEVER want to do this again!

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    :hugs: I always wanted to try again after my losses ( I have had 2) but i ignored those people that said to get pregnant again it helps. it doesn't help. I worried more. Esp when I fell pregnant 2 months after my 2nd loss.

    many hugs to you.

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    I'm hearing you girl!! I feel exactly the same. I have recently had early pregnancy probelms which ended in m/c and at the moment I am so not ready to try again. I am so emotionally unstable!! At first I kept thinking that there was no way I ever wanted to try again but now I am at the stage where I know that I do really want to try again but not just yet!! And everyone keeps talking about 'next time'...... what if there never is a next time, or what if it's 6-12 months away! I know some women are different and they like to try again straight away and I really admire their strength, but for me I am like you - I never want to go through that again!

    Make sure you look after yourself. If and when you try again is totally up to YOU. We are the ones that not only go through the emotional but the physical trauma of it all. One thing I have found is that I lot of people underestimate the physical trauma that you go through with a m/c. I didn't have a d&c so I dont know what that is like, but for me, the experience I had was totally awful and I am in no hurry to go back there.

    Big hugs,

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    I understand how you are feeling. I found out I had a MC last Wed and had a D&C last Thursday. Wow it has defiantly been a much more emotional journey than I thought it would be, esp as the 8 weeks I was pregnant seemed to be full of dramas with continual tests etc. Yesterday I just wept as I had such bad cramps and back ache and I was nervous about returning to work today, though it actually made me feel a little better.
    The thought of trying again is scary and to be honest at this stage I am not sure I want to go through it again as the past 8 weeks have been some of the most emotional of my life, esp as work was also mighty stressful. Arggghh. BUT I do live in hope that next time will be a lot smoother and 'normal' and I do look forward to having a bundle of joy!
    As my brother wrote on my card with a beautiful bunch of flowers...'chin up'. : )

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