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Thread: 2yo with Discharge TMI

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    Red face 2yo with Discharge TMI

    My 2 yo has had some vaginal discharge for the last 24-48hrs. Can this be normal or should i take her to the Dr. It has been a pale yellow and a tiny bit has had a green tinge. We are just starting to TT and she spends most her days in Knickers whilst we are home for sleeps and going out she is still in a nappy. She does not seem unsettled in any way. Not sure if i need to be worried or if this can be normal i have never noticed a discharge b4 yet now i can see it on her nappies and in her knickers.

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    My DD had it too, years ago. At the hospital they found she had an infection, due to feaces going up her woohoo. A course of antibiotics and she was fine. We were a lot more diligent with the TT from then on!!

    I would def reccomend getting it checked out, I dont think any discharge would be considered normal. Good luck hon...

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    I agree Hoody, sounds like it might be an infection. I think a trip to the GP is in order.

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