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    no idea where to ask this...........

    how good or bad are eggs for kids after being away for 2 weeks with cooked breakies jack has decided cereal is a no no he will happily munch down 2 fried (no butter oil) egg white he will not eat yolk anyway what i want to know is it bad for him to have this every day???? he is 15mths old

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    i dont know for sure, but i reckon it would be too much for everyday. maybe 2 or 3 times a week would be better. why dont you give him something else cooked like baked beans, or french toast? but i reckon a balance of cooked and typical brekkys would be best./

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    he has gone off toast doesn't like baked beans etc all he wants is eggs for breakie LOL if he was older I would do the well if you dont eat that you go hungry routine but he is 15 months old, I did buy some cheerio cereal today my friends in the US feed it to their kids it is like a 1st cereal over there, so was thinking if I give it to him in a bowl no milk he might eat them he just wont let me feed him anymore LOL mr independant

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    maybe wheet bix with vegemite? bit of a novelty and he can eat it with his hands..

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    my mum used to dip toast in egg then fry it....
    i think egg white is ok every day

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    thanks for suggestion noni i did give him wheetbix dry once he choked big time

    anyway this morningn I tried him on honey oats no go, but he is sitting here eating a piece of toast witha scraping of butter

    also how much water would be normal bear in mind qld is not having high temps at moment we are getting to 32c maybe but its not overly hot Jack will drink on most days a litre + of water and approx 400-600ml milk he will drink 330ml of water while eating dinner

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