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Thread: how to make a 2yr old wear shoes??

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    Oh i don't think it hurts Jacob. he really is just stubborn. he doesn't say it hurts. he just doesn't like being told what to do..

    I have heard of SPD as our other son had something like it but seemed to grown out of it. Or something we don't know but he hated touching grass, sand Cement ect. And he always wanted his shoes on..

    Jessica: It sure is hard making them do anything... I know I must look like such a bad mum when we all have shoes on and he doesn't but oh well...

    I think I will just ask him each time before we go for a walk and see how he goes. Maybe one day eventually he will say yes...

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    With the SPD there are all different types of it, so when one child doesn't like the texture of certain things like you're talking about, they might be fine with all other area's, just depends what sensation triggers them personally.
    When you break it down and catagorise it there are lots of different types.

    Anyway, if there isn't more to it than him not wanting his shoes on and not listening i'd go say to him if he wants to go outside then he needs shoes on. If he doesn't want to put them on the he can't go out to play!

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