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Thread: When was your bub's first overnight stay??....

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    Hey Tan, My first DS Jack slept over a bit at his Grandparents when he was about 6 months old, when we had things to go to that finished quite late. And they were fine. Until Pa had a heart attack when Jack was about 10 months old, and since then I haven't felt right letting him sleep over yet..
    But just the other week they brought it up again and he slept over, and they all had a ball!!!
    And he is staying over there 2moro night too!! It is sooo cute because he sleeps in the middle of them!!
    And Nick and I were ok, just wondering how they were and I woke up with every little sound too!!

    So glad to hear you guys are letting your mum have Izzy for a sleepover. They will both love it!! Just try to enjoy your night out and your sleep in!!
    I still have Toby to get up to in the morn, so no sleep in for me!!

    And I think it is lovely for the grandparents to spend that special time with their grandchildren.. And I bet when gumnut comes along, you'll love Izzy to have a sleepover!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex&Jack View Post

    And I think it is lovely for the grandparents to spend that special time with their grandchildren..
    I totally agree! My mum looks after DD one day a week and DD has such a close bond with her. It really is great for her to have such a close relationship with her grandparents.

    I'm glad you have decided to do it - the first time is the hardest and once you have done it you will probably wonder why you didn't do it earlier

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    18mths, we started back on the IVF program and had to be in Hobart at 9:00 in the morning which meant getting on the road for a 4:00am start 4 hour drive down and back in a day, so DD stayed with her aunt and cousins for the night and following day all was fine but I couldn't get back to her quick enough LOL!!!

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    i week ago! she is almost 13 months...we were the same went out for a show and my parents were dying to have her stay....we were unsure and decided to give it a go but made my mu promise if she wasn't settling she was to call us and we would come and pick her up,..she slept like an angel, and was so good and happy that we ended up going out for brekkie before picking her up.. i thought i wouldn't sleep well but i slept like a log, woke at 9am with a massive headache from the first sleep in in over 12 months, lol! Go for it I say, it is very very hard, but once it was happening it was fine...i'm glad i have done it now.

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