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Thread: The Pink Kit

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    ok im thinking of getting this for my sis who is due in dec but having a look at the bb store there is the just for series do these accompany the "big" kit or could i just get the ones relevant for her?(first time mum and first time dad)

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    bump bump

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    I haven't heard any of the Pink Kit's 'Just For' series so I am not sure sorry... they are quite popular though, hopefully someone in here can help.
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    Hey there, I have the Just For VBAC and it was good, but it did refer to the Pink Kit quite alot which for me is fine, but if you don't have that, it might be quite confusing and not that useful. I think it is kind of a companion to the Pink kit, not really a stand alone if that makes sense. Not sure about the other ones tough Elli - they might be a bit different. HtH.

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    ok thanks! i think i will get the full one then for her!

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