thread: Possible waters leaking?

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    Possible waters leaking?

    I know everyone is probably sick of this being asked but Ive been in hospital for threatened prem labour and Im a bit of a worry wart now

    Ive had some discharge that is more like water than mucous. The two times its occured today its wet through to my pants but not been much more than a tablespoon size patch. Its definately not urine as Ive had the unfortunate experience of a bit of bladder control loss, plus it doesnt smell like urine but something entirely different. Its not completely clear, has a tiny bit of an off colour tinge to it.

    I was wondering if it *could* be my waters leaking? Its not happening anymore (or in a large amount). I had artifical rupture of membranes during delivery with my last pregnancy so its a different experience to having your waters break naturally.

    I dont want to make a trip to the maternity ward or OBs office tomorrow unless its neccesary, Im sure theyre sick of seeing me by now.


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    I hate to say it Anna, but better safe than sorry. It sounds to me like you'd better head in to your OB/hospy tomorrow morning, and rest up in bed AMAP until you do.

    The fact that it's stopped leaking is a good sign, maybe it's not your waters, but I would check to be on the safe side hun. Trust me, you REALLY want to put off going into labour early, if at all possible. Don't worry that they'll think you're being a stress-head, that's what they're there for, to get you and your bub through this safely.

    Good luck sweets, let us know how you go.

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    Sorry to say it Anna,
    But I think that you should at least call your OB/Gyn or the hospital and explain to them. From that they may just ask you a few more q's on the phone and leave it at that, or they may ask you to come in. Be it that you have had a fairly complicated pregnancy, I say better be safe than sorry.

    Wishing you the best

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    I agree with sez. Best to get checked out. I mean they will think your more crazy if you don't go in and it really is something to go in for. It could have been a small hind water leak that's sealed back up. But again, best to be safe and sorry. *hugs* hun. goodluck.

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    Anna it would be safer to get it checked out

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    Anna it would be best if you went to the doctors tomorrow.If you want to talk I am always available.I'll send you a PM with my phone numbers.

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    Anna - get it checked out. I would rather you be a worry wart than wait. It can't hurt to be checked and it is better for your mental health Good luck hun

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    I hope you got it checked out last night. I hope everything is ok now.

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    You've heard the girls Anna! Off you go and good luck chickie!

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