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Thread: Caesarean General Chatter & Discussion #6

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    OMG Nic that sounds absolutely horrendous. Wow... I was so lucky with mine. Because I had an epi already placed they use that port for the spinal block & even though I felt the first few incisions after that it was all good. I went into shock after feeling the incisions but then the spinal started working. My body shook throughout the entire procedure. When Matilda came out she was put straight into DH's arms & they did everything they needed to right off to the side where I could see. She was on my bb's before I left the theatre. I just felt ripped off about the birth, but the more I hear women's stories the more I realise how fortunate I was.

    Nic in Brissy there is a thing called Birth Talk in Milton where women with traumatic birth's get together to sort through their experiences, and some were a while ago... most of the time the women there are TTC or pregnant and want to sort through things before having their second...

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    Eew at being sick, that would've been awful for you. Was it a reaction to something you were given for the procedure?
    Nic - it was probably because I'd had some water and not really fasted before the caesar like you would with an elective.... probably a mixture of things too. I was nervous, scared and very tired... I'd been in pain for 5 days (probably in labour for the previous 2 but we'll never know).
    We missed out on the immediate skin-to-skin contact too... tho I did get to BF in recovery but only one side for 15 minutes. She was then taken to Special Care because her blood sugar was low and they didn't have the staff to monitor her and help me with her overnight (something I am angry about now but didn't care much at the time). I was pretty spaced out that first night... I reckon I was a little in shock and a little affected by the drugs. Things will be different next time, that's for sure!
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    Oh Deb that would have been aweful trying to throw up on your back without moving.....
    Simone that does sound quiet bizzare pushing on such a fresh wound?? Ouch!
    I got the shakes in recovery and had a number of blankets over me but still couldnt stop shaking.
    i felt like i could have shut my eyes and falled to sleep just before they pulled Nixon out. Cause i started labouring at 1am that morning i was just sooooo exhausted & felt horrible that i might fall asleep b4 he came out!

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    I spewed when i was in theatre too. I was laying there after they had given my the epi and I remember feeling nauseous, they had said to me that this could happen because the epi makes your blood pressure drop and can sometimes make you feel ill. They said that if I felt like this to let them know nad they would put something through my drip to make me feel better. Anyway, I tell them that I feel like I am going to be sick, they give me this pathetic little kidney dish to spew in, remembering that I am already numb and cannot move my body around to spew. They take the dish away and I am going to be sick again, I remember turning my head to the side coz you just can't spew laying flat on your back and I think my body must have followed, the nurses all came running and were holding me back up. LOL. Bloody lucky I didn't fall of the slab they call a bed.

    I also got the shakes just after my epi went in, I wa so cold. The Dr gave me a lovely warm blankie, just what I needed.

    I got the shakes after having Joel, I think my poor body went into shock. Same thing happened after Brandon, although I was half expecting it this time. Funnily though, I don't remember getting them after Tehya, not sure why. I wonder if it's because I had pretty quick birth's with the boys and Tehya's was quite long ??? Who knows....

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    New thread time girls


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