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Thread: Caesarean ~ How did you make it an empowering experience?

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    This is such a great thread!

    I love the birth plan ideas advocating for immediate skin on skin and all weighing etc to wait. Also the viewing of the placenta (or keeping) would be a great way to connect to the birth. You could then bury it with a plant etc and let the growing journey of your bub be mirrored by a plant.

    Go women! Let's make all births empowering! It's just a shame we often have to fight for it.

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    Wow KimB your experience sounds brilliant, it really has given me some more psotivie things I can do and ask for if they can be possible, thankyou so much for taking the time and sharing

    MumtoA I hope that you are able to achieve a positive C/S in the future

    maybub, I am glad that you have gained some great knowledge on how you can make your CS experience a positive and peaceful delivery

    water_lily80, I have read about it and it is truely amazing, it is a meternal assisted CS, I know the KEHM in Perth is trialing it atm, I thought about it but then thought back to DD's birth and I freacked out at the thought of touching her head so I don't think it is for me but I would be so happy to watch it happen!

    Thanks Arcadia, it is sad how we have to fight for something out of the ordinary.... and I completely agree it shouldn't matter the way we birth the mother should still have the opportunity to make it the most positive, empowering experience she can

    AFM ~
    a bit of an update, at the moment we are looking at three possible births for this little bubba, my OB is willing to support a breech delivery there are conditions, size of bubs, needs to be over 2kg less than 3.5/4kg, preferably frank breech but if footling as long as the membranes are in tact. I also have forms to have a CT pelvimetry to be done to check the size of my pelvis, but she thinks I should be ok as I got DD out in 17 minutes with a 34cm head She thinks that my cord may be on the short side, based on what we are seeing in my scans and dopplers, but we can still try and she said if the cord was too short we would see signs of foetal distress early enough to change to CS. CS if bubs is in Foetal Distress, or something changes dramamtically in bubs condition. VB if Flicker turns, there have been a few attemps but he/she just can't seem to get all the way round and gives up

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    well DD2 was my 1st ceaser and that was pretty much like pull the baby out re-sus the baby, wrap the baby up, put the baby in a humidicrib it was full on crap they also didnt let me out of bed for 2 days.
    So DS
    I had the ceasarean, JB was taken and was handed to his daddy straight up then as soon as I was stitched up he was handed to me for skin to skin & his 1st feed, to aid a fast recovery i insisted on getting out of bed with 2 hours of the birth, then at 3am the following morning I demanded the catheter out and I was on my feet within 18 hours of his birth which made recovery so fast and I was able to do everything with him.
    you just need to lay down the rules dont let them walk all over you

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