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    I think I am doing something wrong with this charting thing. I started temping this month on cycle day 7 (didn't start earlier b/c didn't think doc would give us the all clear to TTC) My BBT has been between 98.0 and 98.5. This is high for pre-ovulation, isn't it? I thought I ovulated when temp went up to 98.5 but then next two days were 98.2 and 98.0. I just don't know what it means to have a high pre-ovulation temp. I had some EWMC a few days ago which lead me to believe I had ovualted even though temps are weird. I am somewhat guessing on the length of my cycle. I had been on the pill for years. I came off it last february. had one cycle of 29 days, 31 days, then 2cycles at 39 days whcih I attibuted to stress at work. Then I got preg so really not sure of my cycle length. I have always had a normal period so I guess that means i always ovulate. I am just scared now that I had the late term m/c that my ovualtion will be all screwy. ok I have ranted enough. Thanks ladies.


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    Was there anything that you did different the day you got the high temp?

    It hasn't been that long since you loss, so maybe your body is still getting back into the swing of things, all I can suggest is just keep taking you temp and hopefully you will start to see a pattern. Also keep BDing every second day, then you might be able to catch the eggie.


    hugs xoxo

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    Barbara, I'm so very sorry for your loss.

    It's possible that it may just take a bit more time for things to settle down. If that's the case, there's not much you can do but accept it and wait (and I'm an impatient person, I know how frustrating that sounds!)

    The other thing is that temperature charting is more about the trends, patterns and changes in your temperature. A few temperatures on their own don't necessarily mean much.

    Back in April, when we first discovered the right medication to get me to ovulate consistently and regularly, I had temperatures pre-ovulation that were around 36.3. Post ovulation I would reach 36.7. Currently my pre-ovulation temperatures are running at 36.5, and post ovulation around 36.8. If I were to compare the pre-ovulation temperatures of the two cycles, I would panic - a rise of 0.2C is more than enough to indicate that ovulation has occurred (even though my rise is higher).

    Try to take notice of the other signals your body will send - mucus changes are probably the easiest and most obvious. Charting is something that it takes time to get used to, but remember - don't obsess about individual temperatures, try to look at the overall pattern.

    And yep, you may just need to remind me of that again some time soon - I tend to get a little obsessive about these things after an embryo transfer!

    Good luck, Barbara, I hope it all becomes clearer as time goes on.


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    Hey Barbara,

    Wow, you are ttc already? Good luck to you and lots of

    personally, i have been tracking my temps too and they were a little high over the last few days - now i have just found out i have a double ear infection and a throat infection!! So maybe there was another factor messing with your temps too?

    Obviously this has completly screwed up my charting for this month!

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