thread: Really long Anovulatory cycle

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    Question Really long Anovulatory cycle

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had a really long anovulatory cycle? I am pretty sure it was anovulatory anyway. I kinda got sick of temping for a while cause it was going on forever like (69 days in total). My cycles have been reasonably regular, around the 35-39 days but this last one was completly out of whack. I did a HPT @ 3 different times and all a week apart so there was no chance i was preg!

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    Yep this happened to me the cycle before I got pregnant with DS.

    I'm usually regular as clockwork (29 days always) and I had this ridiculously long cycle that went for about 59 days I think. Totally did my head in, I must have did about 50 pregnancy tests even though we weren't trying at that point, because I'm just NEVER late like that.

    I had just made an appointment with they gyno to find out what was going on because we were planning to start ttc the next month. The morning of my appointment my AF showed up....I went on to have a normal cycle the following month and fell pregnant first try.

    It was so strange for me, I have never in my life had a cycle that long but it does happen and as long it's a one off it's probably normal.

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    Yep, i had one in may, 6 weeks in total so that's about 42 days. was always 28 before that but sadly ever since I now have 35-37 day cycles, My FS has no reason for it. I hope your next one is normal

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