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    Sun, bicarb, and stripwash are the best things for smelly nappies. Boys also have stronger Pheromones than girls so they are likely to get smelly a bit faster with boys. Try popping some bicarb in the bucket if you are leaving them for a few days and hang outside whenever possible. I find they smell a bit faster when they only go in the dryer. They can handle up to 60 degrees wash which is higher than what most HWS go to nowadays. and low in the dryer. How many prewashes did you do Kate? I find that if I have only done 1 or not prewashed they get a bit smelly because if the manufacturing process, because the microfleece hasn't fully washed in, and the bamboo needs to get a little more absorbency.

    I reckon try the sun and bicarb and if no success then strip wash.

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    the Sauna

    misskate - heaps of fitteds out there are OSFM !!!!!

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    Morning morning... still raining here...

    Kate - yup the other girls have made good suggestions for you. Lea is right - there are some excellent OSFM's fitteds out there, Cute Tooshies, Baby Beehinds - just to name a few.

    Can't remember what else I was going to say so - to everyone. Picking up new car today - haven't even taken it for a test drive - but DH has ASSURED me that I will love it

    Ahhh well better get off my fat butt and get ready!!!


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    Limey - out of curiosity, what nappies have you had problems with when washing in hot? I always wash in hot at 60 degrees - have done so now for a couple of months - all of my nappies are fine so far but degradation in the long term is my concern. The washing instructions on all of them say that hot washing is OK, I used to wash at 30 degrees (my machine won't do a cold wash on a normal cycle, only on handwash, grrr), but since I've been hot washing my nappies are no longer coming out smelly, E's nappy rash has improved heaps, and the degradation of my bamboo has stopped. Even the ones that already had some degradation have not got any worse (although I'm no longer using the worst culprits, my bamboozles, as they leave lint on everything).

    Kate, I rinse all nappies before pailing, I find that this helps too (with both the smell and the degradation). Night nappies are rinsed especially thoroughly. Using less detergent may help too, if you are using too much and it is not rinsed properly, the residue can cause nappies to smell.

    WOHB: Possum pouches KK AIO. Another good night back in cloth - woot!

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    swaddlebees OSFM are my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bamboo velour - just LUSH

    wohb - bizy bee shimmer nappy
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    on the nappy bin front...we dont have one with a lid...I bought a kitchen bin with a shivel when I can throw the nappy at the lid if falls in. Also makes it easier when I wash them

    I have a feeling AP has lost my AG slushie I got an email asking if i had it yet which of course i dont so looks liek mr AP dude is gonna get one arse whipping from me.

    Mel - I think im just as excited about you getting this new car...I keep telling jed and he just as me

    Ive done a destash again...10 more nappies that are just sitting there.

    Im putting Vy back into nappies at night to cause she wet 2 nights ina row and im jsut to sick to continuously wash and clean. Jed isnt helping (of course) and im not aloud to be sick....stop shouting at me...I didnt know I ears are that blocked and now my voice has gone

    Melbel - I know your lurking woman but honestly im no good on the phone just to sick

    of to wash some more it never ends

    WOMB - cowboy auriel

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    Thanks for all of your advice about my stiff nappies ladies, I thought it was something to do with them drying so fast, DUH. I hung some out last night and I'm just bout to go bring them in now before the sun gets too hot. I'll let you know how they are.

    Misskate - I have a boy and his wee is the stinkiest I've ever smelt. I find that no matter how I wash my nappies whether it's hot/cold more/less detergent etc. It never makes a difference. After I pull them out of the washing machine, even after 3 washes once because I was so annoyed at the smell, they STILL smell. But after a few hours in full sun outside, there is absolutely no smell in them at all. The sun works wonders.

    I'm interested to know what nappies can't be washed on hot? Can anyone give me some examples? I'm thinking anything with bling as it would possibly melt the glue. But velour, minky, fleece etc all seem pretty heat tolerable to me?

    Maz - I hope they find that slushie, of all the nappies to go missing it had to be a good one didn't it. damn.

    WOHB: I don't know the brand, but it's a pretty flowery sidesnapper.

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    Maz - you better join the women against man flu group on FB then. When he is sick drive him like a slave back mwahahahaha.

    I think I am gonna have to put Em in sposies for a while. Unless mum is willing to wash the nappies. A friend is looking after the girls atm, and there are hardly any clean nappies left.

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    Hey guys Im flying out to Brissy/ Redcliffe tomorrow and I wanna keep DS in cloth. Ill be there 2 to 3 weeks so how many nappies should I take? And I only have 3 small wetbags is that enough?

    WOHB: Pink WAHM (cz my boys so confident he can pull it off lol )

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    in love. lots of it.

    rhyb - depends on your washing facilities where you're staying. I took about 24 pockets and AI2s and some night nappies for a 3 week trip and it was too much, washing every 2nd day. Same, 3 wet bags to put them in. I vacuum packed them to take up less space in my luggage too, but made sure I had access to a vacuum cleaner when coming home too!

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    Ok how many of you scored at the CuddlesnCloth stocking today?
    I missed out Forgot all about it until now.

    Thanks to the suggestion of Saram (I think?) my boosters aren't stiff anymore!

    Hmm, I think I introduced the talk of gastro into the thread a while back. Well I had it for 2 weeks, and finally got rid of it. Today, DS has it After disinfecting the house from top to bottom all day, lots of hot washes in the washing machine etc. I now have it back

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    Is it just me, or were we off the air for the day on sunday? I couldnt log on.
    Cant sleep, think I am having contractions, just got off the phone to the hospy, am gunna see if I can ride it out at home for a while.
    OOHHH, just think, another day or so and I can try out my nappies

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    oooh how exciting Shell!!! Hope the little man is on his way!

    Cant wait If you get bored though I will be on for a while

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    Woooo shells!! Exciting!!! Hopefully you are in the hospital now having your gorgeous bubba!!

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    omgf shELL!!!!! I cant wiat to hear news

    I am so jealous of all you guys getting rain!!!! Its so dry here atm....horrible .

    I got so much wahsing done this clothes horse was full of nappies and they all dried

    BBL Mateauz is screaming out to me

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    morning ladies...
    not much happening here nappy wise...i have a HEAP on washing...Jacks butt is now better (touch wood) i ended up having to buy Hydrazole to get it better...poor little man
    I was bidding on a lou lou on B4B BUT someone outbid me
    not long now and i go back to work...heres hoping the MIL can manage with cloth....oh well if she can't too bad
    WOJB ~ cloth'd up fitted / maz growl cover

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    OOOHIE a new bubba !!!

    i won a few naps on b4b, cant afford them but bid ages ago and still won them lol !!

    i cant wait for this new site !!

    i recieved a nappy off b4b and it was waaaay crap !! nappy ovbiously a 2nd but that wasnt stated ... grrrrrrrrrrrr

    i cant be bothered complaining .. she got her cash and i got ripped off !! always the way with me

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    I bought my new washing machine yesterday and its comeing on Tuesday so the pre-washing extravaganze will begin. Just as we start to get really Autumn weather but ah well.

    I also thought up a pile of questions while we were off the air, and do you think I wrote them down?
    This is what I can think of now but not sure if it was all of them.

    Can PUL go in the dryer - so things with hidden layers of PUL etc?
    Are there any types of nappy fabrics that I should avoid washing together - even in seperate laundry bags?

    What sort of cycle do you wash/spin them on - esp for anyone with starbunz pockets/covers, do these have to be washed on gentle - I dont want the puppies ears to fall off!

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