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thread: Cloth Nappies # 170

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    Apr 2007
    the Sauna

    Kat - in the same situation too hun .. it sucks .. and its friggen tough!! i cry too about it .. but i do it so DH cant see ... he prefers to xbox the toubles away .. i just cry when the kids are sleeping !!!

    (hi Mel !!!!! ) sorry i couldnt stay longer ... man the GJ is a busy place !!

    anyway ... no negativity to cloth .. the oldies love it that we are using cloth , but i have had a coment from a young (young) mum saying " dont you know that they make disposeables now ... they have been around for ages "


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    Dec 2007

    but i have had a coment from a young (young) mum saying " dont you know that they make disposeables now ... they have been around for ages "


    Like FULLY....omigawd...did you like, tell her that there is this hole in the ozone layer and like, it has been there for fully like, ages too? you know?

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    Oct 2007
    S/West Sydney

    LS- U so sounded like my friends then... ROFL. Most people i know dont even realise u arent supposed to put poop in the bin... They whinge about having to buy sposies but arent willing to give cloth a go... I have even offered to lend some.... All i get is negitivity same with my Breastfeeding... Glad i have support on here...

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    Apr 2007
    the Sauna

    Jess whats wrong with BF a little (or any ) bubba like yours ??? are they like my mum and always pushing me to put Gabs on a bottle ??

    not nappy related but DH and I are sitting next to each other ... BUT we are both on different laptops

    talk about lack of communication !!

    Gabs is in a sposie tonight ...too much RAIN ... grr

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    Feb 2009

    You girls crack me up.

    My DF probably gives me the most grief out of everyone for going cloth. When I told him/tell him the benefits of cloth over sposies he tells me "They may be good for the environment but they aren't any better for our wallets... Because you CAN'T STOP BUYING THEM!" hehe oopsie.

    I think I most often get the comments about keeping up with all the washing etc. But they don't realise you just chuck them in the machine and hang them on the line. No soaking etc. like the old days.

    I told DF we need a night nappy as DS has started to wet through while he's been sick. He says "well we will just buy a pack of disposables for bed time". I told him that it would take two months of disposables to pay for one night nappy (well close enough) and he STILL insists no more nappies.

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    Mar 2007

    I get less negativity for cloth up here than I did in Adelaide. I still get a bit from my mum, but she knows that I will not buy them unless I know that I am likely to have diahorreah to clean up - Challenge time.

    DH said that Em's rash is less blistery and more red, so he still has to lather her with the nasty zinc cream.

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    Apr 2007
    the Sauna

    CM - i dont tell DH about my buys anymore - they all just end up in the stash ... and its ALWAYS on sale

    Ali - hope your feeling well , are you out of hossy ??

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    Mar 2007

    Yeah I am home Lea, but not doing much. Have slept a few hours every day since I got home. DH now knows how much work it takes to run the house, he needs to clean up the kitchen and sweep and mop the floor tonight. He has done the second nappy prewash, and I lanolised all the small woolies (bucket on the floor while I was sitting down) so everything is drying.

    WOEB: NBC Sposie
    WOSB: Bumble Bee CT.

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    ... and its ALWAYS on sale
    the only thing i've paid full price for have been Maz and Mel buys - everything elsewhere has been on special (and Mel's are always on spesh with the BB code lol!)

    thankfully DH doesn't care at all how much we spend cos "it makes you smile babe - what more could i want?" - ahhhh such a sweetie - i think maybe it might be different when he's home and i send HIM to squirt the poopie nappies though! lol

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    Nov 2007

    lol BG, mine won't go near any sort of dirty nappy let alone one with poo. I don't mind cause I love to choose which one I should put on next, he wouldn't colour match

    I have had a few negative comments, "oh god no, why would I want to do that" if I don't really like/know the person my usual response is "cause I don't want any nasty chemicals known to cause toxic shock sydrome on my baby's butt" usually shuts them up.
    I am sure all the mum's at DD's school think I am some sort of washed up hippy, cloth nappies, baby wearing, un dyed long hair which is lucky if it gets brushed and clean clothes if I am lucky lol.
    Can you tell I am not in the "in" mum's club. Really cuts me up (insert sarcasm here)

    Ali - rest up hun, hope your not in too much pain.

    Can't remember who mentioned organic BG but I would personally go pop in over BG anyday, the elastic on BG sucks, pop in are so much better and all natural, just ask Kitt3n

    Lea lol - us too, two different lappy's, sometimes we even IM each other lol.

    ETA oh and slightly OT but has anyone had a look at the beetlebums carriers due to stock on Tue *droooooolllllsss* DH is buying me one for my b'day, I hope I am able to snag one!!

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    Jul 2007
    Dapto, Illawarra...NSW

    My DH has absolutely NO IDEA how much MCN's cost...and I hope to keep it that way!!! Love having my own Visa debit card and paypal account!

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    hahaaaaa. DH has now just started saying "are you going to tell me what it is at least?" But my cloth-buying days are getting less & less, I have heaps here, might need to look at trainers though (hehehe)

    But now I'm mostly buying clothes for him and pads for me And soaps, and jewellery, and seeds ....

    Although now DH's decided that we're to itemise every purchase, he'll find that I'm not spending $20+/week on sposies & wipes

    WoHB - Zappy. Really glad I put him down for his nap in a dream-eze + MD booster, cause he slept for about 5 hours!

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Happy Easter girlies

    only a quickly as im heading to Melbourne soon...had to say HELLO to the girls

    Nappies and hiding them...I dont have to...Jed's worse then me he tells me what nappy to buy next especially if he's put it on and like sthe fit (hench having 5 auriels now) and the pooh...he's usually very good and clenaing them up but lately he's been leaving them in the sink hmmm

    its funny...I dont get crap for using cloth but i get alot of eyebrow raising for making them...My MIL loves it but its like Im a novilty .... oh maz makes cloth nappies...isnt that great......and we then veir of to another topic...I dont care...I know that im doing something positive for the enviroment and my kids future.

    Ok of to cook some bacon and eggs for Jed and me...kids ownt need anything with their baskets of chocolate

    Mauws all

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    Jan 2005

    Happy Easter!!

    Have spent the morning sorting through nappies to wash, so have a q re washbags.

    For those who use them, do you use them for all fabrics, or just for some?
    Which ons fluff more than others? I was thinking fleece and minkee in (seperate) bags, but BBBH might be OK not to be in bags? Or not?

    Do you just need to use them for the first few washes, or all the time?

    Can I just bung all the coloured ones in together..my orange nd black ishfly looks like its begging to run and dye everything int he machine, its so bright!

    Im also worried about filling my machine up with tons of washbags and potentially unbalancing it - we have an 8kg machine

    any ideas gratefully appreciated!!

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    Nov 2006
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    hey girls i hope everyone had a visit from the easter bunny!! ours forgot to eat his carrot, silly thing!!

    as far as negativity goes i simply state (i think i have said this before somewhere) "well i cant stand sitting on plastic pads for a few days, why on earth would i be so horrible to do that to my child for a few years?! I cant understand how you could be so lazy so as to not want comfort for your beautiful little baby"............. shuts most people up. if it doesnt then i just continue with more info and they basically run away and hide. knowledge is power!!!

    lol with my stash most things i have bought really were on sale. I am a bargain hunter you see! There have been a few special nappies here and there but generally i'd say 75% of my stash was bought at a discount.

    Whos seen that white widdlewun with mint embroidery? I am thinking that would look great black minkee with white embroidery.

    anyhoo - my little poo bum is into her third nappy of the day, i this kid goes through 8-12 nappies each day cos she poos so much. I have no idea how much she wees cos nappies are never really "wet" well they are but you know what i mean, sometimes 2 or 3 nappies an hour

    better go, my sexy man is making me eggs for breakkie and singing me songs of love, he is deserving a big huge cuddle!!

    wohb - bits for bots velour fitted/bizybee flongies. looks so cute

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    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    Rayray the BBB will shed lint like mad for the first few washes and it will cling to the minky

    I gave them a fling in the dryer to get rid of it. Only for half an hour or so and on low/cool. The lint filter had a cm think pad on it

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Awwww kitten, how beautiful is he! My DH's cooking our hot cross buns for brekky

    Am I a bad mum if I haven't bought any easter eggs for Pip? I figure he's too young to appreciate the reason behind Easter.

    Have a good trip to Melbourne today, have a newborn snuggle for us!

    WoHB - GK turtles

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    happy Easter everyone!

    no bunny visit here last night - one of the "advantages" of food sensitivities - i used to get hives when i had Easter Egg chocolate as a kid, so i label myself allergic. next easter might have to be a little different though... Gremlin will be introduced to eggs VERY slowly though just in case!

    rayray - when i washed the BBB and BBH they lost a bit of lint like Raven mentioned - i prewashed a couple of times and air dried, then after the third wash, i dried a while, then put them through the drier - only for a bit over half an hour (though i did have to clean the filter half way through!).

    as to using wash bags - i have washed a lot of stuff in the wash bags to be honest - last load, cos i was washing colored widdlewuns, iishfly's etc, i ended up with five wash bags, as well as a heap of other stuff (maz covers etc). i had no problems with an unbalanced washer at all... and even the strongest colored items haven't bled at all hun. if you're worried about the funky orange iishfly, soak it for a short time in a bucket first just to see what happens

    actually, in all the nappy washing (even reds) not one bit of dye has run - gave in and let mum wash all Gremlins funky girl clothes, and the first load of light colored things had a dark ribbon on one of cream tops - pink on everything! she was so upset! sent her on a mission to bye that stuff for when you make a boo boo like that and apparently it's all cleaned up now. poor mum - it would have happened the same to me anyway but she felt really bad about it...

    33 weeks today - not long now til i get to PLAY with these purddy nappies, not just look at them longingly! thought playing might not be as much fun once they're pee or poop filled - can't see me brushing minky against my face after that!

    eta - must be the day for hubbies to be cooking brekkie - mine is in the kitchen cooking bacon and eggs for brekkie now! i've agreed to cook roast for dinner (well, i'll do most of it - he always helps) - lamb for SIL and I, pork for DH and bro - the kids can have a mixture! not very often we do this kinda thing, but bro and SIL are coming out to pick up their kidlet so we figured why not?
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