thread: Very tired - why only at night??

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    Very tired - why only at night??

    OK.. I must have THE windiest baby on this planet LOL. Lets just say she isn't much of a lady! But the worst times are in the middle of the night! Last night I was up every half hour with her from about 11pm to 3am. I think she was eventually exhausted and fell asleep, and woke for a feed about 7. She was still moaning and groaning and straining in her sleep, but at least kept sleeping.

    But why on earth is this only at night?? She's sound asleep right now.. and no doubt will sleep beautifully today again... only to be unsettled later tonight.

    I'm pretty sure it's not my diet.. I can hear the bubbles going down as she's drinking.. I've used infacol which sometimes helps to get the bubbles back up as a burp, but she still has terrible wind down below.

    Perhaps I'm unlucky at the moment and our witching hour just happens to be after midnight?? Tallon never had a witching hour.. and I actually never had to burp Tallon.. he'd fall asleep on the boob and I'd put him straight to bed. *shrug*

    Any ideas? Any other ideas for wind relief? I've used Brauer Colic Relief, which worked really well the first night after the four initial doses in a row, but once we went 4 hrly with the doses it didn't seem to do anything. Perhaps it was just the chamomile in it that helped her sleep that first night.

    Any advice would be appreciated.. or even just some sleeping vibes would be nice heheh

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    I don't really have much advice to help.. but hugs to you anyway!!!!! DS was a screamer when he was a few weeks old because of wind, and it was horrible!!!! I wanted to take him back to the hospital and trade him in on another one a few times there!!! haha!!!! But Infacol worked for us, and I've heard that gripe water from the chemist can help also??? Sorry not much help.. good luck!!!!

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    I'm sending you all the sleepy vibes I can spare.
    Maybe at night she's lying flat for longer so gravity isn't helping her any. Is she in a cot or hammock or bassinet? If so maybe you could prop up the head end a bit so that the bubbles can get up more easily. If she's in your bed I don't know - maybe you could prop up the end of your bed...

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    hey liz Infacol worked best for us - we had the same result with the brauer as you. Gripe water tends to have alcohol in it so just check the ingredients - I have never used it tho. Jake was a night screamer too - have you tried keeping her upright at night for a while after a feed? I was instinctively keeping him up for a while after a feed and making sure all the burps got up during the day but at night he'd settle really quickly and thought it was better not to wake him just to burp - but that was what I should have done. Also if she does have really bad tummy wind lie her on her back and bicycle her legs, or firmly push both knees up together into he abdomen and out again - these both really helped us with those hell nights - and try elevating her head at night too. HTH

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    Liz, if you find the answer to that, bottle it and make a fortune.

    I'm glad those days are behind me (sort of), so good, content baby sleeping vibes for you!!

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