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Thread: Seperation Anxiety at bedtime?

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    Default Seperation Anxiety at bedtime?

    We've had the following nightime routine for ages: dinner, shower/bath, play, books with Daddy in bed, then bf to sleep or sleepy and he rolls over and goes to sleep.

    For about a week and a half, he's not wanted stories in bed - wants to go straight to the bf , so DH has been reading him about 3 books in the lounge and then a bedtime book in his bed & then I come in to feed him. For the last 3 nights he's gotten up after bf and come out into the lounge (wanting to play with DH maybe). It seems like if DH takes him back to his room and tries to put him to sleep, he wants me, if I take him back he wants DH.

    When all the lights are off I can feed him to sleep either in his bed our ours. I'm worried he's not getting enough sleep 'cause its close to 10pm by the time he's asleep and he normally wakes at 6:30 (although he's still asleep now).

    I was thinking that maybe we were leaving it too late to put him to sleep, on Friday night i made a concerted effort to have him in bed before 8pm, but he still got up. (One night is a terrible sample size though)

    He's been clingy at child care for the last 2 weeks and really doesn't want to let DH out of his sight when he's home, so I'm thinking seperation anxiety might be a factor. He has been clingy at childcare before but got better.

    Has this happened to anyone else and do you have any tips to ride it out? We're going to try both of us lying down with him at bedtime tonight. Thanks for your help.

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    mm obviously I haven't had separation issues (yet) but just wanted to say GBH. It's lonely posting and waiting for a reply! We're out here! I just can't help. Sorry. Not looking forward to this stage I have to say! I know my sister worked super hard with my nephew to get him through it, it sounds exhausting.

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    Thanks Rahjah. Last night didn't go much better despite DH staying with us in DS's room. DS finally went to sleep in our bed (which I don't mind too much although it'll force us to be more creative TTC'ing #2). Tonight I'll try settling in our bed first I guess.

    I should add he went to sleep lying lengthwise on my pillow, so I had to spin him round so I could go to bed and that didn't wake him - its just getting to sleep thats the problem.
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