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Thread: fertility acupuncture/naturopath Geelong/Melbourne??

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    Default fertility acupuncture/naturopath Geelong/Melbourne??

    hi all
    can anyone recommend a good acupuncturist who has some specialty in helping conception/IVF treatments? i would prefer somewhere near Geelong/Torquay but can also head up to Melbourne (prefer Eastern suburbs but again anywhere is ok) for treatment if need be. being new to the area i don't really know locations etc just yet.
    anyone had any luck with naturopaths too?

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    hi Dusty,
    a long way from Geelong, but I and a few people I know have gone to:

    Alice Gao-Cui Chinese Medicine Clinic
    222 Balwyn Rd, Balwyn, VIC 3104

    p: (03) 9816 3268

    she is a lovely lady and specialises in fertility treatment. She practised this in china before coming out here. Is very busy but goes out of her way to fit you in for acupuncture on day prior to and post transfer. she will also give you some pills and powders to help you along the way. It is a long way from Torquay though (probably 20 minutes east of the city) as it is sort of a "program" of treatment ie. if on an ivf cycle, you go on day post and pre transfer and then day 3, 6 and 9 post transfer so lots of driving involved.
    My sister has a friend who is a naturapath down in geelong,/ocean grove and I think she might work with fertility too so I will try to find her name.
    good luck.
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    Hi Dusty, I've started seeing an acupuncturist is South Yarra. I was recommended to go to the clinic because the specialise in fertility treatment. The clinic is called The Nature of Balance and it's a really cute pretty place and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The acupuncturist was great, and even made up some herbs for me to make up in water. They taste disgusting (sort of like a mixture between dirty dishwater and mud...), but I'm sure they are good, lol.

    EDIT: Oops, I should give you the number, lol. It's (03) 9826 6495.

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    thanks so much anney and krystie, i will see if i can get in somewhere. anney, i just opened the Monash IVF newletter and it had information about Alice in it. all fingers pointing in the right direction me auspicious 2008 is already aligning...

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    Hi Dusty,

    I know you wrote the original post in January, so it's a bit old an you might have found someone by now, but I am an acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine practitioner who practices in Geelong 2 days a week. I'd love to try and help you.


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    Default acupuncture in geelong


    i realise that i am replying to an old post....but i was wondering if someone is able to help me.

    Im looking for an acupunturist in the geelong area that specialises in infertility. i would appreciate it if anyone knows of someone, or has been to someone that they were comfortable with.

    thankyou for your help

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    Hi Kirstyn,

    I'm not in Geelong any more, but the best person for the job is Petra Joly at Acupuncture By the Sea on Latrobe Tce. She's in the yellow pages. Good luck.


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    Thankyou Journeytothewest -

    someone i work with actually recommend Petra to me just the other day and i had my first appointment 2 days ago. after 5 m/c and 6months of trying i feel like i have some hope. she was lovely, positive and so reassuring. i start weekly sessions and twice daily herbs and fingers crossed it all comes together and i finally get to recognise my dream.

    thankyou for replying

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