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Thread: Very late ovulation?

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    Default Very late ovulation?

    Hi folks. Sorry if this is the wrong area or has been done to death.

    I am currently 4 days overdue. Well thats if you go by a 32 day cycle. My cycles are usually 30,31 or 32 days long. I have peed on a stick twice and its been negative both times. One was yesterday with a test that said it could be used the day of your expected period.

    We DTD in mid to late-ish April twice. Once was withdrawal and once was condom on near the end. If I had gotten pregnant from that surely it would show up by now on a test. The deed was done again on May 5th (max 6 days before period due). This was also a condom on at the end job but I know it is possible to get pregnant from pre-cum (sorry dont know the technical word).

    Is it possible that I could have been fertile so late in my cycle? Thats the only way I can see that it wouldnt show up on a test. Just getting my knickers severely twisted here - which could be keeping AF away with stress. Anyone heard of or experienced a pregnancy from such late in the cycle sex?

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    You can indeed get pregnant from pre-cum (pre-ejaculate is the techy term) and i would imagine that if you did the deed in the last full week of April or the last few days of April/first few days of May then there's every chance you could be PG. It takes about 80-100 sperm to fall PG (only one gets into the egg but it takes more than that to "eat" through the "shell". There are often as many as 6000 in pre-ejaculate. In addition, many men are a little bit slow off the mark with the withdrawal method and spill a few drops before they get out, which could introdice another million.

    Stress, travelling, different time zones, illness and exhaustion can all make both ovulation and AF wacky. Your negative pee sticks are a better indication than anything else. Keep testing every 3 days, and i guess either AF will come or 2 lines will come.

    Maybe condoms throughout would be a better idea if you're not wanting to be PG yet?

    I hope you get the outcome you want


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