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Thread: Does it sound like I have PCOS or Endo?

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    Default Does it sound like I have PCOS or Endo?

    Dh and I started ttc 4 yrs ago. As of 2 yrs ago we were diagnosed as unexplained which I have a really big issue with. My tests all came back normal HSG Sonohystogram and BW. His also came back normal. We've been pg 3 times over the last 2 yrs twice b/c of IUI's and once from IVF. My problem with the whole unexplained diagnosis is when I had a cd 3 u/s I had 27 follicles in a natural cycle a week later I had another u/s and was down to 6. They agree that I have cystic ovaries but I have not been diagosed with PCOS b/c af tends to be regular with the exception of the last few months. I do have other symptoms like weight gain on and off over the last 10 yrs, skin tags, and acne on and off. My reason for thinking possible endo is very short painful periods they usually only last 2 days which is a huge decrease considering they used to last for 6 days. Also my mother and a few other relatives have endo so there is a family history. As far as the pregnancy losses go my test did come back + for MTHFR clotting disorder along with Factor V Leiden mutation. We have stopped ttc for a few yrs so we can take a mental break. We are also in the process of becoming foster/adoptive parents. We just hope that we can get a proper diagnosis so it can get treated and we can resume ttc. Sorry this is so long. Thank you for any input that you can provide.

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    I don't know much about endo, so I can't really comment on that.

    As for the PCOS, it's possible. When I was first tested, my hormone levels were only very slightly outside normal limits. A gyno put me on clomid, which didn't work, and we then discovered that DH had terrible sperm problems as well. When we went off to the FS, he repeated all the tests we'd had done previously. This time my blood work came back in the "bloody awful" category. I discovered that instead of very mild PCOS (I show very few physical symptoms of it), I actually have very severe PCOS... It's possible for hormone levels to change over time, and it may just be worth getting it looked into again.

    That said, it's entirely possible to have polycsystic ovaries (appearance-wise) and NOT have PCOS. Just as it is possible to have PCOS and have ovaries of normal appearance. It's a very misleading name!

    Good luck with everything, and I hope someone can answer your endo questions soon.


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    Hi there...
    I've had both PCOS and endo. The main difference was with the endo I'd have really terrible heavy periods almost continuously. With PCOS my periods were very haphazard, non existent at times.
    But the thing to remember is that everyone's condition will vary- so its hard to make the diagnosis. My hormone levels were always fine- except for insulin resistance- which is way off.
    Maybe get a 2nd opinion- both my endo and polycystic ovaries were picked up on ultrasound scans.

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    Thanks for your insite. I have an appointment with my Dr on Monday and my nurse thinks that I'm going to get a PCOS diagnosis and scrip for Metformin. She believes I have way to many symptoms now to rule it out. As for the endo she agreed to do a lap when I'm ready to ttc again.

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    Hey there neekyv just wanted to say hello. I read your posting and it said you have PSOS and Endo which is the same as me!
    Do you mind telling me a little bit about your situation it would be really great to have an idea of how others deal with it all!

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